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11:41 AM
checkout out my channel where I randomly upload videos regarding TECH and some behind the scenes videos just for fun, i'l link few videos below be sure to check my channel out..

Some of my videos : - 

My channel : - Youtube 

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       Pratik Patil runs an award winning tech blog named, "Nextthinkerz", a Tech Salon that aims to understand technical terms easier on the Internet. Recently his blog has received the "Best Technology & Internet Blog Award in India" which was hosted by Blogadda   

        If you're hanging out for a minute, he's available here: Twitter, Facebook & Google Plus. Whereas recently he even started Youtubing, Join the league to stay updated with the latest and greatest trends in Tech industry. He often loves to do VFx work & sketching. Whereas Snazzymedia is his newest blog.

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