How to use universal copy/paste from your phone to Computer !

    It isn't always when your friends send you long shot links on whatsapp including messages like, hey check this out " This is an awesome app/beautiful video( including links) !" and we are always like, " please dude, sent that link to Facebook, I'll watch it later on my PC, because I've a slow internet connection on my phone " and your friend is like he/she's busy! And there you go, you just missed an important moment!
    Well some will say, hey simply go to and open up the chat & load up that link!. But is that helpful ? Well, yes it is. but is it convenient ? Maybe, at times! Well for this to be convenient enough, it should be as simple as, copying the link on phone and simply pressing Ctrl+V on your Computer, that's it ! But can i do that ? Yes ofcourse i can, whether you're or not a tech savvy geek, you might've came across an app that suddenly got wows, named " Pushbullet ", its been around for a while, many improvements have been added to it over time, but i today in particular will show you the " Universal copy and paste command ",certainly the most important one !

   Phone Part :

   So be it, head over to Playstore & download the Pushbullet app on your Android device.

   Once you've done with the downloading part, simply open the app & signup with Google+ or Facebook.

   Then head over to settings, by a left swipe on your android phone and toggle on the " Universal copy & paste " option.
   That's it, you're done with the Phone part.

   PC part :

    1.) So now for the PC part, head over to Pushbullet and download Pushbullet app for PC ( App will prompt you for that on your phone) by Signing in with Google+ or Facebook ( Quick Note: Same accounts must be used either Google+ or Facebook with the same Id, otherwise it won't work)

    2.) Once you've downloaded and installed the app on your Windows PC, launch it and you will be welcomed by the following screen.

    3.) Then simply sign in, as you did with your android phone, then the connected devices with the same account will popup on the sidebar of the app.

      4.) Then simply click on settings icon, as shown below and then make sure to check the tick mark in Universal copy & paste section! Then hit Apply, for applying your selected changes and finally hit OK, to save your Options. You're done !

      Now let any friend text you any messages with long links, may that be through WhatsApp or any App. Simply copy it on your phone and then press Ctrl+V on your PC, no need to type those links on your address bars anymore, finally I no longer need to ask a friend to send any link on Facebook, that he/she sends me!
      Whatsapp on Web is a nice touch, but its just more time consuming, as you have to open the site first and then scan the Qr code through your phone, then it'll recognize your phone, stuff....arrghh too long process and after all, I don't want to show any of my family members, my personal chats by opening it up on my PC ! Isn't it ?
      The same process is followed up for those belonging to Apple atmosphere, just in case i'll leave a video below, which is demoed by the Pushbullet team themselves, so it'll come in handy !

   Pushbullet has many other bevy of features like showing up notifications from your phone per app basis( You can customize which app should show up), even incoming calls can be displayed on your Desktop, as now you can peacefully throw up your phone somewhere around, dangling up with its charger and no longer need to worry about missing any important notifications! Here is the link to explore, each and every feature of Pushbullet.
   Tell us your experiences in the comments section below, is the app worth your time ?

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By: Pratik Patil.

Editor-in-Chief and Founder. A curious soul who strives to make a difference in the world and make the most of life.

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