Has Apple's Pencil & Smart Keyboard Really Found A Way To Please Critics ?

     So Apple concluded their event by launching new things which quite frankly speaking, nobody expected. This so called "Sept 9th" event is widely known for the "S" releases from the iPhone category with updates to it's remaining perspective platforms. If you keep the major releases including the Ipad Pro & IPhone 6S & 6S+ aside, Two new accessories have been launched specifically for the new "Ipad Pro" & those are "Apple Pencil" & the "Smart Keyboard". Let's dig deeper & solve all those Steve Jobs mystery's that are being round fired across the Internet.

Apple Pencil :

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    IPad Pro even though being bigger & little heavier has the design and feel of a normal tablet, but it's constructed to perform even better than a tablet or let's say a laptop. If you've a big expanded canvas to work, precision is always your first major concern. Well same is the case with IPad Pro, since the bigger screen gives you more real estate to work, why not use it in a more consistent, a thoughtful fashion ?  Well that's why, Apple Pencil was designed. It's all about the engineering work that stays behind.

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" Touch is of course the primary method of interaction with your Ipad. To enhance what's possible with Multitouch & to allow a new level of precision with iPad Pro, We've designed Apple Pencil " says Jony Ive, Chief design officer(Apple).

       So how does both the fingers & Pencil provide the most optimum level of accuracy on the iPad pro? Well when you're writing something with the new "Apple Pencil" on the New iPad Pro, the system beneath the Display scans the display points twice as often when you're using that Stylus, giving users that much needed accuracy in a single stroke, all credits to the new chip Apple A9X on-board.

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      There are bevy of highly pressure sensitive sensors built inside the tip of Apple Pencil which work seamlessly with the iPad Pro's Display to detect position, force(Darker & light shades) & tilt(Get that perfect curved calligraphic shade, Artist's know it better). You can press lightly to get a thin & light stroke, while if you press harder you can get that darker boulder tone. Hey and for you artist's out there, you can get finer shades when you tilt the pencil, Yes I'm speaking about those calligraphy shades that are necessary in some areas. This happens as the sensors in the pencil emit signals which detect the angle & orientation ultimately resulting into broader shades on the Ipad Pro.

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     Believe it or not, there's even a virtual scale in the productivity apps, which let's you use your fingers & the pencil, simultaneously.

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   Jony Ive also adds, " With Apple Pencil's incredibly low latency, it has the responsiveness that feels like a true writing or drawing instrument. It gives you the ability to touch a single pixel ".

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    Apple Pencil can be recharged via the reversible apple connection port that lies on its opposite end, which when attached to the Ipad looks as if you've connected some sort of an Old School Antenna. Although, Apple claims that Apple Pencil has a battery life of upto 12 hours. While 15 seconds of charging can give you 30 minutes of usage.
    Apple Pencil is currently supported in Apps like Notes, Mail, Pro Create & Youmake at the moment. While demos from Microsoft, Adobe & 3D4medical where showcased at the Apple's event on Ipad Pro with the use of Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil will be sold at a price tag of 99$, while it'll be available starting in November.

So why is the Internet, Rumbling upon the fact that Apple used a stylus ?

       Back in 2007, the time when Late.Steve Jobs delivered one of his famous presentations introducing the world, what is called a "Modern Smartphone". IPhone, if not "Steve Jobs" completely changed the way we communicate. He wasn't any computer maniac/genius, but boy did he know how to sell the stuff! That's why the people all over the globe called him, "World's Genius Marketeer". In his famous iPhone presentation back in 2007, Jobs said that, " Who needs a stylus? You've to get them, put them away & you lose them, yuck !"  Indeed he was right, because at that time there wasn't multitouch or rather capacitive touch widely used, and wasn't it better to use our fingers on that "MOBILE" device ?

    People have started taunting about the part that Steve Jobs had spoken back in 2007, really ? 8 years back, you still in 21st century brah ?  No I'm not a fanboy expressing my views about Apple, But it's definitely worth noticing that the part that, he spoked about was for a MOBILE phone, not a Tablet !

  Fun fact : Tablets weren't even invented at that time, so it was obvious for him(Jobs) to make that choice. It's really interesting that even the big boys in Tech Industry are speaking about this, it's trending right, so they've to speak about it?

Here are some of the messages that are circulated over whatsapp :

   Really, have you'll lost your minds ? Has critics really forgotten the way to differentiate a Phone & a Tablet? I'll keep it for you readers to wonder.

     The only thing that concerns me upon Apple Pencil is the way to charge it, plugging it in your iPad seems an easy way to simply break it. Not too long after the sales in next few months, we could here about that pencil connection port issues. But a special connector/wire can do the Job, Apple if you reading this, take notes!

Spoiler Alert : Isn't it better to toss that Pencil in your bag, than to put it in a reversible manner to break the entire phone mechanism ? coughs, Samsung.

Apple Pencil (Official intro) : 


Smart Keyboard : 


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      So finally, Apple officially made the keyboard case available. The new so called "Smart Keyboard" is kinda like an add-on to the already popular smart covers that aligns automatically with that magnetic hinge. Well unlike competitors there's no need for any bluetooth/wifi connection to occur, for that keyboard to work. There's a new connection that lies within iPad Pro, those 3 Dot's called the "Smart Connector ". This carries power, data & connects magnetically just like those magnet hinge's without the need for Bluetooth or battery. iOS 9 automatically switches between Software keyboard to Physical Keyboard layout, when it detects that smart keyboard connection occurs via Smart Connector.

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        The keyboard also relies on a Dome switch keys architecture, that apple has mastered in recently with the macbook, if you know about the butterfly mechanism. So your typing experience would be delightful & responsive to your input, which is if you use that keyboard.

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        Now some might say about this as a Microsoft approached accessory or a straightup mockup. Well it can be called one, but hasn't Apple made the connection part better removing that bluetooth/wifi setup? Apart from that this Smart keyboard will cost around 169$ & will be available to buy later in November.

     At the end of the day, If those products are as good as Apple claims it to be, both of those accessories are going to add value in perspective categories. Apple pencil would add up for artists, while a business person would prefer a keyboard that doesn't require charging.

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