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Asus Zenfone 3 Review: If It Wasn't For The Glass Back [ZE520KL Variant]

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               For the past few years, Asus has been ruling the mid-range market in India with their Zenfone Series. Affordability and Solid Performance could be the perfect expression for the sentence that I mentioned above. The consumers have widely accepted the Company in India & I've personally seen people buying their Smartphones on top of few Chinese brands. So to step up their game, This year Asus completely refreshed their design language after almost two years. The new polished design has got premium looks & So does it add a premium price tag. You guessed it correctly; I'm talking about the new Zenfone 3 series. Probably the most impressive set of devices Asus has ever launched, The devices that received a lot of hatred comments from the internet just because of the hefty price tag. Yes, I felt the same when it got launched considering the price. But after using the Zenfone 3(Base Model) for more than two weeks, I might have a change of thoughts on that perception. So I would like to ask you, viewers, Does Quality matters or the Price Tag? Let's find that out in my in-depth Asus Zenfone 3 review.

Asus Zenfone 3 Review: If It Wasn't For The Glass Back [ZE520KL Variant].

Asus Zenfone 3 Review

Processing & Memory Management:

               So the new Zenfone 3(ZE520KL Variant) comes with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 625 Octacore Chipset which comprises of a 64-bit CPU architecture clocked at 2Ghz. Blooming that is the Adreno 506 GPU coupled with 3GB RAM. It has a 32GB Internal Storage & Expansion is available up to a whopping 256GB via a MicroSD memory card. But those are the numbers, Numbers that most of us live by judging immediately the fact that another competitor is offering a better processor at the similar pricing. I get it; It's correct but only for certain areas. Regarding performance, The Zenfone 3 unit is received for review purposes was performing like a breeze. App load times, Switching between the apps, Keeping the minimized app in memory and resuming it from where you left, Everything was just absolutely perfect. The processor didn't give me a hard time while playing heavy/intensive games and I got decent if not smooth gameplay considering frame rates in mind. The best part of all was that the Zenfone 3 didn't heat up while playing games, Which is kind of interesting for a device having a Snapdragon 625 chipset. Also when it comes to the Audio Performance, Zenfone 3 performs like a champ here. The single bottom firing speakers are quite loud, and there's also an option to trigger outdoor mode while you're out in the wild, but get ready for some distortion. Though that distortion wouldn't be noticed in an outdoor environment.

Design & Physical Appeal:

                 This has to be probably the most important change that Asus has implemented in their newer devices. Frankly speaking, The Design resonates a premium appeal, when held in hand. Both the front and the back panel are glass coated, Whereas the center part consists of aluminum metal. The 2.5D Curved Glass blends in the edges providing an overall smooth grip with no sharp corners. Whereas remember the ugly antenna lines on most of the competitor devices? Asus has smartly incorporated these on to the top and bottom of the Zenfone 3, Good Job Asus. The 5.2 inch device feels great in hand, but the glass back will give you a hard time holding it firmly. Almost 6/10 it slipped from my hand, and When kept on any solid surface which isn't flat that number increases. The Glass back along with slipperiness also introduces a significant of fingerprint smudges all over the back panel of the device. No matter how much you clean it with a proper cloth, It'll grab smudges the moment you hold it in your hand. So make sure to grab a Skin or a Sandstone Case for having a proper grip over this device.

Asus Zenfone 3 Review

Tip: Don't go for the Shimmer Gold/Black color variant opt for Moonlight White or Aqua Blue color.

                Moving on to the next topic that I don't like is the massive Camera Sensor bump. I totally understand that a lot is going inside that sensor, which has Quality optics and OIS Capabilities, I don't have any problems with that. The thing which I hate the most is that the Brands are willingly heading on the path for creating Thinnest & Lightest devices considering the competition, Gently Coughs. This is primarily the reason why Small size chassis inhibits a small capacity battery. But Asus has managed to cramp in a 2650 mAh battery, and it doesn't provide a great backup in my opinion. It would've been great to see that the company might have filled that bump with an overall flat design housing a larger battery, Though Asus claims that the Camera sensor won't get any scratches due to the Sapphire lens onboard. Whereas just below the Camera Sensor lies the Fingerprint Scanner. This is a perfect placement for the fingerprint sensor in my opinion, but I would've Loved if it was present in a circular shape rather than the rectangular shape. Being said that There aren't any issues with the scanning; The Fingerprint Scanner works as it should almost 90-95% of the times concerning accuracy.

