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Artificial Intelligence In Online Marketing

Image Credits: Honor

          Artificial intelligence is an important technology which plays a key role in the field of online marketing. This technology is capable of answering the queries of the users. Artificial intelligence system can understand and analyze the question put up by the users and reciprocate to them accordingly. For example, when we enter a search query over the internet, Google not only returns an answer which is direct but also presents a series of questions which are similar and are frequently asked on Google by users all around the globe. This feature of providing accurate answers, and presenting a set of questions that are similar is powered and facilitated by the artificial intelligence.

Basic Idea About Artificial Intelligence

            It is that branch of the computer science which is designed to deal with the building of machines which are intelligent as to think, perform and respond in the same manner as human beings. Some tests have been conducted to assess the efficiency of computers as well as to examine if they can achieve the human level efficiency and intelligence. It has been found out that computers are smart enough to make a fool of the interrogators. In this age of technological advancement, artificial intelligence in devices is making a notable contribution to the improved digitization.

            Now that several search engines have introduced the concept of voice search, making life easier for the users, the digital marketers of email marketing should also consider this point along with a conventional form of search options text-based.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Beneficial In Boosting Your Digital Marketing

             There are some ways in which artificial intelligence can prove to be very beneficial for the email marketing programs.
  • By Propensity Modelling and also by Predictive Analysis you can predict your customers behavior: Propensity models can be explained to be scorecards which can statistically assess and identify the prospects who will more likely be responding to a particular offer. It establishes a correlation between the customer characteristics and anticipated behaviors.
  • There are different tools which help you to achieve your goal by recommending several strategies after detailed scrutiny of the audience that you are targeting and also the campaign objectives.
  • With the help of predictive analysis, the marketers can predict the trends in the purchase and also patterns of user behavior. In this way, you can uncover insights that are most impactful. With the help of predictive analysis marketers can extract the information and with the help of the data, predict the trends in purchase and the patterns of behaviour of the user.
  • Reduce the loading time using AMP: It was announced by Google in the year 2015 that AMP webpages are lighter than the conventional webpages and hence they improve mobile web performance as the page takes a lesser time to load. This serves a better user experience.
  • Improving user experience by using the Chatbots AI-Powered: The live Chatbots have already been issued in most of the businesses. These Chatbots or the systems of artificial intelligence help you to chat using a messaging format that is instant. Presently Chatbots powered by AI are replacing the conventional live Chatbots largely. These bots can answer as many as 200 questions that are related to a certain topic. Chatbots are the huge advantage to your website. They are always ready to help the customers. They can also retain the data of the customer so that the customers don't have to put up the same queries over and over again. The messenger bots are very patient and answer all the questions very calmly, even if you are asking it for the hundredth time.
  • Target your ads based on the interests of the prospective audience: If you have a dealership in cars, then you can make your as available to all those who have previously asked questions related to SUVs and their space, capacity, gas mileage and so on.
  • You can also scale your content marketing up with the help of contents that are AI-Generated, and once you have produced some content, the next step should be reaching your target audience. You can also deliver highly personalized website experience for your audience. Mastering this tool using AI can greatly enhance your CTC and give you a high percentage of profit. 

Guest Post: Nisha Pandey
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