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 Chrome APK Packager - screenshotChrome APK Packager - screenshot

  Chrome APK Packager is a convenient way to produce Chrome ARChon Custom Runtime packages directly from your phone.
You can generate chrome packages from either APKs on your phones storage, or from apps installed on your phone (It will pull APK)
Open the App, select an APK or App from list. App Name and package name are both pulled from the APK and put into the manifest.json file. Everything is then zipped together in a ChromeAPK folder on your phones storage.

Requires ARChon Custom Runtime which allows for "unlimited" number of android apps to be installed. (Google Runtime is limited to 4 apps.)

  The ARChon custom runtime is essentially a hack of Google’s App Runtime for Chrome (ARC), which allows certain apps to be loaded and run via the Chrome browser. The problem was that ARC was selective about which apps it chose to run. But the idea of running apps on your Chrome browser is a cool and novel one that a developer named “Vladimir” made sure that all and any apps will run on the browser, also regardless of which OS you are running Chrome on – whether Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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