Fun Fact: Good to see the Asus Logo imprinted inside the glass panel on the back, As previously on my Zenfone Max, the Official logo got wiped out within a month of Usage. So Yes, they do listen to your feedback.

Display & Visual Enhancements:

Zenfone 3 Review

             Considering the first element in this department would be the beautiful 5.2 inch IPS LCD(1080p) Full HD Screen which provides ample amount of brightness and keeps the same fact accurate when used in direct sunlight. Everything from the viewing angles, Color saturation or reproduction was quite beautiful, and I enjoyed this part. I feel 5.2 inch is a perfect display size for any Smartphone, But that's just me. If you're not satisfied with the color accuracy on the Zenfone 3, You can tweak that in the display settings. Also if you're a night reader, the Bluelight filter might come in handy. I thought with the new Design; Asus might change their faults in the front part too. But that didn't happen, If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm speaking about the Front Capacitive buttons. Yes, Zenfone 3 doesn't have backlit keys again just like every other Zenfone. The only way to ignore incorrect inputs during the night is to turn on One-Handed Mode because that's how On-Screen buttons pop up.

Zenfone 3 Camera Review:

              Well, I won't concentrate the fact that it has a bump Because the Camera is just flawless. I'm totally in love with its performance in outdoor conditions. OIS(Optical Image Stabilization) together with EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization) help in creating a great stable shot. On the Rear, it has got a 16MP Camera(Sony's IMX298 Sensor) having F/2.0 Aperture, 6P Element Lens accompanied by TriTech Autofocus mechanism made of 2nd Gen Laser Autofocus system. Keeping the numbers aside, Focusing is wickedly quick, and Asus claims that the subject gets focused under 0.03 secs. TriTech mechanism helps in snapping quick photos, But the photos that you click in 16:9 Aspect ratio are limited to 12MP shots. But you can always take the full potential of the sensor by tweaking that into settings, But do keep a note that the 16MP shots would be snapped in 4:3 Ratio. Though there are a plethora of modes available within the camera app. It's good to see that Asus has updated their Stock Camera App and made it cleaner. The Rear Camera takes excellent shots having the right amount of details concerning saturation and colors seem on the natural side.

Asus Zenfone 3 Review

               But that sentence gets a little bent in low lighting conditions, Sure the OIS steps in, to take a decent amount of details in low light but it isn't the best that I've seen so far. But Night mode can help you in getting a good shot without tweaking much. One of the great things that I've observed with the Manual Mode is that You can play with the settings to obtain a delightful shot in possibly any lighting conditions. Knowing the right tricks in the Manual Mode(So called DSLR controls) for tuning the Shutter speed, ISO, White Balance and Manual Focus can be pretty handy in many situations, But I'm pretty sure you won't use it Unless you're a Geek. Most of us would be satisfied by the Auto mode itself and won't even bother to head into camera modes. Most of the Modes are just gimmicks rather than being of actual use. Also, the Super Resolution mode manages to take a better picture, Due to the photo stitching technique.As some of you might know that several shots get clicked in this mode and these shots are then stitched automatically to get a 60MP shot. I'll add some images below so that you can have a gradual idea about the same.

              The Rear Camera is also capable of recording 4K at 30 FPS which is great in my opinion as the footage looks very Crispy, But make sure you're steady while shooting one. As the OIS does not have support for 4K Video, It's available only from 1080P Videos & Downwards. But don't worry EIS takes part while recording 4K and This helps the camera sensor in staying calm. Just so you know, Since OIS doesn't play a part while recording 4K, The Sensor doesn't heat up much. As we've seen many flagships facing that issue recently. A quick point to mention would be that 4K isn't yet the standard resolution at least in India, So most of us won't be bothered by it, Unless and until you're a content creator.

Asus Zenfone 3

Awesome Fact: When the Dual LED Flash is turned on, It lights up the entire 2.5D curved edge on the backside giving it a ring flash type appeal. That looks wickedly awesome.

              When it comes to selfies, The Front Camera being an 8MP shooter which performs a decent job. It's not terrible or great; It's subtle enough when it comes to sharpness. When the lights get dim, An enormous amount of grain gets observed from the front camera. Whereas If you get this device make sure you turn OFF the beauty mode, As it's turned ON by default. Beauty filter just softens the image, and the photos look artificial rather than being natural in my opinion. The Front Camera also gets plenty of modes, But again most of you won't bother about those. When it comes to videos, It shoots in 1080p Full HD resolution.

