FreeCharge: Go Cashless & Try Digital E-Wallet Ecosystem.

               With the shortage of currency notes in our nation, we're witnessing people standing in ATM queues for hours. This sudden movement of demonetisation by our Prime Minister has given everyday person a thought of how "E-Wallet" could save his/her time. So taking the positive outcome of that side, turning ourselves and joining the Digital India Movement, let's understand this concept of E-Wallets. Speaking of which, the first one that comes to my mind is Freecharge. FreeCharge is India's largest growing digital E-Wallet platform has been around since the inception of mobile wallets and can help you step into the Cashless Transaction Ecosystem. One of the best things about the wallet is that you can make a transaction under merely 10 seconds. No need to rush and run again to get your dues paid, cool huh?

FreeCharge Digital E-Wallet Ecosystem.

FreeCharge: Go Cashless & Try Digital E-Wallet Ecosystem.

               FreeCharge is a Digital portal which can be used to access several services such Prepaid & Postpaid Recharges, DTH, Metro Recharges, Electricity Bills, Water Bills, etc. FreeCharge has also tied up with several brands which is the reason why they're available at more than 100,000+ Merchant Shops, both offline and online combined. Most of their traditional retailers are Snapdeal, BookMyShow, Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda, Shoppers Stop, McDonald's, Cafe Coffee Day Express, Etc. So let's put everything into various steps and understand their entire ecosystem and functionalities.

How to download Freecharge App?
              Simply head over to Google Play store or Apple App store and search for FreeCharge App. Once downloaded and installed, simply register with your mobile number, e-mail address or social accounts, Verify OTP with your account and you're ready to go. You are immediately get greeted with a Rs.20 cashback coupon & few 100% Cashback offers.

User Interface Walkthrough:
              Once you've logged in, you can find that the app interface is quite minimal and intuitive. The Home screen has the list of important features such as Mobile, Electricity, DTH payments, etc. While below you can see that one can pay/send money, request money, split the bill or add money to your FreeCharge wallet. Adding money to your account is as simple as performing an online transaction, everything happens on an OTP so you can stay assured, that everything is secure. Whereas when one moves from home tab to the Chat and Pay section, where a conversation can take place between your friends and the merchants leading to a transaction.

FreeCharge: Go Cashless & Try Digital E-Wallet Ecosystem.
              Next is the Account tab, you can find your account details listed here. You can view all the transactions you've made with Freecharge and also register as a FreeCharge merchant. Account tab gets followed by the Offers tab which houses all the offers and coupon codes running throughout the day across several outlets in India. You can also get a 5% cashback on adding Rs.250 in your wallet. The last tab shows various information such as places where FreeCharge transactions are accepted, how one can use FreeCharge on WhatsApp and how you can receive free recharges. We'll discuss this below in detail.

How to use Speed Pay, Chat-N-Pay & Split Bill Feature:

SpeedPay Feature:
         So remember during the initial signup you've filled in your information right? That's the first step of completing your account. The second is feeding in your Billing details, which can be done by adding your payment method. Once you've entered all the required information, you can get your transactions done within seconds. Just select the FreeCharge button during an operation under 10 seconds you will find the payment completed. So the clumsiness to enter your information, again and again, is eradicated in a smarter way. On top of that, the FreeCharge App would timely remind you to keep track of your payments and important bills to avoid the trap of late payments which mostly have late charges too.

FreeCharge: Go Cashless & Try Digital E-Wallet Ecosystem.     
  Chat-N-Pay Feature:

          This feature lets you have conversations in a secure manner with your friends, family, and merchants when it comes to transactions. Speaking of which it gets done in just under 5 seconds. Here you can keep a solid track of which friend or family owes you a certain amount of money or vice-versa. This Chat-N-Pay feature also allows you set reminders for the pending dues you owe from your friends or family, which certainly goes for your naughty siblings.

     Split Bill:

           Remember few scenarios where you go out to hang out with your buddies where one of your friends says that he would pay the bill and rest everyone would give him their fair share since everyone is out of change? Well in most cases, the person who paid for your expense ends up getting nothing ns we all know how friends would only keep delaying the subject. But with the new Split-Bill feature, the one who pays can stay worry free as he will get his fare shares back. As everyone is required to pay at the same time with this new split-bill feature, so negotiation is finally comfortable since you're dealing with a tough subject – Friendship – but without hurting anyone.

      How does the Payment to Merchant's work? Let's discuss this feature.

            Well, one can use his/her mobile number to pay to the merchant or essentially use the QR code to pay the merchant. Just scan the QR code which will detect the merchant, add the amount and pay – that’s it! You can also generate an ONTHEGO PIN which can be used in the merchant’s POS machine along with your mobile number to accept the payment, which can be generated even without the internet. Everything is a smooth process without complications of any kind.

Now let’s find, how WhatsApp Payments work:

            Aren't you 24/7 on WhatsApp? Don't you think the integration of FreeCharge would be a great option to have to process your transactions since we all are already familiar with its interface? So FreeCharge has taken a significant step in this area and introduced or let's say, integrated the Chat-N-Pay service which is secure and encrypted, end to end. Here you can send or receive your money within 10 seconds if your wallet is pre-loaded, and it is possible – those aren't just numbers.


How does the new Donations feature work? 

           As we already know that the demonetization has suddenly affected several NGO's in bigger numbers as most of them work on cash-based transactions. So FreeCharge is stepping in to help these social workers by creating digital donations through their app or rather ecosystem. Just tap the Donate button to make donations to the several NGOs in our country instantly. These NGOs namely are the Akshaya Patra Foundation, Maitri India, Magic Bus India Foundation, Child Health & Foundation for Mother, Nizamuddin Dargah, etc. So anyone can create a change in a stranger's or rather a needful person's life by simply donating a small chunk of his earnings. Remember every penny you give counts and is used for a good cause. FreeCharge is making sure to take several other NGOs onboard in upcoming weeks.

FreeCharge: Go Cashless & Try Digital E-Wallet Ecosystem.

FreeCharge: Go Cashless & Try Digital E-Wallet Ecosystem.

           So by providing all of these extensive features, in a Nutshell, FreeCharge is seeking to integrate a change in our old cash-based ecosystem. It's nice to see companies like FreeCharge take advantage of such occasions and implementing a change in how economic transactions should be held. I'm pumped to try their features, while I look forward to all your queries in the comments section below. Finally, Digital India is not a dream anymore.

Download now: Android, iOS & Windows.

*This is a sponsored post, Though I've used the system before expressing my thoughts.
By: Pratik Patil.

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