Oneplus 2 Will Have All Metal Body,Teases Oneplus Over Social Media

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      Oneplus is constantly revealing, Oneplus 2's specifications week by week, increasing the hype. So far we know that, It's going to have an Snapdragon 810(v.2.1) processor, a fingerprint sensor, a Usb type-C connectivity port & a whopping 4GB of Ram ! They're increasing the hype day by day, Well I can assure you this is going to be huge. Just few moments from now, Oneplus started taunting over social media, asking their fans regarding " Htc One M9 ".  In particular they're asking people over their design language, whether people like it or not. Okay, Why is it so ? Let's find out. 

Oneplus 2 Design :

Oneplus 2 will have an all metal body
Translucent image ( Oneplus 2) - via Oneplus

       There have been rumours across the internet that, Oneplus 2 is going to possess an all Metal body. Well I'm not a guy who believes in such rumours, but if it's from trusted sources You're definitely good to-go. With Oneplus themselves opening up speaking about design language of Htc One M9, i can damn sure tell where they're going with this. Which means Yes, Oneplus 2 will definitely accompany an all metal-body. Which hopefully also translates that, we might also see Oneplus 2 equipped with front firing speakers. ( Onesound instead of Boomsound ? Hehe, i don't know.)

My answer to Oneplus's question(Regarding Htc One M9) :

   Well these days if you say the name HTC, the first thing that comes to your mind is "Design" followed by those amazing Front firing Boomsound Speakers! Well even though camera was a let down, the phone's Software is minimalistic & almost as fast as anything close to stock Android.
      With that translucent image, You guys posted asking about HTC, Oneplus I know what you did there. Happy to see, where this is going. #hype
  Ohh & i can bet what Oneplus is trying to say is, "We are going to provide you the features you liked from Htc One M9, at a much lower price " 

Source : Oneplus (Image)

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