Few Things You Should Know Before You Actually Buy Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X.

        Well if you're me, you already know that recently Google unveiled couple of new things at their so called "Nexus Event". Both the Nexus devices introduced this week, had previously leaked in all it's glory. Some even said the official presentation was leaked, well this actually chops down the excitement of a newer product, since you know what's coming. Anyways, point is Google unveiled two new smartphones - 'Nexus 6P' & 'Nexus 5X'. If you were lucky enough to watch the live stream, you know that the presentation was terrible without any demo of specifications/features of both new smartphones. Infact Google should take lessons from Apple regarding presenting stuff, Dave Burke was simply reading the thing below, instead of presenting it. So here's everything you need to know about the specs & Also few things you should consider before you actually buy those smartphones.

Nexus 6P vs 5X
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 Nexus 6P -

  • It has a 2.0 GHz 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810(v2.1) Octacore processor coupled with Adreno 430 GPU.
    - It has the same chipset found in Oneplus 2.

  • It has 3 GB LPDDR4 Ram, while it is available in 32/64/128 GB variants without any expandable storage, so choose wisely.
  • It comes with 5.7(2560 x 1440) inches Quad HD AMOLED display with an overall pixel density of 518 ppi. The display has an oleophobic coat to make it free from fingerprints/Smudges, while it is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 glass.
  • It has a 12 MP Primary Camera(12.3 SW wise) which has an f/2.0 aperture which is accompanied by laser autofocus & 4K Video shooting @30fps. Camera module is Sony sensor capturing 1.55 μm pixels with the inclusion of dual tone flash. You even record Slow motion video @240 fps. 
    Secondary Camera is a 8MP shooter with f/2.4 aperture. It can record 1080p HD videos @30fps while image sensor captures 1.4 μm pixels.
  • It has 2 front-facing stereo speakers & 3 microphones for better noise cancellation.
  • Its equipped with LTE Cat.6, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, supports MIMO, dual-band(2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz), Bluetooth 4.2 & yes, NFC.
  • It even has Fingerprint sensor(Nexus Imprint) & Android Sensor Hub(explained below).
  • It comes with 3450 mAh non-removable Battery & has Usb Type-C with Fast charging, I see what you did there Google.

Few things to note:

nexus 6p
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       Let's start with it's processor- Snapdragon 810, you might've already heard about the heating issues that this Chipset was causing. But this is the 2nd version of this processor termed as v.2.1, This is the same processor which was used in Oneplus 2, here's the video by MKBHD on it's heating issue which has been dramatically reduced than before, even though it still tends to be on the warmer side. It'll be interesting to see how this processor handles that Quad HD display.

     Then let's talk about the camera, Dave burke compared the photos produced by Nexus 6, iPhone 6S Plus & Nexus 6P side by side. Where iPhone 6S Plus was clearly a winner in daylight photography, but when the lights went down it was Nexus 6P that came out shining. New Camera app also has support for about 30 frames per second burst shots. Videos come out gorgeous at 240fps slow motion rates. Strangely enough, Nexus 6P doesn't have an OIS equipped module, even though it still stands on the 2nd best smartphone camera list by Dx0mark & yeah, that's saying something! There's even a new Camera App, not sure whether it would make it's way to other Marshmallow equipped devices. Double pressing the lock screen key would land you directly onto camera.

       Google even announced the 'Nexus Imprint', it's essentially a fingerprint scanner sitting at the back panel of Nexus 6P/5X. It is lightning fast & to unlock the device simply place your finger on that fingerprint dimple. Google says that it just takes less than 600 milliseconds for the Nexus Imprint to actually wake up the processor & then turn on your device, authenticating your fingerprint without ever touching the lock Switch. This actually happens when your device is asleep. Nexus Imprint also helps in Mobile payments via Android Pay & in-app purchases from Google Play store to Actual E-commerce Apps.

nexus 6p camera bump
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   Then let's talk about the Design. This time around Nexus 6P comes out with a brushed aluminium body in three colours Aluminium, Graphite & Frost. Instead of the old metal band edges of Nexus 6. The camera is not protruding at the back, but it still has a bump that spreads uniformly across the edges. Even though now it wouldn't wobble much due to that design, when laid flat on a table. But 5.7 inch might need some pretty big hands to use.

nexus 6p usb type c
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     Google has smartly added 'Fast Charging support' to that Type-C Usb connection port. 10mins of charge can give you about 7hrs of juice on Nexus 6P. There's even an inclusion of Sensor Hub - a small chip that keeps the data of your health activity even when the device is locked, this happens at the cost of very less battery drain. This sensor hub also helps the device in Ambient display mode consuming less battery, which is what we've seen via Moto X 2014(Though there were 4 sensors present).

