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Welcome to Next Thinkerz, we hope you learn something new today by the topics covered on the blog.

About Next Thinkerz

Next Thinkerz is an online publication, where put in every ounce of our consistent efforts to brush up your knowledge about gadgets, apps and other nuances of the tech world. We have tried our best to make everything on this blog more straightforward and appealing for all the viewers.

Well, it all began back in the year 2014, when Pratik was enjoying his holidays after completing his second year in an engineering college. Practically speaking he wanted to learn - how to code like everybody else back in the day, so that he could excel between his peers or should I say, follow the herd? His friend suggested him to check out Code Academy, a website that helps to you learn - how to code. He started with HTML language, yeah I know, sounds funny. The second year of engineering and there he is learning HTML language. Anyways, one beautiful day while completing that course, he happened to stumble upon blogger.com from the default homepage on his web browser. He thought of a name and started with Nextthinkerzz, yes that's not a typography error. So that's how it began, as blogger.com had been based upon HTML and CSS language, so he got an excellent platform for trial and errors and that too for free. Yes free, he likes to keep it real with his Indian roots. Later on, as he had a knack for technology, he happened to explore more into the writing section. He started by writing topics on gadgets and yes even copied sometimes. But at the same time, he received much hatred regarding that from one of his peers, and that's when it hit hard for him. It was that day when Prat realised his mistake and understood the platform's potential in giving him access to the world he never knew, and it's limitless possibilities tied up with it. Later on, Pratik figured that one could generate money off this platform, which had him all excited. Though he admits that he never really made a right amount off of Google's Adsense platform back in the day, but coming out in all honesty, he loved writing as it helped in sharing his thoughts to the outside world with the click of a small publish button. Soon Pratik took things seriously and booked a domain on 12th August 2015 from his colleague's credit card as he was afraid that his parents wouldn't allow him. At that time he did had a debit card with a student account, but never had any spare money in it. Luckily he happened to receive a sponsored post on his blog during that exact time frame, and that's how Pratik repaid that amount to his colleague. He was fascinated by the fact that someone would pay him to promote products on his blog. So that's basically in a nutshell, how Pratik built his brand: Next Thinkerz and today here he is marking his foot into the digital era of social media.

Over the years, Next Thinkerz has received quite a few recognitions by the reputed brands in the country. His blog has been crowned as the "Best Technology & Internet Blog In India" on 20th Sept 2015 at the Win 15 Blogadda Awards held in JW Marriott Sahar hotel, Mumbai. One of the grandest achievements of his efforts that has helped Pratik in gaining multiple partnerships with several brands, without whom he would be nothing today. He happily addresses this publicly.


Courtesy: Blogadda

Courtesy: Editorial Team.

Pratik Patil - Editor In Chief. 

Pratik Patil - Me, Myself and I, the person narrating this. He is the founder and Editor In Chief of the Next Thinkerz Blog. While the Blog stands up to about five strong years till this date, there is a lot of hardships and sacrifices that he has experienced. Starting this Blog has been one of his best decisions to this date, as Blogging helps him to present his thoughts to his readers. While the perception of that idea makes him his boss. He is a firm believer behind the idea that blogging will soon change the world and make it a better place.   

Talking about his interests, Pratik has a couple of them. It starts with the following - Drawing(his favorite hobby), Painting, Product & Still Photography, Shooting Videos, Creating and Consuming Content on Youtube, Fitness(Plans to run a 10KM marathon), Collecting Sneakers, Travelling and Exploring New Places(Treks), Knows Cooking and hey, he loves making Ginger Tea, if that counts(chuckles).

Due to the hard work poured by him on his Blog, he has received multiple mentions throughout several brand and media portals. His name has been featured in the "Top Digital Power Users List In India" in the year 2016 by Tech Divine magazine. Whereas just one week ago considering today's date which is 24th March 2019, he has received the "Excellence Award In Content Creation" by Pearl Academy. It is one of his greatest achievements to this date.

Courtesy: Editorial Team

He is open to make new friends, so feel free to connect across any of his social media profiles. Although to make it clear, he is most active on Instagram and Twitter. Usually, the DM's sent get appended in the requests tab, so kindly make a note of that if you don't receive his response.

He plans to extend the Next Thinkerz blog by associating it with an even bigger brand image. Feel free to look around for the information you're pining, we would be more than happy to help with the answers. Thank you for granting us your precious few minutes, thank you for reading a little boy's journey and in making him believe that you care. If he is doing anything wrong, kindly point out. We all make mistakes; that's what makes us humans. There are a lot of efficient learning curves in this industry, and someday he admires to stand among the giants of the Tech world.

Have a pleasant day, Sending you some positive vibes!

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