Nexus 6 :- A perfect Android Flagship

   It seems like everybody needs a big smartphone even if a lot of us act like we don't....having a bigger screen,a bigger battery in a bigger chasi is addictive,fast and no matter how hard you try yourself fitting it in your pocket.So Samsung phones with the Note series let the trend,then this year Iphone jumped in and now Google joins the race of a bigger phablet form factor with a gigantic slab of android ! Seroiusly phones bigger than this screen size ie.more than 6inch are definitely to be called a phablet now!! 

   So google comes this year with Nexus 6 bigger than Note 4 even bigger than iphone 6 plus,at first impression it tells us that phone might be a little bigger for those who us one handed.. but with the added moto design with that awesome dimple on the back it gives the nexus 6 a more modern feel with those curve edges,it has same metal ring surrounding around the edges that like of moto X 2014 which gives it a rigid feel in hand,also similar is the ring flash,the back comes as of now in two colours cloud white and midnight blue, either ways it really is same as that of what could be called a blowned up version of the new Moto X,same with the same case of iphone 6 plus,Fun Fact :- Consider iphone 6,and take a straw blow as hard as you can from headphone jack and you'l end up in iphone 6+ ,ahhh just a joke :P..
     So What does Nexus 6 brings in compared to last years nexus ?
     It  comes with a Quad HD display (2560x1440 ) with 493ppi,a quad core Snapdragon805 chipset clocked at 2.7Ghz with 3GB ram,3220 mah battery,13Mp OIS camera with dual led ring flash & 2mp front facing,front firing loudspeakers (not as Htc's boomsound though,but the added change is a sure welcome)  basically top notch specifications for stock android to run even more efficiently than ever before with the newest release of the Lollipop OS 5.0,also It comes with New Ambient display mode like the same as we have seen in moto X since last year black and white colour notifications on lockscreen only those pixels light up ! and  this new ambient display does not drain more battery due to amoled screen in nexus 6.Ambient display as of now is supported in nexus 6.

 Camera when compared to iphone is meh as low light shots are not that great ,but the image processing same as that in iphones would be nice ! nexus 6 camera is perfect for your daily social uses..
    Battery usage must be just fine as with the new charger you can get a hour of battery with just 15min of plug in charge.. plus if you are low on battery you can help yourself with an again hour or so with new battery saver mode integrated in android lollipop.Android lollipop is just lovely just a new major milestone for android in android history.

  So with the added improvements Nexus finally loses its so called affordable experience on android as last year's nexus's... But since with top of the line specs that is no sloucth either.. It comes For 649$ (approx 44K INR) for 32GB and  699$ (approx 49K INR) for 64GB unlocked. 

But if you are in a market to buy the best of android,the best of google you are probably at your right choice !Go ahead buy it !

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Source: - Google

By: Pratik Patil.

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