Oneplus 2: Official confirmation !

    June, some say a month to finally cherish happiness via monsoon, to conquer up the hotness produced by the summer season, regardless if you stay in India. For some, its that time to march back to their schools, colleges or offices ! Well this month in particular is the most significant for those related with Tech industry ! Three of the most greatest companies hire their keynotes, showcasing all of the greatness of their software working seamlessly with hardware ! It's all about giving a refresh regardless old or new, may that be, Software or hardware ! Those 3 companies without a shout of a doubt are Apple, Google and Microsoft ! All of them recently concluded there events, bevy of features were shown, some were great, while some awesome #hololens #multitasking #splitview #ios9 #androidM 
   So with all that done, now it's time for smartphone venders to step up their game, bringing in their flagship's that'll probably be enough to get them through this year ! Again with the large players like Samsung, Htc, LG and Sony already done launching their phones, it's now time for some Chinese venders in particular, Oneplus ! to showoff their innovation for 2015 ! Oneplus one had its major success right since the day, it was launched, as a matter of fact it still drives nerds crazy. With fact of the matter, that it has Cyanogen on-board and with those high end internals, while still maintaining that affordable prize tag !

     One fine morning i hop onto my mail box and find this, Official confirmation by Oneplus regarding Oneplus 2 ! Their ticket to 2016, probably 2017 ! They are even holding up 2 contests, one for photographers and another for oneplus one owners with some great prizes, so check'em out!
Photography contest
Story contest

   Although there are rounds and rounds being shot on the internet daily with all sorts of crazy specifications and features, put forth those are rumours, i would recommend not to believe on them. Oneplus 2 will be coming soon, unfortunately it would be again invite based as the company will have to wait, for the users to demand and then manufacture phones accordingly.  I don't know why!, Oneplus have had such a great start, even now people are like crazy about Oneplus One, seems like some hardware refresh as Usb type- C be the next big thing, fingerprint sensor, swivelling cameras, I don't know! and right after the Google IO 2015, they've sort of marched out with their Oneplus 2's official confirmation.
    Some even say that, we might expect and even more affordable version, sort of a mini-oneplus. Let's see what happens ahead, as oneplus recently have touched down with their own Oxygen OS built on top of android, hereby splitting up with Cyanogen. With all the photography contest going on seens like Oneplus 2 might bring something great in camera department, fingers crossed.
   Also for a quick note, Oneplus has teamed up with dropbox, so now if you buy a 64GB Oneplus one you'll get a year of dropbox storage of 1TB capacity, everything for just 349$.

By: Pratik Patil.

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