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Google is beginning to roll out Google Search version 4.0 with Material Design. The new update brings bold colors, fluid animations, and simplified layouts to the Search app. Along with the new visuals, Google has packed in a few other goodies with the update.
First off, the company announced that the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will all now have the ability to use the “Okay, Google” voice prompt while the screen is off and the phone is unplugged. We knew that this feature was coming with Lollipop, but this is the first we’ve heard of devices utilizing the feature.while ok google feature also works on Android one phones while screen is locked with the catch that you have to set Language as English US.
                                              Google is now making it easier to find what you need inside other applications, as they’re finally making official voice search in third party apps. In the company’s example, simply say, Okay, Google, search Tumblr for “Things Organized Neatly”. Your phone will then open Tumblr, and go right to the search results within the app.
For instance, if you’ve gotten an email about hanging out with a friend but forgotten to answer, you’ll now see a Google Now card prompting you to add an event to your calender so you don’t forget.

Reminders have also been improved, and you’ll have the ability to use Google Now to search for content within a different app. Be on the lookout for when the Google Search update will be available for you soon... find the source info below for more information.  

Source:- Google

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