Is JioMoney The Next Digital Wallet of India?

jiomoney india digital wallet

           “Demonetization,” a word which has shaken our nation for the past few days. Our entire country went from cash based to cashing less within a fraction of days. There was no rich, or poor; Everyone was standing in the same queue. As you know that our government has permanently banned Rs.500 & Rs.1000 notes, after PM Narendra Modi's speech. Our nation was scared by this sudden decision as nobody had an in-hand exchange available at their houses on that day itself. In place of the old Rs.500 & Rs.1000 notes, New 2000 rupee notes got announced and released in batches across India. Even though this sudden move was targeted to eradicate black money from India, There isn't a shadow of a doubt that it had affected the common man on the superior side. Even though if you get a Rs.2000 note after standing in a queue for a longer period, Getting a change in Rs.100's hard. But if we take the positive side of this move, It was well defined that this move was aimed at digitizing our economy and ourselves. Just like our phones receive software updates, We should update our transactions systems too. Here the word, E-Wallet gets introduced. But as we all know, Only a few take advantage of these solutions, due to the unawareness of the benefits of such services. E-Wallet can save your day by doing a significant transaction in perfect time, So after comparing few E-Wallets in the market, I discovered that JioMoney Wallet is currently performing quite well, just like JIO's other communication services. So I've noted down few points below, whether why one should try their services:

  • If you have a valid mobile number on any telecom operator, You're all set to sign-up for JIO Money. Head over to Playstore/Apple App store and Install the JioMoney App. Open it and create your account to initiate the registration process.
  • So let's say accidentally you lost your phone, There's no reason to worry about it. Your Money is 100% Safe claimed by JIO. Since your account needs your password and 4-Digit mPIN, which only you remember. Whereas if the confiscatory enters three consecutive incorrect mPIN's, your account gets locked temporarily. If any unauthorized activity gets suspected by you, Simply suspend your JioMoney account by blocking payments. This can be done by calling customer care service at 1800-891-9999 (toll-free) or just write an email to

 Is JioMoney The Next Digital Wallet of India?

                After you're through understanding the basics of JIO Money, Here's a little more on the two different types of accounts offered by the comp:
  1. Basic Account: Your transaction limit is Rs.10,000 INR per month. Whereas you don't require any documents, which is a great thing to know. As we are aware of the hassle to submit documents in several banks.
  2. Advanced Account: Here you're given a tag of a Premium Customer, which allows you to store Rs.100,000 INR in your JioMoney account for any particular month. Whereas there's no limit cap on any transactions, which means you can do unlimited transactions in a calendar month.

jiomoney india digital e wallet

       If you're getting convinced, Do you know that Reliance JIO doesn't charge any amount for using JIO Money, whereas there is no expiry period and no strings attached?

Heard about the Jio 10% CashBack offer? Want to apply for it?
           JioMoney currently offers flat 10% cashback for all the transactions performed through their JioMoney wallet. On the bright side, Customers can avail the 10% Cashback on their total invoice by collecting cash loading points. These points get added automatically in your wallet by using JioMoney while shopping. No need for any coupon codes, everything happens automatically. This has to be one of the best features of JioMoney which I liked a lot. Whereas the Cashback that you earn gets credited to your account within 2 Working Days. This might create a sense of belief in the customers who are currently struggling with the fact of getting a change of Rs.2000 note. Shopping with JioMoney allows one to pay for their respective items, in turn, offering a Cashback, how cool is that? You can even utilize the cash loading points on any Reliance Fresh & Reliance Smart stores across India.

e wallet india

JioMoney: India's next digital wallet?

Do you require cash? Simply head over to nearest Reliance store.          
           This is the best and one of the unique features of having a JioMoney account. You can swipe your wallet and get a change in return, Yes you heard it correctly. No need to stand in that long line for hours in front of an ATM, Simply head over to your nearest Reliance Store and have some cash in hand for local market transactions. In fact, JioMoney has been the first to come up with such kind of a scheme, which was followed by the other commercial chains. Besides this, JioMoney keeps track of your entire transactions, bookmarks your various merchants and receives personalized offers on the same. So it provides an ample amount of diversity, in turn, solving the major issue currently affecting our nation. So, Yes, People should opt for JioMoney as it's our time to get digital with the upcoming generation.

jiomoney india digital wallet
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