Oneplus 2 launch event will occur in VR through Oneplus Cardboard

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        Oneplus, a company that created vows with a single product named : Oneplus One. Oneplus One was really the incarnation of that Affordable tag, everybody was finding for, while adopting a mid-tier smartphone providing flagship specs at an easy-to-digest price ! This phone was & still is probably the best phone at its price range, now you can even buy it, invite free! Well as each and every company have brought their "Flagship device's" to the market, what about Oneplus ? Well, Oneplus is set-out to launch Oneplus 2 on 27th july, 2015 ! They're having a completely different launch Event, where everyone can be a part of it, no matter where you live ! Sounds crazy? Well, they've got much more than anyone of us can think about !
oneplus 2 launch Event
via Oneplus
      Oneplus is sending out press invitations to everybody, those who've signed up, as everyone of you can enjoy they event in front row seats!  Woah everyone, front row ? Trust me, i was also stunned for a moment when i got that invitation mail, but then after reading closely it made me understand that oneplus is really doing something that might change, how many company's present their keynote sessions across the globe via live feeds!  Yep, Virtual Reality is here, consider you sitting in the audience, on front row seat watching the unveiling of Oneplus 2!
        Poof..That simply blows my mind ! Not only are they going to unveil Oneplus 2 in Virtual reality through their own Oneplus Cardboard, but they also are giving one for free(without shipping charges) to 30,000 lucky people. Don't worry if you miss that you can buy one & you will simply need to pay the shipping charges that's it, it's limited edition though !
        All in all Oneplus Cardboard is free, you can not only enjoy the Oneplus 2 Keynote via Cardboard, but also enjoy all 100's of apps available in Play store. Phones upto 6inches can fit in easily. In India it'll be exclusively available soon through Amazon(Cardboard), although you just need to pay shipping charges, after this contest You will need to pay Rs.99(without shipping)on amazon to buy one. Globally you can buy one right now on Oneplus's own site (roughly 5$ with shipping charges).
   Global link :  Cardboard global
   Indian link   : Cardboard India

        Let's see if the Fingerprint Scanner, Snapdragon 810 & Usb type - C can still retain that " Affordable price ", but hey even if they range Oneplus 2's price a bit higher, it wouldn't be a problem as its loaded up with industry leading specifications upto the mark !

Source : Press invite mail.

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