Google Launches A Standalone Website For Accessing Hangouts

        Google has been on a mission to split their major platforms, as we've witnessed that from : Removal of Google+ Profile link from Google Homepage, Splitting of Google+ comments from Youtube, Removal of Photos from Google+ & as of now all things are receiving a standalone App. Recently Hangouts received a massive update with many improvements with the beauty of lollipop, & Just like the split-up mania, You can now access hangouts via desktop without opening Google+. Interesting isn't it? Even though Hangouts can still be accessed via Google+. Let's find out more about it.

Hangouts Website : 

   So Google has launched a dedicated website so that users can stay in sync with their conversations, regardless of which device you use without heading into Google+ or without an App, Website :  Well just like you access Google+ with, Now to access hangouts simply toss in in the address bar as you could probably guess to land into your conversations.

   Just like Facebook's individual chat box appears, Hangouts Chat box appears the same way. You can enjoy multiple conversations, group conversations, make a voice call or have a Video call.etc

   Well if you've ever used hangouts from Google+, you definitely know everything about it. Just remove the background of constantly loading posts(Google+), and apply a fresh coat of paint & there you have it Apart from that there's nothing more to say.

PS : Google if you're Reading this, Please don't kill Google+ I'm a little worried.

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