Price(Nexus 6P)  :   32 GB -  $499
                                   64 GB -  $549
                                 128 GB -  $649

     Finally if you pre-order one before 25 Oct, 2015 you can get $50 Google Play credit, a promo code would be mailed to you when your device hits shipping stage. This is applicable to US residents only, though the credit must be added to your wallet account before 31st December 2015 & should be used by 25 October 2016. Keep in mind you cannot use this wallet balance on the new Google Store. You'll also get a free trial of 90days of Google Play music ads-free subscription . Nexus 6P runs Android Marshmallow 6.0 , by far the best version of the OS. Here's the link to Developer Preview 1, Preview 2 & Final dev preview, Just in case you need to note down the differences.

Nexus 5P -

  • 1.8 GHz (64-bit) Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexacore processor coupled with Adreno 418 GPU. 
  • 2GB LPDDR3 Ram & 16/32 GB Internal Storage.
    Google : Just like I said to Apple, why are you too sticking to 16GB in 2015.. Really? with all that 4K footage merely 3-4 videos would fill that space.. (link To Apple)
  • It has a 5.2(1920 x 1080) inches LCD Display having 423 ppi which has oleophobic coating same as we just saw in Nexus 6P. Although the protection provided is slightly older Corning Gorilla Glass 3 glass.
  • Primary Camera is 12MP(12.3 software wise) shooter, has 1.55 μm pixels to soak in more light for better, crispier photos. It has f/2.0 aperture & laser autofocus. Yes, it can even record 4K @30 fps, while slow motion videos can be captured at 120 fps. There's even inclusion of a dual tone flash.
    While the secondary camera is a 5MP shooter with 1.4 μm pixels & f/2.0 aperture.
  • There is only one front facing speaker accompanied by 3 microphones for better noise cancellation.
  • It does have the same features from Nexus 6P from WiFi to NFC, LTE. 
  • It has 2700 mAh non-removable Battery, while there's addition of USB Type-C port with Fast charging, Thank you Google. As we know USB Type-C made Oneplus 2 actually suffered with the charging part.
  • Apart from the usual set of sensors, Nexus 5X does have Fingerprint sensor & Android Sensor Hub, the exact same from Nexus 6P.

Things to Note: 

nexus 5x
via Google

       Nexus 5X is actually the phone every Nexus 5 user dreamed of since the whole 'Usb Type-C' thing came out in the market. Frankly it was long rumoured that Google would revamp it's existing Nexus 5 to make it better with some refreshed internals. Even though the Camera Bump at the back stays here, though this time it's at the centre making the newer Nexus 5P to wobble in both directions, when laid flat on the table while typing something.
      Seems like LG has a long love for Snapdragon 808 processors, I've seen many of their recent flagships with the same processor. So Why didn't LG opted for Snapdragon 810? Is LG through with this chipset...as they suffered a lot with it earlier.. Or is it the Price cutting tag to make Nexus 5P withstand the affordable price tag? I don't know. But the thing I do know is that you're getting plenty much than what you pay for.

 "Google, please add MicroSD card slots on 16GB variants or completely ditch 16GB variants from next time, the world doesn't live on Cloud Storage unless you're in US".

nexus 5x camera
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      The camera module is almost the same found on Nexus 6P. So you get all the capabilities of that sensor, which is capable of producing some great shots even in darklight without OIS. Apart from that Nexus Imprint plays a vital role in unlocking your device & accessing Android Pay. It even supports the ambiant display mode due to the new Sensor hub chip. Nexus 5 is for all nexus lovers who love to have pure stock android experience at it's best, without any sacrifice in performance. It is available in 3 colours Carbon, Quartz & Ice. It follows the same design language as before, its body is made up of polycarbonate plastic material. 

Price(Nexus 5X):  16 GB -  $379
                                32 GB -  $429

      You even get $50 free google play credit & 90days of ads-free Google play music subscription for free, with the same terms and conditions of Nexus 6P(Scroll up). It is one of the first few devices to launch with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, so get ready to enjoy all it's gimmicks.

android marshmallow
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     Basically both these devices stand in the league of top smartphones out in the market. These certainly are not the best smartphones out there, but you can't deny the fact of how well these devices check the right boxes for each and every User out there. Put forth these smartphones are for the hardcore Stock android lovers, if you own a Nexus device you should definitely consider upgrading it. Also Google is pushing out Marshmallow update to existing Nexus & Android one devices, go check the list out. Put a comment if you cannot find your device, I'll definitely do the needful.

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Source : Google (Images belong to Google)

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