How To Play Nintendo Games On Your PC And Smartphone.

      So Nintendo games catch lots of your attention? Well you've landed on the correct post. All of those Eye catching graphically intensive games always have my eyes popped up, leaving a smile on my face which is when i opt to play any. But you know what? Sometimes paying for a gaming console is not cool enough, if that cuts a hole in your pockets. Hey I'm not saying, don't take one neither do I encourage that you shouldn't buy any gaming console. But interestingly enough, I have found a similar another way to play graphically intensive games on your Smartphone & even on your Computer. Don't worry it doesn't require any high end Graphic cards on your PC, just in case you might be turning over from this post. But if you've one, you get smoother frame rates while playing games as a bonus. So let's head over setting up things.

Regarding PC : 

       So there's a way to emulate Nintendo DS games on PC, all you need is a Emulator called "Desmume ". It is available for both Windows & Mac from the PC department.

Following are the steps :
  • First of all download : Desmume. [Pick the installer suitable to your PC/OS architecture (32/64 Bit)].
  • Then  unzip the Zip file(downloaded part) via Winzip(or any unzipping software) to any accessible folder.
  • Then simply open that folder & launch Desmume. That's basically it, no need to install it again as unzipping/uncompressing does the job. Mostly it will be around 4-5 Mb's, then comes the setup part. 
  • After launching head over to View >LCD's layout >Horizontal (changing your Orientation will commit that you'll get optimum experience)

desmume setting part
setting part

        So you're done with the Emulator setup part, now to download Roms you can simply Google : Nintendo DS Roms. I'll drop a link to Amazon here : Nintendo DS. Basically my point is that developers have created amazing games. Finding this games free online is not worth it, Pay for the games.. support Developers for their amazing hardwork.
        So after you have grabbed the any Rom. Open Desmume >File >Open Rom >Select .nds File, that is basically loading the cartridge into the console. You might be right into that game by now, Enjoy gaming.

desmume setup part
desmume setup

desmume setup part
desmume setup

Regarding Phones  : 

Android Phone :

      Similarly you can emulate Nintendo DS games on your Smartphone. Just head over to Play Store & search for DraStic DS Emulator (Quick Note- This is the paid version though). You can also get the free verison here : DraStic DS Emulator DEMO  (This free version would only rent you 30minutes of Gameplay at the cost of few restrictions)

 Tilt your device to change the orientation to get into landscape mode.


iOS Devices :

       It also works really well with iOS devices, simply download : NDS4IOS.  The main problem with iOS devices is that, since it is a closed source OS Apple sometimes locks down the developers from making Android alike Open source features. Though this app is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 5.1.1 and above. The emulator also includes features such as Dropbox integration and iOS 7 controller support. While the best part is that it's absolutely free & there's no jailbreak required, which will definitely excite many.

     So now you know what it takes to play Nintendo roms on both PC & your smartphone. Feel free to Spread this happiness with your friends & colleagues.

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By: Pratik Patil.

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