Top 3 Misconceptions About Successful YouTube Channels That Millennials Often Overlook.

Top 3 Misconceptions About Successful YouTube Channels That Millennials Often Overlook.
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The Web 2.0 era has provided every individual with a platform to express themselves without the fear of judgment. This notion has transcended gradually to video production. Because of accessibility, we all are glued to tiny screens on our smartphones, consuming content daily. May it be short-form or long-form content. Due to the monetary benefits of YouTube, most individuals are often here for the potential side income. However, many millennials tend to ignore the following key points, ultimately resulting in a negative outcome.

1. False Narrative Thinking - Easy Production:

It's relatively common to find millennials talking about starting a YouTube channel. However, a lot goes into maintaining it, as here you're not just a video creator but a lot more. You're solely responsible for creativity, scripting, documenting, video editing, social media leads & SEO. All these factors take a lot of time, and hence creating a schedule becomes essential to improve efficiency.

E.g., Follow:

·         Scripting five videos at once.

·         Document & edit over the weekend.

·         Schedule content for an entire week.

Adopting this strategy helps improve efficiency and removes procrastination. However, millennials ignore these facts & end up quitting YouTube.

2. Failing to Recognize Power of Research:

You cannot beat the algorithm by posting regularly; the probability of success here is minute. Instead, research well by targetting the right keywords with less competition for better ranking. Tools such as Tubebuddy and vidIQ can provide better insights.

E.g., NBA Sports Cards.

·         Assess Trends on vidIQ.

·         Reverse engineer Top 10 channels.

·         Figure areas of potential growth.

·         Create a delineated plan.

Millennials instead focus on posting regularly by ignoring these facts. Hence, they fail to retain viewership blaming the algorithm.


3. Wrong Take Towards Earning (Ads):

Thanks to the sudden rise in " Social Influencers" on YouTube, most millennials are eventually here for the money. Individuals such as Garyvee and Casey Neistat have inspired a whole new generation of creators by demonstrating the perks of content creation. However, for that, you must follow the above two points.

E.g., NBA Sports Cards:

·         Initial investments on trends.

·         Videos per Deck.

·         Resale: Sealed/Unsealed Box.

Advertisers bid higher for ad placements on trending videos; hence Cost-Per-Click Ads yield is higher based on different geographical locations. Whenever your audience interacts with them (Dey, 2020),. Therefore, to maximize earnings, it's evident that millennials concentrating on quality will potentially run a successful channel in the longer run

Source: Dey, A. (2020, September 30). YouTube CPM Rates in Canada: 2020-2021. Retrieved from Ad CPM Rates 
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