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   Years before back in those lovely childhood days of mine i always use to wonder whether why "*" and "#" symbols lie along with the numbers from 0 to 9 in a telephone dail keypad.I used to think twice and thrice why would those numbers be implemented in that thing,since the No's we use to dail didn't had those weird looking symbols! And as i remember * was used for redailing in those telephones!
   But if Now if anyone asks me in these rapid evolving kind of stage were we have came,I can surely answer that easily ! So let us know why or for what purpose these symbols are used on over social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
   Now even a Kid can answer that these symbols *,# are used such as tags or for tagging multiple people or to make ourselves more reachable!
  While updating our status on facebook or maybe while tweeting on twitter,we commonly implement #(hashtag) at the start/end of a word or multiple words.This hashtags are commonly used nowadays so that it aggregates all of your personal taste about a particular thing/object and lets you see what others have posted/tweeted using the same hashtag. And this hashtag is clickable and visible to others so that you can always find the things what suits you better!

Just for example If you posted :-

Just had a strawberry icecream,oh it was delicious and sweet
   or you can write

Just had a strawberry icecream,oh it was #Delicious #sweet

So what it does that it aggregates all the posts/tweets all over the facebook/twitter with hashtag sweet and puts it together under #sweet which can be accessed by a click of a button !
  So basically #(hashtags) are for public uses and more profound uses,whereas there's one more symbol we are familiar with that is @ (at the rate). But this tag is kinda personal that if you wanna ask a particular query/share a personal pic with 1,2 or more people than this @(at the rate) symbol is used but this is in respect to Twitter. for Facebook @ means tagging 1,2 or more people your friends can still see you being tagged in their statuses/photos.
  One more beloved symbol by everyone is *(asterisk) is used over social media sites for correcting a wrongly posted/sent word.                       

for eg:-       I was drijisg at that moment.
                     so i can correct it by simply sending 
                  driving* ,indicating i said it wrong apologies (not really though).
    Never thought these tiny little symbols used for nothing in my childhood would turn into something useful and see,now that has became an unseparable part of our lives,truly digitalization of our true world is happening at a very fast phase! who knows what might come next! But for today's post that's it. thanks for stopping by!

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