User Interface & Software:

               So the User Interface on the Zenfone 3 looks clean than the previous skins of the Zen UI. The Zen UI 3.0 is built on top of Android Marshmallow 6.0.1, Whereas there's no word on updates yet. The UI looked clean and polished having the same amount of bloatware, So don't get me wrong. There are plenty of customizations available within the stock launcher all the way up to Themes, Icon Packs, Wallpapers, Animations, etc. A solid swipe down from the Home screen gets you into the search mode which helps in searching everything from the device. Then there's ZenMotion, which helps in setting up different gestures for your device for launching specific apps, Same as what we've seen with previous zenfones. But Fingerprint Scanner as an addition can be mapped to click photos in the camera app with just a tap. Also while setting up the Zenfone 3, Asus gifts you a 100GB of Google Drive storage for two years straight. While when you first set up the device, You can find the parallax effect going on the home screen with the default wallpaper, Just try to slant your device gently back and forth.

Asus Zenfone 3 Review software

               Then there's the Mobile Manager app, A nifty little feature which can be annoying at times. This app has been integrated with the Core UI, and it helps in keeping the RAM free, Providing specific apps permissions to manage certain tasks. So it is always running in the background, and it helps in keeping your device in a smooth manner, Not sure how much it affects the battery, though. At times I felt this annoying because, When I clear each and every notification from the notification shade, The toggle of Mobile Manager always stays in the same place. There's no way to disable it individually, The only way you can disable it is by turning the entire app down, Which, in my opinion, won't be a good idea. Similar to Mobile Manager, there's Game Genie. Game genie could be described as a plugin which gets inserted in every app, and it helps you connect with the gamers and find game tutorials in a popup without even leaving a gameplay.

               When it comes to Battery Life, The 2650 mAh battery lasted me for approximately 4-5 hrs on heavy usage which included Youtubing, Enjoying Audio Tracks, Gaming, Writing, Decent amount of 4G Usage and been connected to WiFi most of the time. Whereas on my regular usage, it lasted me for about 9-10 hrs max. But unless and until you have the Asus's Quick charger you don't need to worry about losing enough juice. It initially takes less than an hour to charge completely without being used. All of this is possible due to the USB Type-C and Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 technology. I wished that it had a better battery regarding numbers.

Network Reception & Connectivity:

               So speaking about that Hybrid SIM Slot, You get a choice to either insert 2 Nano SIM Cards OR a Single Nano SIM card with Memory Card. So you're bounded by choice, Choice that has created sacrifices regarding storage wars. Haha, Just kidding. The 32GB Internal Storage works for me, and I've no issues using 2 SIM's neglecting the external storage as long as I have got an active internet connection. Speaking about the connection, Both SIM Slots are 4G enabled and support VoLTE. The speeds observed were quite satisfying and network connection was reliable on my end. Call quality was also good, Especially when I followed it on fewer signals.

Asus Zenfone 3 Review: Final Conclusion.

Asus Zenfone 3 Review final

                Zenfone 3 is a series created by Asus which got the much-awaited design overhaul, Since the origin of Zenfone series. Initially, this Zenfone Tag was termed to stand out in the affordable mid-range segment space in Indian Market. But like every other brand, Asus jumped on the bandwagon to provide "Premium" Tagged Smartphones that cost some extra bucks. If you consider the upgrade made from earlier Zenfone series to the current Zenfone 3, I'll say the pricing is quite worth it considering the Design, Performance & Build. But it isn't worth when it comes to battery backup and slipperiness as the chance of damaging your device is high. Then again, Many of us would also point out about the slightly less powered processor. Don't get me wrong; It has excellent optics at the current price, A Good Design and it stands out from the chinese competition revolving around the word "Quality." Remember, Actually using the device is one thing, While Judging the device upon its price without even using it is another thing. I feel that Asus has done a commendable job upgrading their Zenfone Series and at least the unit I received shouts that out loudly. Though if you think this device is overpriced, Your Preferred choice would be Oneplus 3 depending upon the Internet's Recommendation. That being said, It's high time we understand, Chinese brands are entering India with their Affordable thoughts and Then thinking of competing with the top tier brands. Now, What do you say? Is the Quality or the Price Tag that matters you, while considering to buy any Gadget? Let me know in the comments below. I feel that if Asus had incorporated a bigger battery & a Matte back panel, this would've been my next phone.

