Google IO 2014

Most interesting thing to happen every year in the world of tech where google announces its greatest and latest innovations

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Google IO 2014
Sundar pichai announces most awaited interface overhaules to all of its open source ecosystemswith introduction of many many new things like Android Wear , Android Auto , Android TV, Android One , android L matrial design interface.

1.) Android Wear - 
with the introduction of moto 360, lg g-watch few months ago google demos live about android wear ecosystem and also introduces samsung gear live at its event
U can buy lg g-watch and samsung gear live today on google play store 
  LG G Watch Samsung Gear Live
  2.)Android Auto
this brings android experience to your car,handsfree experience 
check this video -
Android coming to a screen near you 
3.)Android One 
this lets oems to make cheap hardware phones and google will let stock android to their phones and continue updates as those like nexus,google play edition phones..
this will let google to reach widely thier latest updates and innovations to all over worldwide this project will first take place in india with micromaxx,karbonn and spice..

 4.)Android L 
U can download Android l developer preview today :
click on image below to get there -

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