My First Flying Trip To New Delhi with Jet Airways.

                So it was my first trip to Delhi, It wasn't any usual vacation but being a tech blogger, Various companies sometimes sponsor us to different launch events. So it's like a mini break for us entrepreneurs that corporations offer for our dedication to covering them in our editorials. So that being said, For the first time I got a chance to visit New Delhi to attend Alibaba's product and strategy launch. It was an excellent experience, to begin with; We were first picked up from my place and dropped at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. Since it was first ever flight I didn't know many things, For, e.g., there are various terminals, then we've different check-in stations available to check-in our tickets and confirm our seats on the airplane. I was lucky enough that I got to fly with Jet-Airways at the very beginning of my flight tour. The lady at the counter did helped me and guided me on my way to the terminal and gave me the boarding pass. Initially, at the time I had no clue that we can book our seats via the web check-in system that several airlines already have online. Bad luck with, I requested her to offer me a window seat if possible, since shamefully smiling I said, "Mam it's my first time". But as always my bad luck gave me a middle seat, So getting through with that I headed to the 45-B gate at Mumbai International Airport. I was way excited & had slept only for like 3hours in the night, Partly because of the reason that I was going to fly! And the pickup time scheduled by the Cab(4 am) and my flight was early at 7:30 am. So that's how I finally managed to reach the airport gates, after getting through with the thorough checkup by the officials & Police present at the security checkup. These guys do a lot of hard work even all day-night and We should respect them highly for that.

Inside the Cab early morning.

                So now I'm sitting at the boarding gate, the place where a Bus is scheduled to drive you till the Aeroplane. I was already on time, in fact, 30mins before boarding time. Since my friend and I were given different tickets, he was at another terminal, and both of us were worried because of that, But initially we get passed that, and the officials present at the Airport guided both of us a lot in our respective terminals, So props to them. Then I hooked up my Earphones and played some music when my friend from Domestic Airport pinged me that there's WiFi available at Airport. So that's how I managed to socialize myself virtually everywhere may that be WhatsApp groups, Facebook, Instagram... Shouting.. "Aye guess what, I'm gonna fly now baby!". Now, how about that huh? The first time we try something, it goes inside our nerves. Within a couple of minutes the boarding started, there was an initial checkup of tickets again at the boarding gate, where I hopped on that bus which departed to runway letting each one of us on the bus to our preferred "Jet Airways Aeroplane". So that's how I entered the plane, Managed to get onto to my seat and within few minutes we were off the ground. Man, was that awesome, watching those tiny buildings up from the sky, The Pilot's announcements, Air hostesses guiding safety instructions, Everything was quite an experience. Frankly speaking, I had no clue that these guys offer you food in the plane itself. I was like, Woah? Thank god, you heard it I was starving. So I was through with my meal and within an hour we landed in New Delhi.

Flight to New Delhi

                Now comes the exciting part, As soon as we landed everyone was hooked up on their Smartphones as if the world has gone forever. All I could hear was the beeping of phones. 30 odd people were calling and letting their loved ones know that they've touched down. Frankly speaking, The people in the airplane looked like ordinary people without Smartphones, But that wasn't the case when we touched down. Everyone was constantly dug deep into that 4-5inch screen, even when they were pulling that luggage from the overhead compartment. Anyways I came out of the plane and then headed over to find the Cab guy who was destined to drop me and couple of other guys to the Alibaba's launch event. As soon as I came out of the Terminal 3 at Indira Gandhi International airport, There were 100's of people lined up with several names written on a plate, It was a different feeling that I got when I came out As if I'm some Superstar. I know, You might be thinking I'm over exaggerating it.. but trust me it feels the same. Then I finally managed to find the respected person, and we moved on to the event. On the way, I made a couple of friends, and I had a blast exploring Delhi. At the event, it was awesome to witness Alibaba's next direction in India, and I thank them for sponsoring my trip to Delhi.

                 Then after a couple of hours, it was a wrap-up, and we headed back to the airport. Unfortunately, I had no network there, Poor TaTa Docomo network. Thanks to my friend that I didn't miss my flight since I mistakenly came at another terminal. But that day I figured that people in Delhi present at the Airport weren't helpful at all. I asked few people to make a call asking them to keep almost ten times the money for placing one call to my cab driver but nobody handed their phone & there wasn't a phone booth nearby. Thanks to the call made by my friend Niranjan, The cab guy did spot me out in that wild terminal, and I finally managed to get on to the right terminal and then to my destiny the flight was delayed due to inclement weather. It was that time when I thought, Thank you God you're always behind me. Anyhow so I managed to get onto my flight, and it was GoAir this time. I didn't like the Flying experience at GoAir partly because of the Delay and expensive food. But anyhow I was back finally in Mumbai. It was a mixed experience as I got to witness both the ups and downs on the same day itself.

                  But that Early morning flight is what I would never forget in my life, As it was my first experience with a trip witnessing that plethora of clouds lined up like a soft, comfy bed. It was a soothing experience, and it wouldn't have been possible without the support of you guys, Who read my articles daily/weekly or a monthly basis. I would like to thank each and every one of you for making my dreams possible. Have a nice day everyone, and I hope you enjoyed my first flying experience & I didn't take much of your time. If you liked it, do share it with the first time flyers so that they know some of the common things to carry during their first flight.

By: Pratik Patil.

Editor-in-Chief and Founder. A curious soul who strives to make a difference in the world and make the most of life.

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