Brother From Another Mother - This isn't a Catchphrase, It Exists.

               "Brother from Another Mother," I always believed that this gets considered as a fancy tagline used in front of girls to achieve that sudden wave of attraction. Well quite often we share some posts on social media revolving around the same fact, but truly speaking none of them are true. That tag is always considered Real when one requires let's say Assignments, Money or something related to your work. Because let's face it, The world is utterly selfish these days. But that tag got a permanent bent in my mind when I met a Guy, a person who has been a strong support for me from about past Five years. I won't reveal his name just yet, wait for it until the end. He and I have been through the tough times together and found our ways to be standing up front in the league. So here's a little of bit of thing that I want to share with my audience, So if you're a regular reader this topic might not seem relevant, But trust me I won't take much of your time.

                If you're a Student, Business Personnel or an Entrepreneur, You might've heard at least a well known saying, "Yaar, Paisa Hai, Toh Dost Hai." Am I correct? That is a common tendency of every other teenage kid in our country, While that's how groups and status levels are created in schools and colleges, to be honest. That being said either you need to be famous or have a lot of money to surround yourselves with a good amount of fake people. If you've any of that, you're a Chick magnet/Playboy in your Friend circles. While finding a person out of them who can be trusted blindfolded is tough, But those who find such people are lucky, that they might have done some deeds in the past. So today I'm sharing few of my life moments revolving around a friend of mine & what I've observed over the course of time.

                So it was 11th Standard where it all began, I met this guy in my tuition classes. This Guy - Dude among ladies, Classy among friends. It was always fun to be with him back in the day, We alongside my other group members used to focus more on time pass rather than studies in classes. Back Benchers, As always. Talking about Smartphones, Cars, Bikes, etc. Eventually, we all cleared our junior college and started looking for Engineering Colleges, While Luckily enough everyone got into their desired colleges. After getting into an Engineering college, we all were through our 1st Semester and boy did we felt that wrath of the time, most of us wasted back in the day. Everyone was safe in numbers, But I was the one who had a right amount of KT's(backlogs) in 1st Semester itself. That was eventually the time when life taught me who are the real ones and who used to fake being real.

Brother From Another Mother - Yaaron ki baraat

          Apart from classes I used to study a lot, But isn't it said that sometimes friends are the ones who can explain you things better and in fact in less time. So I asked a lot of friends, but everyone was either busy, or the fact was many of them mostly ignored me due to the number of KT's I had on my forefront. That was a crucial part when this same guy enters the battlefield. This Guy and a Scholar friend of ours used to study together, More often I used to join them both, and it used to help me a lot. But after 1st Semester, I noticed quite a change in the behavior of that scholar friend of mine. His Facial expressions used to shout targeting me, saying why is Pratik here? He(Pratik) doesn't deserve to be here having so many KT's & frankly speaking I felt left out at that moment of my life. Which is when this Guy(Best Friend) stood me up, constantly motivated me, helped me study & focus on the same. He purposely used to ask doubts to that same scholar friend of ours and then used to make me understand that same concept. Ever since that I overcame those KT's in the coming year and everything was back to normal. At the end of the day, I practiced hard to overcome my backlogs. Frankly speaking, I'm a Studious person, But I lack focus. After that, I've had several issues in my personal life and this guy, my best friend has always stood by me.

Fun Fact: While it was tough to swallow that the scholar friend of ours gave me that look four yrs back, But today though he works as a part time editor on my blog. That being said, I don't have any personal grudges on him in any manner & I can't deny that he's a talented guy. Tu tha isiliye, Pass hua bhai.

Brother From Another Mother - Yaaron ki baraat

                  After the initial two years of my engineering college life, I got into blogging. It was a place which defined me and helped me express my thoughts to thousands of people. So it started affecting my grades as I was more into blogs rather than submitting my assignments. At that time, This Guy(Best Friend) jumped again into the picture and helped me get back on the track not by asking me to study or giving any lectures. But by asking me to study together, I believe that when 2-3 people study together, it's a great place to learn a lot & We can learn at a faster pace. This incident backed me up on my track & helped to stay motivated. He's always a great person to discuss and share things with including getting feedback on the same. I've had a YouTube channel in the past, but I lacked any physical types of equipment, This Guy used to arrange that for a particular time being and helped me shoot videos without even asking for credits. Eventually, I started another blog and forced him to join it. While ever since he is on board and I like to take him to all the tech events that happen both in my city and outside Mumbai, He deserves that & On the other hand, he's creating a real piece of content adding value to the internet. He has stood beside me in my tough times and has always been a good sport. Isn't it funny? You only realize who are your real friends, when life hits you with tough moments. He has been through major problems in his personal life & I've tried my best to stand beside him for the same. I hope nobody goes through what he has gone through, and I won't share this here. Needless to say, I know all his girlfriends, Haha. Anyways when Zee TV gave me an opportunity to share a story revolving around friendships, The First name that came to my mind was - Rohit Koli(This Guy: Best Friend). My parents blindly let me go anywhere when Rohit is with me, As they trust him more than me.

Rohit - Brother, I can't do much of what you've done in the past. You've stood beside me in my tough times, and I don't think I've done the same in yours. So this is my opportunity to highlight you here on my blog stating that you define the term: "Brother from another Mother." Thank you for always standing beside me.

Brother From Another Mother - Yaaron ki baraat
Via Zee TV

               So Similarly, Zee TV is going to air, Yaaron Ki Baraat - A television show which would showcase celebrity friendships challenged with a host of tasks. This show will be presented by Vivo Smartphones, Whereas powered by Amazon and Brook Bond Red Label. So make sure to tune in at 8 PM IST tomorrow which is 8th October to witness some great Bollywood Friendships. Don't miss the thrill filled with heartwarming anecdotes by Bollywood legends: Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha. As Riteish Deshmukh and Sajid Khan would host the show to create that much-needed cheesiness.

By: Pratik Patil.

Editor-in-Chief and Founder. A curious soul who strives to make a difference in the world and make the most of life.

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