Are You Aware Of No Blackout Days On Reliance JIO Network?

            Mr.Mukesh Ambani is the man who is well known for creating a revolution when it comes to telecom industry in India. He was the one who brought free incoming calls in India a few years back and about a month ago during the JIO's commercial release; He announced that the outgoing calls would be free for lifetime. That raised a lot of competition in the telecom industry, and little do we know about the fierce competition, Telecom Operators started blocking JIO's reception on their network. All of this has recently caught a lot of chaos in the telecom industry such that TRAI has issued Crores worth of fine on three companies in particular namely, Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea after releasing lots of warnings. Most of these companies were pissed of due to the reason of losing their stock market by the sudden incarnation of JIO. Not only is the Reliance JIO introducing free calls, but they are also introducing no Blackout days. So today let's understand more about the No blackout days tag by Reliance JIO.

No Blackout Days On Reliance JIO Network:

                   Most of us are aware of those consistent messages beeping onto our devices during festive seasons; Those messages have a high chance to have "Your Calls/Messages Rates Will Be Doubled During Diwali/Holi/etc." We've all been there, right? For sending the same text, calling the same person just for having sent our warm regards nearly costs us two times the actual amount, Whereas If you've any special packs activated on your SIM card get ready to face the wrath of standard charges on that festive occasion. But Reliance JIO has a solution for that; No Extra tariff charges are applicable. Which means you can send Messages, Perform Calls and use the Internet at the same standard cost as every day. While as a bonus you've Unlimited Calling and Messages available on JIO's network. But when it comes to other Telecom Operators, You need to pay separately and almost double the rates during festive occasion that too on different calls, Messaging, the Internet, etc, packs. This is a reason to love JIO, not because of the unlimited calls(though that's a bonus), But because of the No Blackout days tag. Now we can have quality talk with our beloved relatives without ever worrying about our tariff plans.

                   But now some of you might think that Reliance is offering free calling but what about the call drops? Isn't that a major issue? Yes, it's a major problem, but that's again due to these competitors. The Telecom Operators in India are blocking JIO's reception on their network just to get that extra cut into their pocket. This has been happening from the first day of the JIO's commercial launch. The Telecom Operators are not releasing the points for interconnection(POI) between their and JIO's Network for the call to take place. This is currently the primary reason why JIO users are frustrated, But little do they know about the actual issues. Almost 6/10 times the Call doesn't get placed from JIO to other networks, due to these corrupt practices. JIO has created a milestone in India's Telecom history after it's commercial release by crossing 24Million Subscribers. While they might soon create a world record by tossing China into second place within such a short span. That has been haunting the Indian Telecom Operators big time, and this is the reason why they've stopped providing connection to JIO's network. TRAI has issued multiple warnings to several companies such as Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone but these companies are not taking the matter seriously as we can see by placing a call from JIO to their network. But Finally, TRAI has charged these three companies, in particular, a fine of Rs.3050 crore for such false practices. TRAI is charging 50 Crores per service area & Both Airtel and Vodafone have suffered a bigger loss than compared to Idea.

Verdict: POI Issues, Call Drops, No Blackout Days on JIO.

                  During the JIO's Commercial launch, Mr.Mukesh Ambani also mentioned a note regarding " Fairplay" note during his presentation. But most companies neglected it, Due to which they are facing huge penalties from TRAI. If these Telecom Operators keep blocking their network, People will stop using their services and move on to JIO Network. As when you place a call from JIO to JIO Network, The Call connection is seamless while with VoLTE, HD calling gets enabled, and there's a strong connection which gets established during call conversation. It's quite odd to see competitors not opening their Points of Interconnection even after Reliance is paying them. So that you know there's a little fee which every other telecom company pays each other for the interconnectivity. While due to the JIO Welcome offer, JIO users are experiencing a good amount of data services bundled with ample amount of features which is icing on the top of the cake. So if you join Reliance JIO Network, You get to experience Free Unlimited Lifetime Calls, Messages, No Blackout High Data Rates & Tariff Plans. Why don't you hop on to JIO's Network? Also, it's long rumored that the JIO's Welcome Offer service would get extended up to March 2017. Another great reason to join?

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