SYNOLOGY to expand its portfolio in India for 2019.

SYNOLOGY India 2019.
Source: Synology

Earlier this week, Synology held a press meet in Mumbai where they presented their plans for expansion in India. Synology, if you don't know is a global market provider best known for their Network Attached Storage(NAS), Surveillance and Networking equipment. In the press brief, they emphasized topics regarding empowering individuals and SMEs with the help of streamlined smart solutions for this digital day and age. Apart from that, they presented the business achievements from 2018 with the plans for the investments in the coming year 2019.

Who is Synology?

Synology makes network attached storage devices, IP surveillance solutions having partners all around the globe and network equipment which helps in understanding the way users manage data, conducting surveillance and simultaneously in managing networks under the cloud computing segment. With the combined help of all these technologies, the company aims to provide uniform data storage and backup solutions by operating systems in a reliable and affordable format. One can access/share the files on the fly anywhere in the world with the help of Synology's products without doubting the security measures.

SYNOLOGY to expand its portfolio in India for 2019.
Source: Synology

SYNOLOGY to expand its portfolio in India for

Synology's Achievements from 2018 and Proposed Plan for 2019: 

  • Synology has achieved a growth of about 90%, while it's about 20% in the global markets.  
  • The company has introduced its new NAS models for the consumers as well as businesses. 
  • In the past year, the company has received high demands for their NAS products. Hence for the coming year to keep the steadily increasing demand, Synology wants to release the following NAS products in India soon: Synology RS1619xs+, DS1019+, DS2419+ and the DS1819+. Thus by announcing these products, the company plans to extend its footprint in India on a significant scale. 

SYNOLOGY to expand its portfolio in India for 2019.
Source: Synology

Following are few of the services offered by Synology which comes bundled with their NAS systems. 

  • Synology Active Backup Suite:  It helps in taking backups for VMware, Windows, Office 365 and Google G Suite, the best part is that you get to control all of these under a straightforward console. Fast recovery services with technical services are also available so that the VMs and files would be made readily available, as there is a massive amount of data that gets generated in various businesses. 
  • Virtualization in the business environment: The Synology NAS is like a perfect storage system for virtualization as it gets certified by VMware, Windows, Citrix and OpenStack tools. Looking at the advancements in this field, Synology has introduced the Virtual Machine Manager which can turn their NAS into a VM server. VMM also has support for various operating systems and the user can use a maximum of 7 units of Synology NAS to build a cluster for load balancing. The VMM Pro, on the other hand, provides advanced features like Live Migration, Remote Replication, etc. However, to gain access for the VMM Pro, you need to get the respected licensing plan, although here the company offers a 30-day free trial. 
  • Mobile & Hybrid Cloud(5G Trend): Looking at the fact that 5G is picking up quite fast, the company has been suitable arrangements already within their NAS systems, so that the users can efficiently manage their files and relevant data from their mobile phones. Looking at this sector the distance between Private and Public cloud has become fuzzy, the user experience must be quite enhanced. Thus to provide an extra layer of protection and enjoy a seamless user experience, Synology had introduced the Synology C2 when the user is on the move.
  • Synology's AI applications in surveillance, Storage & photo management

“Synology has integrated artificial intelligence on the likes of its smart photo sorting app, Moment, hard drive failure prediction app, Storage Manager, & deep video analytics empowered app, Surveillance Station. The significant amount of resource that Synology allocated on developing artificial intelligence into Synology NAS is to ensure we turn your regular storage products into a smart device.” stated Mr.Mike Shay, Sales account manager of India, Synology Inc.

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