Google India thanks the Unsung Heroes of Online Shopping

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     Online shopping was boosted through sales this year through GOSF 2014 . From 2012 upto now , Google had tie up with many online e-commerce sites like Flipkart , Amazon , Snapdeal , Jabong and many more . Online shopping has made our lives easier , but in India that's possible due to the success of some companies like Flipkart , Snapdeal and Amazon. You need something ? , hook yourselves on to your PC , and at a click of a button you have bought that thing ! , it's that easy !
     We all had some great as well as some harsh experiences with these sites , Flipkart to be taken into consideration is the best when it comes for Consumer satisfaction with easy replacements for a particular product the next day or so , If you receive a defective product for that matter. When it comes to online shopping here in India , hands down flipkart's our first proprietary choice !
    But have we ever thought of those delivery guys ? Those people who deliver our Products Sincerely , taking whole a lot of burden on that two wheels ? Nope right.. As a matter of fact , Only few people say about those delivery guys on social media on the perspective e-commerce site's fan page , which gets easily converted into jokes , ahhhh all these E-commerce sites in India should take a moment inspite of showing some rumba - bumba sales and think of these people who work so hard in all harsh weather conditions !   
    Google India Did a Fantastic Job giving all these people a surprise during GOSF 2014 , celebrating success behind these unsung heroes who made this Great Online Shopping Festival more memorable for all the sites with quicker deliveries.

Here's the Beautiful video :-

Source : Google India  


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