Nokia is back !

    Nokia, a name that resoundingly creates profound impact on the smartphone generation. Well may that be from past, present or maybe Future. Hey, i said maybe because their comeback was still a doubt, up until Nokia's current CEO, Rajeev suri made it clear to Germany's Manager Magazine, that Nokia will be back! as reuters article reports.
    But there's a catch, Rajeev suri said, " We will look for partners, Microsoft makes mobiles phones. We would simply design them and then make the brand name available to license" in an recent interview. Due to an agreement with Microsoft, Nokia can't get back into Mobile business until 2016, Since they've sold their Mobile Phone business to Microsoft in 2014, keeping nokia with Nokia Networks, HERE, and Nokia Technologies only.
    Seems like Nokia will simply design phones here after, as was the case with Nokia N1 tablet launched last year in November. Just to make it clear, Nokia N1 tablet was designed by Nokia & manufactured under license by Taiwanese manufacturer, Foxconn. This is how Nokia brought up a device, back in 2014. But in 2016, they no longer need that, as they'll be free from Microsoft's Deal. Since they made an inky-pinky promise, haha. I'm not interested in saying anything about the whole " Nokia-Microsoft Lumia" thing, about how Windows phone got popular !  
     Well, since Nokia came out with Google's baby, " Android " in 2014, I'm assuming Nokia's further devices would be based on Google's services, regarding to software department ! But what about those Camera experts at Microsoft, a team that got Them, Nokia 808, n8, 1020 ? As they're no longer involved in Nokia's business, since they're at Microsoft. Would the hardware department do wonders, Again ? Well, Time can only let us know, let's keep an eye you never know what might happen! As a matter of fact, Nokia brought in Usb Type-C reversible connection on their sort-of latest tablet in 2014, And now Usb Type-C is becoming an industry standard, Nokia does its job always, the best !
     Ohh, an just this week news came out that Stephen Elop, Nokia's former CEO is now leaving Microsoft, getting away from his " Executive VP of Microsoft's Devices Group " Job at Microsoft, turning over to software business. Well, that just gives us an idea of how Mobile department is working at Microsoft, or maybe they might have any " further " plans !
    Rajeev suri even answered the doubts regarding HERE maps upon being asked by Magazine, regarding it's future debut. He said, "Anybody who can improve the business in the long run is a good buyer."

   So, Nokia's coming back, woo hoo...! It wouldn't be a bad time either to say " finally, Papa's back !! ".

By: Pratik Patil.

Editor-in-Chief and Founder. A curious soul who strives to make a difference in the world and make the most of life.

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