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Department of Telecom

                Last week, Ministry of Communications in India held an awareness program gravitated towards the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Emissions and Mobile Towers. This program was organized to cultivate the thoughts of Government's digital India campaign. The event got graced by the presence of the chief guest, Honourable Minister of State for Communications, Shri Manoj Sinha during the inauguration of this occasion. He commenced with the inaugural address at that momentous occasion. Shri O.P. Meena, Chief Secretary - Government of Rajasthan, Shri J.S. Deepak, Secretary, DoT, DDG TERM, DoT and several other senior officials from the Government of Rajasthan joined along as a special guest. Speaking of which Shri. Rajpal Singh Shekhawat, Minister of Industry, Government of Rajasthan acceded to the event to support the initiative by Government. Whereas members from the DoT, Principal Secretaries, Govt of Rajasthan, Advisor of Health Ministry & medical experts with professors of IIT Bombay tagged along for this campaign as panel members.

Department of Telecom (DoT) holds awareness program against the myths of EMF Radiations. 

          Shri. Meena supported this campaign, which helps in educating people on the subject EMF, whereas she also appraised them for clearing out the misconceptions related to it, which was previously pretty known among few people. This initiative was brought up to sort of build the communication gap and for onboarding several stakeholders like chiefs of municipal bodies, citizens & residents, government officers, municipal councilors & office bearers of Residential Welfare Associations. Speaking of which they have scientific evidence and facts about EMFs by which one can clearly point out whether the non-ionising radiation emissions are dangerous for humanity. Our government has strict norms regarding this subject Since they believe that the emissions should not exceed the proposed limit, which I think is fitting. But the panel successfully presented their research showing the evidence that human health hasn't been affected from the radiations emitted from these mobile towers.

            So the inauguration commenced with Hon'ble Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Communications, Shri Manoj Sinha, He shared his thoughts on this occasion as, "Telecom is a primary source of communication & empowerment of citizens & a useful tool for socio-economic development of a nation. It is the backbone for growth and modernization of various sectors. The delivery of voice & data services to those who are at the bottom of the pyramid in India can be done through mobile networks only, which has been a game changer by expanding connectivity in the last decade. A conducive ecosystem for infrastructure rollouts is essential to take the country on the path to progress & we should continue to encourage a scientific temper in the country with no place for myths around towers.

myths of EMF Radiations.

              Moving ahead, Shri J.S. Deepak, Secretary, Telecom Commission, DoT, also shared his thoughts. He shared, “The Government recognizes the challenges for the sector and the people at large & is striving to empower the citizens with facts that help them make informed decisions. We are committed to protecting the health of our citizens, the standards for Electromagnetic Radiation limit that DoT have prescribed for emission from mobile towers are ten times stricter than the international standards prescribed by ICNIRP & recommended by WHO. Indian Government has taken adequate steps to ensure that Telecommunications Service Providers (TSPs) strictly adhere to these norms. We want to continue working together to create a fully connected & empowered India. For that, we need more towers.

                Dr. R.M. Chaturvedi, DDG-CS, DoT, shared that based on the 30 years of research and 25,000 studies experimented around the globe, the WHO had arrived at their conclusion. Even though many judged the fact that more research needs to be done one the same, But they fail to understand that the scientific knowledge obtained in this path is currently more vast that the most chemicals. The current evidence hasn't concluded any relationship between health problems and enclosure to low-level EMFs. He also discussed the whole WHO-led EMF project in-depth which let to the communication of national and international organizations. They've been conducting research as a team since 1996, though despite that they haven't yet provided substantial evidence to prove that low-level EMF emissions aren't harmful to human health.

myths of EMF Radiations.

              Though on the contrary, A committee has been formed on behalf of honorable High court which consists of industry leading experts from Five IITs, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), AIIMS (Delhi) & Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow asked to work by scientific pieces of evidence & reports. But here they found that the there's no conclusion yet on the occurrence of the stated dangers from the EMF radiations from the mobile towers. So to understand it better, Dr. Arun Chougule, Professor & Head, Department of Radiological Physics, SMS Medical College, Jaipur, provided his studies to the audience present at the venue. He said that the radiations emitted from the mobile towers had been kept under the safety limit, and those won't affect human health. But when you speak about EMF emissions, even after some experiments there isn't a stable output stating it's safe or not. Whereas the health care experts believe that the EMFs can affect human health with severe health issues.

Department of Telecom (DoT) holds awareness program against the myths of EMF Radiations. 

               If in case there's a violation of set EMF emissions, A penalty of Rs.10 lakh would be charged on that particular BTS tower. Whereas if further measures haven't been taken, The BTS tower would be forced to close down. This was the decision adopted by the head authorities at the Telecom Enforcement Resource & Monitoring (TERM) unit. This decision had to be taken since various Indian courts, Especially High courts of the following states: Punjab & Haryana, Madras, Kerala, Gujarat, and Allahabad were the victims of these EMF radiations. They had even proposed petitions to eradicate the mobile tower installations nearby public cities, mostly from the on ground sites. It is the reason why Government has taken various steps to remove the difference between a mobile tower and EMF emissions. Due to which the mobile towers are now getting installed on the top of central government offices assuring & demoing the safety of the same to the masses. So the people of our nation need to understand with clear minds that the emissions from EMFs and Mobile towers are two different cases, whereas the rumors are nothing but just a myth. Since it has been officially stated by the top scientific and research organizations across the globe, People should believe the Department of Telecom.

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