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     I'm Pratik, the face behind Next Thinkerz. I've completed my Engineering from Mumbai University this past month. I started this blog in late 2014 and starting this blog was one of the best decisions, I've ever made. For me blogging is rousing as it helps to convey my views and perception to the readers, making me my own boss.

     Recently at Win 15 Blogadda Awards, My Blog was crowned as the "Best Technology & Internet Blog in India", which eventually is one of my greatest achievements so far. This event, known as "Blogadda Win 15 Awards" hosted by Blogadda took place at JW, Mariot Sahar hotel, Mumbai(Near Sahar Airport) on 20th September, 2015.

Pictures during the event : 

Award receiving moment :-)

Actual Award 

For more pics : Blogadda Awards

Quick Note : This is the India's Largest Blogging Awards & Conference show that takes place every fear. Make sure you vote me next year! 

      So Next Thinkerz is a tech salon, where I'm striving hard to brush up your knowledge about gadgets, apps and other nuances of the tech world. I have had tried my hardest to make every matter on this site simpler, better and more lucid for all the readers. Look around for the information you're pining for. Feel free to throw your queries here, I would be more than happy to help & while you're here, why not spread my words with your friends & family?

    Thank you for granting me your precious few minutes, for reading a li'l boy's journey. Things are just getting started, there are lot of learning curves in everything & someday I admire to stand among the giants from the Tech world!

  Have a pleasant day, Sending you some positive vibes!

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PS : Everything on this blog is done completely by me(Leaving the theme), I've not asked anyone to design anything for me!