How To Encrypt Folder With Password Without Any Software

   Security, a word that drives the world crazy, may that be in accordance with Computers or any other thing. Bottomline is, it's necessary! Being secure is very important in this rapidly growing world. We often throw antiviruses and many software's to keep our machine's free out of malwares, since any thing nowadays can affect, infect our PC.
   Well consider this, if you've got any important documents and files to store on your Computer, all you do is find some Expensive Software like folder lock's stuff.. to " Store " your important files, " Encrypted & secure" ,while some throw in free softwares and infect there PC's with viruses, tell you what! There's an even better, free & less complex way! You don't even need to download any software's, and i know people with User right's on their computers are going to love this, Those one's who are lockdown by their Older siblings !

So let's learn how to encrypt folder with password without any software on Windows !

1.) Firstly you just need to download this bat file, which is merely in the size of Kb's !
Download link : locker.bat

2.) Once you're done with the downloading part, save it to any location. Then right click and click on edit, then Notepad will appear with a bunch of codes!

3.) Then hit, Ctrl+F and then a search box ( Find) will appear, in that type " enter password here ", then press : Find Next.

4.) Once you find : Enter password here, scroll down the next line where you'll find,
  if NOT %pass%== eee goto fail. 
  Now replace eee by the password you want, in this case I'll change it from eee to pokemon. Once done, press Ctrl+S (Note: save it, before closing)

5.) Now, let's say i have to hide this video file named : Android One ( You can hide any type of file) , so what I'm going to do is, first copy the locker.bat file (that you just modified with your own password) to your file's destination ( where you wanna hide the file, where the file you want to hide, exists! ), Then simply double click the locker.bat file, this will create a locker folder.

6.)Then copy the Android One video to the locker folder. Then hit back button, where you'll see locker.bat file and locker folder(With your file inside, in my case Android One video), and then again double click on the Locker.bat file.

7.)Once you double clicked it, a command window will pop-up, prompting you to press Y/N ( ie.Yes or No), Simply hit Y & enter, that's it your file is locked.

8.) Now if you open up locker.bat file, it'll ask you for the password. simply enter it and you're good to go,just to be extra secure, right click the locker.bat file > properties and click hidden > OK

 Enjoy, cheers to the people who are on their computers with User Accounts, now you can do stuff that previously needed a password from the Admin.  
 There is another way to completely make the folder invisible, which i'll create in a new separate post and update this article soon. If this worked out for you, tell me in the comments below :)

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By: Pratik Patil.

Editor-in-Chief and Founder. A curious soul who strives to make a difference in the world and make the most of life.

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