JIO Happy New Year Offer: Free Services Extended Up to 31st March 2017[It's Official].

                For the past few months, JIO Complimentary Offer and the JIO Welcome Offer has been in quite a speculation, of it been extended up to March 2017. Up until today, There's wasn't any official word on the same but rather the media creating nuances. But merely about an hour ago, Mr. Mukesh Ambani made it official that the JIO's Digital Services would be extended to the current users under the name - JIO Happy New Year Offer up to 31st March 2017. This decision might have to be taken as recently Reliance JIO hit a 50 million users mark under just 83 days. So this Happy New Year offer might be a perfect resonance of the same. Though a lot of things have been implemented here & a lot has changed, So let's dive deep to understand more about the same.

JIO Happy New Year Offer: Free Services Extended Up to 31st March 2017[It's Official].

               So if you currently own a JIO SIM, you don't need to worry as your number would be automatically rolled into the JIO Happy New Year Offer after 1st Jan, 2017. But if you're considering to buy a new JIO SIM, Mr. Mukesh Ambani said that, from 4th Dec, 2016 the Happy New Year scheme would be activated on the New JIO Applicants/Customers(Only for New SIMs).

PS: Both the New and Existing Customers will enjoy all the JIO Services for free until 31st March, 2017.

                 In the Company's recent live video, Mr. Mukesh Ambani addressed that, The JIO Happy New Year Offer will provide users all the Unlimited calls, data, and Services free of cost until 31st March 2017 with T&C. Customers won't be charged for anything at all, Whereas One can avail the Free JIO SIM home delivery to get their SIM Card activated at your doorstep without paying a penny. He also addressed upon the JioMoney Wallet app and showed support to our PM Narendra Modi's recent demonetization actions on Rs.500 & Rs.1000 notes ban.

So are the Existing Customers going to get anything extra from the new JIO applicants? Should you throw your old JIO sim?

Current JIO Customers:
               Yes, The existing JIO customers will get a Data Cap of 4GB Unlimited for a day, which will be reduced to 128kbps once you overcome the cap limit for the day until 1st Jan 2017, After that it'll 1GB Data Cap limit. As it comes under the JIO Welcome Offer, Where one gets 4GB Unlimited Data with all the rest of JIO's services until 31st December 2016.

New Applicants/Customers planning for a JIO SIM after 4th Dec, 2016:
             Well, all of you will get 1GB of Data Cap limit per day, and once you overcome that limit, Speeds would get reduced to 128kbps Unlimited. So apart from the Data Cap Limit, everything is the same. So there's no reason to worry about other than that.

But Hey, I want to use the 4GB Cap Limit, What should I do?
              Well, Buy a SIM before 4th Dec, 2016 because all the existing JIO Welcome Offer Customers would be transferred to JIO Happy New Year Offer after 1st Jan, 2017. So basically you can use 4GB Cap Data limit for basically a month, rather than using the 1GB Data Cap from 4th Dec, 2016 itself.

JIO Happy New Year Offer: Extended to 31st March 2017.

                  1GB Data CAP limit action was taken by the company to resolve the network issues and congestions faced to due to few existing customers using an excessive amount of Data. According to a survey from JIO, Nearly 80% users hardly use 1GB mobile data per day, while the rest 20% is observed using an excessive amount of data. So this 1GB Data Cap limit was an urgent action to resolve their network issues. Hey, it can get your social media needs done for the day, What else do you want? I'm pretty sure many won't like the 1GB Data Cap limit, So better hurry folks and buy a SIM before 4th Dec 2016.
By: Pratik Patil.

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