How To Save Your Bucks Around These Online Shopping Sales.

    Planning to buy a new device or accessory but waiting for that limited period online salesoffers to come by, so that you save a bit of your hard earned money? Ever wondered why there are offers on so many things that are too good to believe? How come these online shopping sites make profit even by selling pen drives for the cost of an Éclair! Definitely there must be something that we aren’t noticing yet. No one can sell so many things this cheap at once and still continue with their profitable business. If you are one of those who gets excited as well as confused by such ‘offers’, then read on. All the three leading online shopping sites of India – Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal had their offer periods and currently running up today as its last day!. So, clear your confusions and shop without the fear of losing money.

First and foremost, we must accept the fact that absolutely no one will hand you out valuable things at dirt cheap prices. There must be some hidden things or lies that will make us believe that we are saving money, but in reality they are the ones earning money and in almost all cases, we are simply falling into their trap and losing huge amounts.
Let’s understand the various tricks these online sites use during offer period.
1.     They will have an offer on literally every category available on their site.
2.     Most certainly, the ‘original price’ will be fake !
3.     If it looks like a great deal in every way, still it will be an offer that will get them some money, like exchange offers.

Remember that jbl deal ? ahhh no..? :- 

Exchange offers are like online shops’ scrap business. They ask you for an old commodity for a certain cheap amount, since you will not get any other buyers anyway. The ‘older’ devices will get them more than double the amount that was discounted for your new device. So, they indirectly earn more through such offers. And you exchange it because no one else will buy it and you get a small percent discount which you won’t get otherwise! So, in a nutshell, the last trick doesn’t have a workaround and we won’t need one because we aren’t losing too much (Provided you are not foolish enough to give them a comparatively new device).


  But the other two tricks are where we lose huge sums.The most basic thing is, shop for only those items that you really need and not those things which has an attractive offer just for the sake of ‘saving money’. Offers like flat 30% off are just a way to attract customers. They will highlight the offers they have in every category, which customers will most probably check out, and if they find some good deal then they will order it without thinking if they really need it at the first place. So basically you are buying a thing which you had no plans of buying, but you ordered it because it was available for maybe half the original price (fake price, that is).

    Talking about ‘original price’ listed during offer period, well it’s anyone’s guess that those will be fake. Are there any workarounds for this? Yes, definitely!
   If there are advertisements about the upcoming offer day/week, then immediately check the price of the things you wish to get, and crosscheck them while you are going to order to during offer periods. This will ensure that you know the actual price and whether the ‘offer’ is real or fake.

   But the sites may update the prices just before announcing new sales, just to make it more believable and convince buyers that they are truly selling it cheap. The only way out of this, and it’s a foolproof method, is to check the price of the same thing on other sites at the same time. May be the ‘discounted’ price will be higher than the actual price. By crosschecking the prices with other sites, you can be sure about the savings that you make and not end up losing money in a bid to save some.

 Since today's the last day,for their what so called "GOSF" !! they are gonna mail you,text you basically... make marketing all the way around to stick you on their sites, basically you got the point right ? 

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Article by : Ashish Mukundan

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