Cortana comes to Xbox One

     Windows 8.1 brought us Continuum, a feature in which you left one thing one a device and then continue with other! Well, same notion is kinda followed up with Windows 10, now it being Universal OS operating on " Universal apps " ( Apps those fit in automatically, no matter which device you choose, regardless you're on windows) These things were mostly showcased at Build 2015, Microsoft's Developer Conference ! Well, since the release of Cortana, A digital Personal assistant for windows 10 equipped PC's and tablet devices is out, things have been to a next level, as Cortana App will be soon available on Android & iPhone.

    Also, yesterday at E3, Microsoft gave us an update regarding the beta's, that would be available for Android devices starting this July. But the major announcement leaving the game part at E3 was that, Cortana would be coming to Xbox One this fall in US & UK. Cortana will save all your profile data and sync it across devices, through its Notebook, now she'll find trending games, new challengers & friends on Xbox Live. So now you'll know on the fly whether your friend sent you a request or any update on any game, regardless of Any Device you work on may that be your iPhone, Windows or Android
via Microsoft blog
      Following are the features, you'll be able to enjoy on Windows and Cortana starting this fall :
  1. Once you've set-up with your Microsoft account on your device, Cortana's notebook will show you relevant information depending upon the device you're, well now no need to be on windows, kudos #microsoft !
  2. Now when in any game if you're stuck somewhere, you can simply ask Cortana, " What's the next quest I can do?", She'll answer rightaway ! Now if you want to record your gameplay, simply ask cortana and share it. You'll even be updated with the latest releases of any upcoming games.
  3. Now reminders will be synced across all your devices like, if you've set an reminder on your Android device, " remind me to pull clothes out of the dryer ", & then while watching a movie on your Xbox, cortana will let you know that, it's time to take the clothes out of they dryer!
  4. Any questions regarding Cortana, which were previously available on Windows platform are now available Cross Platform!
So Bottomline is, Microsoft is going in the right direction and I just can't wait to test out, Cortana on my Android device. Thumbs-up Microsoft, Good boy!

Source : Microsoft Blog ( Images )

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