Samsung releases a vague teaser of Galaxy Note 8 | Launch on August 23

      Samsung yesterday sent out a video teaser, which points at the Note 8 Launch scheduled on August 23. As it has been the case since a couple of years, such teasers are just ‘official’ confirmations of what we already know, thanks to the infinite number of leaks.

      Even this year it’s the same, with Evan Blass posting a clear picture of Note 8’s front and back on his twitter account. Evan Blass has a good history of leaking accurate details, and unlike others, he often posts high quality pictures.    

Samsung releases a vague teaser of Galaxy Note 8 

      The latest teaser offers some vague insights to the upcoming Note 8. The entire video is filled with just few words, which, according to the teaser, will be replaced by the Note 8. A few words come up in the video, then an S-pen shaped ‘strike-through’ cuts them off and a new word replaces it.

      Talk is replaced by act, step by leap, update by innovate, and so on. There are the usual taunts targeting Apple as well. The words such as closed and open are clearly pointing at Apple. The video ends with a bezel-less mobile figure and an S-pen. Do bigger things is the tag-line for this particular video, probably an indication of a bigger display being included on the Note 8. Right since the Note 3, all the Galaxy Note devices till date have had a 5.7 inch display. This will definitely be changing since the new trend is an 18:9 ratio tall display, meaning a similar sized phone can accommodate a much larger screen.

The Note 8's importance for Samsung

      The Note 8 is a much-awaited phone, more so because of how its predecessor, the Note 7, ended up. It was probably the worst thing to happen to a tech company in recent times, where it had to stop the sale of its flagship at once. A huge fiasco in itself, it could have turned much worse if Samsung had played the waiting game. As much as they deserve the criticism, they should also be applauded for the way they took the hard route and called off the sale. It would have been easy for a company as huge as Samsung to shrug off the reports and carry on with the sale to boost the profits. 100 devices out of a million is still 0.01 percentage, which is too small a figure. They cancelled the entire sale and recalled all the devices too. They were so adamant that they released an update which practically turned the Note 7 useless, forcing users to submit their phones. The chaos cause by the Note 7 last year makes the launch of Note 8 an important milestone for the company.

      Note 8 will be launch at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, scheduled for August 23, 2017, at Park Avenue Armory in New York. The event will be live on Samsung’s website from 11 AM EST (8:30 PM IST).

Source : Samsung
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