Google calender material update : - damn epic

After the official release of Android Lollipop today,Everyone's busy checking their software update option in about section on their nexus's,android one's and google play edition phones... LOL !! . Google's busy updating their own apps giving them a material,a more polish look overall.and man its hott!!!
 Just today Calender app got updated looks more like Ios with those awesome transitions but with more open source like features this update will rolling out quickly to Play store soon,still there is no official statement yet whether which android version will be supporting it,we guess it would be android Kitkat and above.
 Android previously had everything like customizations,open source nature,wide developers support but the only thing we were missing from android was Design,transitions,animations,smoothness... ahhh epic lollipop update is awesome... !!

 Meanwhile check this pics below : -
To get more information about the new calender app click on the icon below : -

You can download the app here : - Qbking77

Source : - Google
By: Pratik Patil.

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