How To Make A Hologram With Your Phone In Few Easy Steps [D.I.Y]

           Isn't there always a question that bothers you when you watch any Iron Man movie? Answer pretty much is : Man that is awesome. Ohh & just so you know I'm not speaking about that Armor, it's all about those holograms that are shown throughout that movie. Basically it's all the gimmick that is created through VFX & SFX effects, I've even made my own Hologram video(VFX). Well the Point is, things that are showed nowadays in movies are making their existence into real world. Take case of virtual reality, part of which VR headsets & Cameras are popping up in the market, for Eg: Nokia Ozo, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC vive. etc. This is Virtual Reality, Just like plugging in headphones while listening to music completely replaces your surround sound, When you Wear a VR headset it completely takes over your vision, putting you into a computer generated world.
          But then Microsoft brought Hololens, an augmented reality headset. This is a Headset which creates holograms and emerges those into our real world, although you need Hololens headset to see those holograms. Believe me that's really wicked! But how about creating your own Holograms, no need of any expensive headsets or any VR footage ? Well all you need is a simple CD/DVD cover, believe that!

  So let's jump right in & create your very own Hologram Projector.

Basic things needed to make a hologram with your phone :
  • Graph Paper.
  • CD/DVD case.
  • Tape & Super Glue.
  • Marker & a Pen.
  • Scissors & Glass cutter(ask parents for this step)
  • Smartphone (Any OS)

D.I.Y tutorial :

  1. First take a graph paper and do the following markups as shown in the image below ( 1cm, 3.5cm, 6cm)

    Bar Graph Mark ups
  2. Cut that part, then take any of the CD covers and draw the same shape on the CD cover with the help of that bar Graph (Cutted piece) & Marker.

    hologram tutorial
    CD/DVD cover
  3. Make 4 pieces of that Pyramid shape on CD cover and then cut it via Glass cutter or Knife (Tip : Marking a line & then rubbing back and forth makes the job alot easier)

    *Quicknote : Kids please ask your parents to do this part, if not ask any shop vender to do it. Please do it carefully and strictly under parental observation, I'm not responsible for any damages.
  4. After you get those 4 pieces join them as shown in the Image below with the help of Transparent Tapes, apply Superglue on the end. That's it you're done with the hardware part !

    hologram tutorial
    I've Used Tapes
  5. Then take out your smartphone (Any OS, as long as it supports YouTube App) choose any of these videos linked below, play one and then place the 4-sided pyramid that we just made upside down on the video while it plays on your smartphone as shown in the image below. 

    Links to Holo Videosdemo1, demo2, demo3.  

hologram tutorial
Place in between the mark that shows up in the video.

That's it ! Enjoy.. show your friends, how cool you're & stand out of the rest.


Keep in mind, Hologram looks perfect at Night/Dark Places, here are the examples !

hologram tutorial
During Day-light

hologram tutorial
Dark Room

hologram tutorial
Dark Room, Again

What Happens ?

    It all about the gimmick that occurs, the image from your smartphone screen is reflected on all four sides of that pyramid & it sort of creates a super 3D image of the subject from the video.
  Spoiler :  Remember your early days, flanking up the transparent ruler up to your eyes and looking towards tubelight? I know that has nothing to do with it, but it sure is an application of that.

     Well so that is how you can sort of simulate a hologram with your own D.I.Y project. Just in case you're wondering, I didn't invented it. I discovered this video from a YouTuber named Mrwhosetheboss, but the original creator of this hologram D.I.Y project is American Hacker, so credits & props to him.
    Go ahead, what're you waiting for? Step right in & make a hologram with your phone. If you got stuck at any point above, comment here I'd be happy to help.

Source :   Mrwhosetheboss

By: Pratik Patil.

Editor-in-Chief and Founder. A curious soul who strives to make a difference in the world and make the most of life.

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