Freedom 251 Mobile: Everything You Need To Know About Cash On Delivery Booking & Controversies.

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          So freedom 251, a phone that just costs about 4$ took over India in a storm on 18th Feb 2016 as it was the first day when pre-orders/registrations begun. Probably this was also the day when Indians made/received lots of trolls. Even the entire world was curios to know about Freedom 251, with the fact that how this device could offer some decent set of specifications at the cost of a mere pizza/phone cover($4/Rs.251). So up until now many events on the same have occurred, and many misconceptions are flying around making a mess. So after googling a bit and watching few videos, here's a detailed report from my side, as the company: Ringing Bells themselves have made some striking changes in the departure of the device, may that be because of the critics or media. So let's begin with it & dive deep.

1. Is the Device(Freedom 251) shown on Website/YouTube videos by NDTV/Gadgets To Use, is what you'll get when you order one?

         The answer to this is nope; you will not get that phone seen on the internet right now. There were many reports stating that Ringing bells has used Adcom's Akon 4 and covered Adcom's logo with a whitener, Well that's true. But the reason behind that is, Ringing bells wanted to show how the device will function depending upon User Response and fluidity. They've said in an interview with Rajiv Makhni that, they will take help from Adcom to build this device, and we won't see any adcom logo on the final product. The One we see right now is just a reference device stating how freedom 251 would look like. So beware, what you see is not what you'll get.. At least concerning look and feel.

2. Is C.O.D available for all bookings, even for 
the ones who paid using debit cards?

        Yes, you heard it right Cash on delivery is currently offered as a standard delivery option for booking a freedom 251 device. This'll help customers in gaining trust over the company, as we're not losing anything. Also, it is said that the ones from 30,000 people who already bought this device on the first day, will get their refund, and they'll instead pay cash directly on delivery. Even though previously PayUBiz was virtually holding every user's amount, as in their terms they never pass on the actual cost to the manufacturer, until & unless the sender confirms that the device was delivered.

Verdict: C.O.D is available henceforth, now everyone can buy this device without a credit card.


3. Is Freedom 251, a Government Initiative?

          Nope, Flat out it isn't. Ringing Bells has confirmed that Freedom 251 is not a government initiative, and they are not selling this device under government/Make in India initiative, whereas the Indian Government hasn't paid any subsidies for selling this device at a cheaper rate.  

      But Ringing Bells did state that, "They're using Digital India, Start-up India & Skill India as a platform to promote their device, as Our honourable PM, Mr.Narendra Modi has given every Indian a platform to come and showcase our talents, hence we're just adding a bit to it from our side providing few pre-installed apps from Digital India Revolution such as swaccha Bharat, Women's safety, etc. which is described on our website."

       Even Amitabh Kant, GOI Make in India tweeted stating and clearing the fact that, Freedom 251 isn't launched under Make in India initiative.

4. Is it an Online exclusive device?

        Nope, it'll be available offline as well. Ringing bells claims that they'll be providing about 25 lakh retail units for offline sale & 25 lakh for online sale. They've committed to sell 50 lakh freedom 251's in the first phase of the sale. Whereas the rest registrants will go into the next phase to get this device.

Fun Fact: Offline stores may charge you almost double the amount to buy this device, I can bet on that.
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5. So they're selling the phone on their own, how is the price so low?

        The answer is Economies of scale, more devices you make, more bucks you save. Mohit Joel, Managing Director of Ringing Bells, has said that they'll be making a profit of about Rs. 31 per device, they're planning to sell about 50,00,000 devices. I guess you can do the math now. It can be called as a brilliant plan, if this works out correctly. Their master plan costs them a Rs. 2500 device at just Rs. 1500 only. Then online sales, pre-installed apps & Collected data(emails) online, lets them have more money which is properly managed to make this device turning into profit for themselves.

6. Controversial things happening:

         Today I read in the news that some known officials tracked down Ringing bells office as mentioned on the website. The company's workers were nowhere to be found, so the Telecommunication Ministry is going to dig deep into this matter, whereas Corporate Ministry of affairs said that the company was registered about 4 months ago, Ringing Bells's paid up capital is about 60 Lakhs & authorized capital is about one Crore. Then it came out that Ringing Bells had partnered with few other companies such as CyFuture which was supposed to handle their calling dept, but CyFuture is now filing a case against them, you can read more here. So these are bits and pieces of what can be called as a scam happening on customers. So it is still a mystery, whether you should believe in this company. We've so far seen from an online point of view, everything's golden regarding safety of any customer's money. But listening and watching about the controversial things on news pulls me back.

         If they manage to perform better, they'll create a dent in the universe, I hope this happens. This will help take Indians to whole another level as we're witnessing the Digital India in an actual scene as even Google is here to provide free Wi-Fi. This will connect the tier 1 & tier 2 level people thus reducing poverty.

If this happens, it'll be a situation like(Random dudes having conversation):

1st Person: "Hey check out that guy in a Tata Nano!"
2nd Person: "Damn bro! These days even if a Mercedes passes you, people won't be interested in it as you see them more often, but if you see a Tata Nano... That's whole another level, haha!"

Rephrase above conversation with an Apple device & a Freedom 251, you get my point.

Source: NDTV interview & News.
Image Credits: Stated Above.
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By: Pratik Patil.

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