how to make a folder completely invisible without name and icon

    Yesterday, I showed you, how to lock any folder/file without any software in Windows. Well now, let's step up that game a li'l bit finer. Today let's learn, how to make any folder completely invisible, ooh I'm not speaking about the folder properties>hidden stuff, nah.. that's Kid's stuff!
     Ever wondered that whenever, you're at any of your geeky friend's house & on his computer you find a folder, that's equipped in Gb's but, even after going into that Folder and toning down, Don't show hidden files to Show hidden files, you can't find a thing, pondering yourselves!
     Well it's pretty simple, first of all you need nothing to download, just understand few basic commands and you're off to go. So following are the steps of how you make any folder invisible completely:

1.) Take any folder which you want to make invisible, I'll consider Pokemon in this case! 

2.)First let's change the icon to be invisible, Simply right on the folder and head over to properties > customize and finally to change icon. Hit apply & OK.

3.) That's it, now your folder icon is invisible. Now let's hop on to, completely make the name and other description, invisible ! Simply Right click on your folder and rename it. 
  Note this step carefully, rename your folder name, from Pokemon(my case) to, press Alt+255 & hit Enter!

4.) But you can still see the date modified and type section, right ? Simply head over more options, as shown below and change your default view to List view ! That's it, its gone!

5.)Now, you're the only one who knows that, there's a folder residing in a particular location. To access it simple hover your mouse over it and you'll find as following : 

That's it, feel free to share it, if it helped you out, tell me whether it worked out for you or not in the comments section below. #peace

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By: Pratik Patil.

Editor-in-Chief and Founder. A curious soul who strives to make a difference in the world and make the most of life.

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