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  This year at Google IO 2015, Google's notion most probably was "Getting things done easier". We could see that via improvements done to Android M and in specific with features like App links and Now on Tap

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   Instead of heading/switching over to another tab in chrome on your smartphone to know a specific information while browsing, You can now just press & hold the home button OR just swipe up from your homebar(Navigation buttons) keys ! And Google now will search the word you were looking for automatically, no need to even say, Ok Google, what is ... ? You just get that stuff rightaway! This is Now on Tap feature.

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    Same goes for App links feature introduced in Android M, Consider you're in any Social App and if there's an imbedded link on any article, if you click that link a custom chrome tab will slide in and that link will load up within seconds ( You need internet connection though ). Basically what happens is, when you click on that link, an overlay pop-ups up on top of the app without even opening an actual chrome tab, which is fully functionable and has features like auto fill passwords, which again comes in handy, if you have your passwords saved in chrome, just in case that " sort of link " redirects you to a social platform !
     Well all of this is a way ahead talk, if you need that, you probably need to flash M dev preview OR wait for the official Android M update coming later this year, since its in the development stages ! But google always gives few of these features to its older OS devices, as they might be stuck onto maybe Jellybean OS due to the courtesy of their perspective OEM's !
      So with the latest Google Chrome update (version 43), Chrome's new feature : touch to search(demoed at Google IO 2015) is coming to Android, and it's pretty awesome. Microsoft edge inspired move ehh, Google ?

   So, how does it work ? Well lets say if you are reading an article and found a word that you didn't understood, chances are you're gonna press and hold, copy that, open a new tab, go to and then paste & then search for it ! But now, just press & hold on the word and just swipe up from the bottom words that appear as you select the word, App links feature comes here into consideration ! Making it way easier and better in every terms, thus reducing the old school efforts of many !
      Need to know something ? Just press & hold on the word, swipe up the word appeared below, boom you're off to go ! Well Bottomline is, this feature only works with Chrome at the moment,so go ahead update your browser ! & hey Google, if you reading this thanks!, you just made surfing the web easier and even more cooler!

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