Links To Buy:
Asus Zenfone 3 (ZE520KL) : Rs. 21,999 / Rs.20,375. (Flipkart / Amazon)
Asus Zenfone 3 (ZE552KL) : Rs. 27,999 / Rs.26,010. (Flipkart / Amazon)

  • Great Design & Build.
  • Gorgeous Display.
  • Fabulous Camera performance.
  • Slippery Back

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Honor 8 Smart Launched: Specs, Price, and Availability.

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              Like I previously mentioned in my Honor Holly 3 post, I was lucky to be a part of the Honor 8 launch event in Delhi & have a look at the Honor 8 at the day itself. But the thing that most of us from Media didn't know was about two unexpected devices launched alongside the Honor 8. First was the Honor 8 Smart, while next was the honor Holly 3. I've already covered about the Honor Holly 3 on my blog, So you can have a better perspective about that device if that price segment sits in your smartphone consideration. For now, let's discuss the new Honor 8 Smart, Quite frankly it could be called as a stripped down version of the Huawei P9 having the specifications of Honor 5C with few minor changes.

Honor 8 Smart Launched: Specs, Price, and Availability.

Honor 8 Smart Launched: Specs, Price, and Availability.

Honor 8 Smart Specs:

  • It comes with a 2Ghz Kirin 650 Octa core processor with Mali T830 GPU.
  • It comes with surprisingly less ram which is 2GB RAM and 16GB Internal storage with expansion available up to 128GB via MicroSD memory card slot.
  • It sports a 5.2 inch IPS LCD 1080p display panel giving it a pixel density of 424ppi.
  • Speaking of Camera's, the Rear Camera is a 13MP Sony IMX214 sensor so expect some good light shots with it. When it comes to the front camera, It is an 8MP shooter with fixed focus lens.
  • It supports 802.11 Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, 4G Bands and the usual set of sensors including a fingerprint scanner on the back.
  • It houses a 3000mAh non-removable Li-ion battery due to the aluminum unibody design.
  • It runs on Emotion UI 4.1 built on top of Android Marshmallow 6.0, While Honor guarantees about software upgrades in future.
  • It is available in 3 colors viz. Black, White, and Gold.

Honor 8 Smart Price:

             So the company has given it a kind of interesting price tag which is Rs.19,999 INR which is wildly pricey in my opinion. Since considering the specs, It's almost the same as the Honor 5C launched earlier this year although now cramped into a unibody chassis.

Honor 8 Smart Specs

Honor 8 Smart Availability:

             The Company hasn't given an exact date about the Honor 8 Smart's availability or when would it be released, But expect it to be released by next month. As of now, Only Honor 8 is available exclusively via Flipkart, Amazon, and their Honor Store. So keep an eye on this post or our Twitter to be the first to know when this gets announced.

Honor 8 Smart: Is it Smart when it comes to price?

             Well judging from the specifications itself, It is clear that everything from its hardware specs matches with their existing device, the Honor 5C. If we strike out the Camera Sensor and the Design; Everything is virtually the same. I feel that it looks a lot like the Huawei P9 having the specs of the Honor 5C. But, Is it BAD? Well, Nope. Don't get me wrong; The Honor 8 Smart doesn't give up on the performance anywhere in my actual usage at the event. That being said, I've used my friend's Honor 5C for about odd 2 hours, and I felt few minor lags here and there. So it'll be tough to judge the performance within a less usage of time on the Honor 8 Smart, I'll cover this up in my full review soon. Though Honor 8 Smart's design is quite nice and it's good to see that they haven't implemented all glass back panel like the honor 8. It almost has a matte appeal, and It gets good ratings in this area from my side.

Fun Fact: It Seems like they replaced One Camera Sensor from the Huawei P9 and tossed a LED Sensor in that place.

Honor 8 Smart Launched: Specs, Price

              Camera performance is excellent according to the photos I was able to click in low lighting conditions at the event. Those came out pretty nice with less amount of noise and good saturation levels. The camera interface is exactly same to its superior cousins - Huawei P9 & Honor 8. The Pro mode is a great feature to have while snapping that perfect shot during low lighting conditions playing with the ISO and Shutter speed. It almost gets a good shot, but not as high as the Huawei P9. So considering the Camera the pricing might have been amped up a little bit from that of the Honor 5C, But it shouldn't be as much as Rs.19,999 INR in my opinion. Though I would again rephrase, That I've played with Honor 8 Smart for a little while & it's hard to judge a final verdict upon that small span of time. But one thing is sure that it is priced way higher, As competitors are offering up to 4GB RAM in similar price segment. But again, Memory Optimization is an essential task that many companies figure out & Ignore to implement as they just want to launch a device with better specs. So keep an eye on my final review when that pops out, Share this article with your friends if you enjoyed reading it.

