Difference between Android and Windows phone OS,what Microsoft does to improve it..

   We know all the bits and quirks of Android as it has became a global phenomenon its now easy to operate if you are a simple user or a bit of a techy/power user.Since android has existed for more than 5years now its often we see everyone knows how to operate it but thats not the case with some operating systems like firefox os,tizen os,blackberry os .etc.
  Each and everyone don't have a new OS(operating system) enabled smartphone because we want to live in a bigger ecosystem of apps and Google's wide offerings.
  Windows phone on the other hand is much more easy,simple and intuitive.since it launched Microsoft was striving hard for windows phones to get into demand but essentially speaking it shows some uniqueness of it's own which we think is awesome.Since to keep up with the companies like Apple,Google.
   windows phone has been given an upperfacelift by adding way new features like word flow keyboard,action center,customisable startscreen,updated glance screen,3 tile support for expanded canvas to work with,wallpaper support on tiles,project my screen and much more..
   With the announcement of Nokia lumia 830 most affordable flagship,lumia 730 selfie smartphone ,Microsoft also made Lumia Demin update official to be updated to all phones running wp8.1 coming later this year.we have a seperate post regarding lumia denim.
   So with many new things coming on to windows phone platform ,microsoft thinks it should be easier for customers to be easier to find out the things they want more easily since microsoft has just made Help+tips app available for windows phone 8.1 devices.

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 Not sure how to make a phone call or use Cortana?this app covers everything from the
 basics to pro tips. Unlock your phone's hidden secrets with our animated tips and
 videos. Get answers to frequently asked questions, or search collection of 
how-to articles. Whether you're new to Windows Phone or a seasoned expert, you'll 
learn something new.

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