Google To Continue Nexus 5 Sales Upto Q1 2015

   Google's   jewel,the freaking beast Nexus program ruled and changed the entire mobile industry.. in the way of budget friendly mobile device with high end flagship specifications! From Nexus 1 all the way upto the latest iteration nexus6,all the phones from google rocked,always made its presence.. when it comes to stock,pure android experience.! Without a doubt Nexus program is the best when its comes to android,hence google also pulled out android one initiative in india this year.. but the sales were not that staggering.. and yet the people who bought those devices.. including me are waiting for the lollipop yet,since  the release.. even though it was committed to bring updates..just the new Android version is released.! If they wanna gain name in low powered devices they gotta roll the update quick,because its freaking the people holding one,out there!
     So as google released Nexus 6,it wasn't any more budget friendly device due to all of the highend specs being included.And hence Forth Nexus 5 is the only iteration left of that of "budget friendly" high end specs device, since with the lollipop update,this phone is now a solid deal! we get to know that Nexus 5 production has stopped and currently stocks are limited right now!  but now looks like a Google representative confirmed Gizmodo that sales will continue through play store till Q1 2015.. so no need to worry..! 

 Source :- Android Authority

lets see what lollipop brings to nexus 5 from screen pinning, battery saver,multi user support.. from screen shots :-

Images via Amrut 

We also have a video featuring Lollipop on Nexus 5  : -

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