Oneplus 2 Has A Whopping 4GB LPDDR4 Ram

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             It isn't always when a new device from an unknown company launches & gets a big name in its early days, what it needs is "Time". But this wasn't the case with Oneplus, for a lack of a better catch phrase : They came, they saw & they conquered. Oneplus launched their first smartphone and completely intercepted everyone. As Oneplus had performance, had a better battery life & most importantly it had a meaningful price. However, this year Oneplus is totally charged up to bring their next iteration, their Flagship device : Oneplus Two. Also note that, they're making the Launch event in a complete unique VR environment. That's right anybody can now access front row seat, unless you're using a VR(Virtual Reality) Headset, Well Oneplus even has a solution for that! They're selling Oneplus Cardboards completely free(without shipping) worldwide & at Rs.99 + shipping in India(coughs). After few specific days, Oneplus reveals Oneplus 2's specs. Until now, we know that it sports a Snapdragon 810 processor, Fingerprint Sensor & a Usb Type-C port. But just yesterday Pete Lau, Ceo Oneplus made an announcement regarding it's price, which he claims will stay under 450$.    

OnePlus 2 RAM: LPDDR4
Via Oneplus

         But just a while ago it became official that Oneplus 2 will have 4GB LPDDR4 Ram on-board ! With LPDDR4 you will see faster loading times, smoother gameplay, and battery efficient features, which hopefully translates that battery consumption will be less. Of-course LPDDR4 is better when compared to LPDDR3 in terms of performance at the same power consumption profile(Oneplus One). Oneplus One had an amazing battery life, well now its going to be even better atleast we can predict that from this Ram( battery efficient) on board. Also slow-motion video, face recognition, and low-gaming features that typically use a lot of horsepower(processing) will be smoother & process faster.

    Now we have one more phone with 4GB Ram alongside Asus Zenfone 2.

    So now, it goes like Snapdragon 810(v.2.1) processor coupled with 4GB of Ram.....

Also See Oneplus 2 launch event will occur in VR through Oneplus Cardboard

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