Android M Brings Splitscreen Multiwindow Mode On Stock Android.

Stock Android
           Android M brought us many surprising features like Apps to SD card support (full), tap to wake.etc in stock Android. But one of its most interesting feature is Splitscreen Multitasking, Yes it available with just a tweak in your build.prop Rom file as of now. So you're not left behind, as your friend left some of it's siblings(as it only works with iPad Air 2) behind to bring this feature. These features are rocking on legacy Samsung & LG devices, since past 2-3 years. But now Stock Android brings this ! So how does it work in Android M dev preview? let's find out.

Multiwindow Mode :

            For this feature to work you've to install custom recovery & edit your build.prop, after that head over to developer options and scroll down a bit, now you will encounter Multiwindow Mode, Simply turn it on & you're good to go! This is mostly kind-off rooting(Custom recovery part) stuff, so edit it properly on your own responsibility, here are full instructions to do so. Although it is very buggy at the moment as you will see that in the video below by Tim Schofield. Though been buggy when you load up Apps in Multiwindow mode, every app(though 2 or 4) runs smoothly with in their allotted spaces. Don't get happy because when you hit back button you will soon see the glitches.

      This is how Multiwindow Mode looks in Android M : 

For Tablets : 


For Phones :

Note This feature isn't included in Android M dev preview in-built, please have knowledge about Custom recovery before doing this, i'm not responsible for any damage to your device!

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  1. The Galaxy S line has had this for a little while now. I don't like it on the phones though, works fine on tablets but not great on the phone.

    1. Exactly, ryan you just summoned it clearly, I'm also considering this feature mostly useful on tablet's only.