Oneplus 2 VR Launch App : Everything You Need To Know !

   Oneplus has been revealing out stuff this month increasing the so called "hype" regarding the Oneplus 2. Frankly speaking the more you say, the less it becomes enjoyable. If you're a regular visitor to Oneplus's Forums/site you might already know that Oneplus is going to hold an VR(Virtual Reality) launch Event. Well you can be a part of this event by simply snapping on a Oneplus Cardboard (Or any other VR headset). Just few days ago they announced that Anyone can be a part of this launch Event viewed in 360° whether you've a Cardboard or not
 Spoiler : Well you simply need to have a Accelerometer & a Gyroscope on your Smartphone for the app to work.

      I guess they made this as many people were having problems setting their cardboard up even via those default profiles. Well if you've owe one, then go here : Oneplus Cardboard (Software Setup).  Alright so seems like Oneplus is finally getting rid of those complications and finally launching their own App, so that Cardboard owners can have a fruitful experience. Let's find out what they've got.

Oneplus 2 VR launch : 

OnePlus 2 Launch - screenshot
via Oneplus

      That's right you can simply hop onto play store and download the app instead of reading my thoughts ahead, But wait there aren't any surprises yet. The App is simply an empty box which is yet to be filled, seems like an update might be pushed to it before 27th July. As when you launch the Oneplus 2 launch App there's nothing but only a note that, " The launch Event will occur on July 28,2015 at 7:30 A.M(IST) & be sure to plug in your headphones ". That's it, nothing new I was atleast expecting integration of few gimmicks (Just like Google's Cardboard Android, iOS) OR maybe embedded Youtube 360° channel so that people can atleast set their VR headset up, like come-on Oneplus ?  Well that might be fixed via an Update via Play Store in future. So if you want to try out the Oneplus Cardboard's real power go ahead and download Google's Cardboard App, As the App launched by Oneplus will be accessible only on the launch event or earlier if Oneplus pushes an Update.

QuickNote : Those who're still confused about the whole VR thing ! Let me explain it to you in a simple manner
Just like headphones completely takes over the surrounding sound around you, when you're listening to music.
A VR headset completely takes over your Vision & puts you into a simulated world.

Tap on the icon below to download the App( at the moment  Android only, no word on iOS app availability yet) :

Source : Oneplus 2 VR launch 

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