5 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Smartphone in 2018

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Smartphone in 2018

             So, you have recently lost your old phone, or the one that you have right now has long gone obsolete. Well, it's certainly time for a new phone now. In this post, we have tried listing out the five major things to consider before buying yourself a new smartphone in 2018:

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1. Android, iOS or Windows phone:
         The fact is that there is more than one mobile phone operating system available in the market today. Windows phone is not in that much prominence and takes up a small share of the market while the hot stuff is centered around Android and iOS operating systems. If you are looking to go for a latest iOS phone, then be prepared to shell out some money as Apple is the only carrier selling these phones and have a monopoly on the prices here. Android phones, however, are in wide prominence with budget options.

2. Display:
         Smartphone competitors in the market today are vying with each other to get a share of the smartphone market by coming up by improving their phone’s aesthetic appeal. This means outdoing each other in terms of phone size, resolution, display and phone bulk. If you are someone who likes their smartphones in a bigger size and higher resolution display, then you can opt for flagship devices like Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel and One Plus phones. If the resolution and phone display doesn’t matter much when there are brands like Asus, Honor, and LG that are great options available for smartphone buyers.

3. Battery life:
          Well, smartphones tend to suck a lot of battery and while there are portable chargers in the market for that but getting a phone with a bigger battery life is more feasible. Look out for the battery life on phones before opting for one. Flagship models of some phones like Motorola and Samsung come with an impressive battery life of up to 20-40 hours on a single charge. If you are looking for the best android phone and more such smartphone recommendations, then be sure to visit technophilesblog.

4. Camera:
           If you are a social media buff, then the quality of phone needs to be on par for taking selfies and pictures. Not just social media buffs, but corporate people also have an excellent use for quality cameras on their phones to make video calls, doing documentation and payments. There are also many durable and cheap phones in the market for people not so crazy about camera quality.

5. Storage:
           If you are someone who keeps a plethora of apps and games on their phones, even a phone with a 32 GB capacity won't cut it out for you. If you are someone who needs more storage space on their phones then opt for brands which provide additional storage capacity. You can easily store more than 100 GB of data on Android phones as compared to Apple’s iOS phones.

           One ought to be smart with their smartphone buying decision. Hope these pointers help you in your endeavor to get a new phone for yourself.

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