Nokia OZO : Possibly The Company's Stunning Come-back

       So Nokia's back with something brutally sexy. Now it might be irrelevant to speak about the whole Microsoft-Nokia thing from the past, as it's passe. That being said, it's all about vengeance!

     Nokia was the crown jewel of the smartphone market, up until it was sort of eradicated after that deal as the Nokia choose the wrong side, said by many across the internet. Well keeping all that aside nokia is finally free from Microsoft's deal. Rajeev suri (Nokia, CEO) said, "We will look for partners, Microsoft makes mobiles phones. We would simply design them and then make the brand name available to license" in an recent interview. Know more here: Nokia is Back. 
      Nokia made their First clean Android tablet, which was sort of quoted as a "Microsoft free version " Tablet by everyone. Nokia N1 was a product designed by Nokia & manufactured by foxconn. Since then rumours are floating around, surrounding the chances of a nokia smartphone called "Nokia C1" which again might only be a concept. But Last week, Nokia made headlines everywhere with their futuristic & beautifully designed VR camera, Nokia OZO. Well let's find more about it.

Nokia OZO :   

     It's all about nodding your head in the right direction, just like everybody does..Then heading over to drawing board & creating something delightful. #VR 

via Nokia

       Recently at an event in Los Angeles, Nokia announced it's Latest product : Nokia OZO, An alienistically designed VR camera that is capable of shooting 360-degree camera footage with Splatial Audio. Just so you know, Nokia OZO made it's debue in front of many representatives from major studios all the way upto entertainment industry. Nokia OZO is still in it's development phase, even though Nokia has made it clear that they'll make considerable changes working with industry leading experts which essentially responds to OZO's commercial release, as pricing and availability will be revealed accordingly. OZO will be manufactured in Finland.

How does it work ? 

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    Well, OZO captures stereoscopic 3D video via 8 camera sensors and spatial audio(Stereo effect) through 8 integrated microphones aligned perfectly. OZO's software enables built-in real-time 3D viewing, without the fact of post-producing a video and then use it for playback via any VR headset. Nokia's playback technology removes the need to pre-assemble a panoramic image, a tedious process which many VR camera manufacturers have to deal with. Well that panoramic image stitching part was shown in Google IO 2015 where they showcased Google's next big thing : Google Jump, a camera rig that has 16 different Go-Pro's placed in symmetry to get that particular panoramic image. Cool, isn't it ? Nokia simply does it the best. 
     Nokia's technology removes the fact of post-producing the video. Just like any 360-degree footage, OZO's footage can be directly viewed on VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Cardboards.etc Though the footage will appear crispier on high-end VR headsets.

via Nokia

via Nokia

    Imagine watching a OZO- post produced VR video on a HMD(head mounted display). If the footage has a Car honking from behind, you'll feel as if the honking sound was from behind & when you look behind you, the car would be there. This is due to those eight microphones working seamlessly with Nokia's Spatial Audio technology.
    While a company called Jaunt Inc partnered with Nokia. Jaunt will be offering cameras for Nokia's use in their studios & supporting OZO through its post-production services. It seems like Ozo is not going to be a consumer approached camera, it's in reports that the device is expected to sell in the mid-five figures & yeah that's a lot. For Hollywood, Ozo has quite a few selling points - Playback support & just to get that perfect shot.

   Nokia says, "OZO aims to set a new standard as the preferred method for professional capture, editing and playback of cinematic VR content".


Design :

Simply watch this video :  ( 0:28 second of that video below,  you had me Nokia !)

    So you just watched that video.. it looks brutally, awesome. Frankly it seems some kind of alien spaceship to me. I'm really pumped up for it's commercial release in future.

    Everyone's jumping into VR creating their own perspective VR headset, while forgetting the fact that the content to access VR's true potential still, lacks days long. Quite a few companies focus on creating content accessible universally for all VR-equipped headsets. Nokia's move is certainly bold, but can they be spot-on ,like before? Well only time can let us know.
 Alright, now who said R.I.P Nokia ?  But then again Hololens & Windows 10 is no slouch either !

Source : Nokia (Images), OZO

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