Honor 8 Smart Impressions Video:

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Image Credits: Heet Nandu

Honor Holly 3 Launched: Specs, Price and Availability In India.

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           This week, we were at the Honor's launch event to witness the official unveiling of the Honor 8 in all its glory. Apart from the Honor 8, Leaks suggested that Honor 5A would get launched along with their newest member(Honor 8) which few bloggers got a sneak peek during their journey to Goa. Technically two more devices were introduced alongside the Honor 8. Honor Holly 3 and the Honor 8 Smart, For now, let's just focus on the launch part consisting Honor Holly 3. According to the budget oriented section, it pretty much settles among the fierce competitors currently ruling this space. So is the newly launched Honor Holly 3 better than the Coolpad Note 5 or the Redmi 3S/3S Prime? Let's find out. Also just for kicks, Honor Holly 3 is company's first "Made In India" smartphone supporting the "Make In India" initiative.

 Honor Holly 3 Launched: Specs, Price and Availability.

Honor Holly 3 Launched: Specs, Price and Availability In India.

Honor Holly 3 Specs:
  • It supports a 1.2 GHz Kirin 620 Quadcore processor having Cortex A53 Cores coupled with Mali 450 MP4 GPU & 2GB RAM.
  • It sports a 5.5 inch IPS LCD 720p display having a pixel density of 267ppi. No info whether it has a corning gorilla protection.
  • It comes with 16GB Internal Storage and expansion is available up to 128GB via a MicroSD memory card slot.
  • It has 13MP Rear camera with F/2.0 Aperture, LED flash and is capable of recording 1080p HD videos at 30fps. Whereas the secondary front-facing camera is an 8MP shooter having a fixed focus lens.
  • It comes with WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 along with the A-GPS support & standard set of Sensors - Accelerometer, Proximity sensor.
  • It has a 3100mAh Non Removable Li-ion battery.
  • Runs on Emotion UI 4.1 built on Android Marshmallow 6.0 & Honor has guaranteed about future updates.
  • It comes in 3 color variations viz. Black, White, and Gold.

Honor Holly 3 Pricing:

            So the Honor Holly 3 has been announced at a price of Rs.9,999. When it comes to the specifications, the pricing seems good, if not great.

Honor Holly 3 Availability In India.

Honor Holly 3 Availability:

            So the Honor Holly 3 would be available exclusively via Flipkart & Amazon. Whereas it will also be accessible on the Honor's online store. But the date of availability isn't out yet, So do keep an eye on our blog post regarding the same.

Honor Holly 3 Initial Impressions: Specs, Price and Availability.

Honor Holly 3 Launched

           So up until now what you've read from this post are the specifics considering this device at an initial phase. I used it for like 30-40 odd minutes & during that time I observed quite a lot about this device. The good thing which I can easily say is that that display even though being 720p feels good, Viewing angles are great. But considering the Chinese competition offering 1080p Display at this price point might be an issue, But personally, you won't feel it unless you're a pixel peeper. Another thing mentioning about this device is that It's quite huge. Though the back plate has a nice soft touch matte feel and it feels good when held. But the thing which I disliked the most were those shiny plastic edges around the honor Holly 3. These feel cheap and a scratch magnet, So head over to cases when you're considering to buy this device. Both Cameras are decent enough, which is expected considering the price. On-Screen buttons are always a pleasure to witness, but that unnecessary chin and similar matching forehead help in making this device huge, which is not acceptable. One final thing to discuss would be that it does not have a fingerprint scanner. Which could be a strange thing to witness as most of the devices in this price segment have a fingerprint scanner/sensor.

Honor Holly 3 Specs, Price and Availability In India.

            That being this device packs some useful things such as a massive 3100mAh battery, Decent Display, On-Screen buttons, A Clean UI which might check a lot of boxes in a user's mind who are considering for a budget oriented device. This device was an unexpected thing that happened at the event & all of the media was surprised to see it. Though it's worth mentioning that it'll be interesting to see how it performs against the chinese brands having devices like Redmi 3S Prime, LeEco LE 1S, Redmi Note 3, Asus Zenfone Max etc. Or even the recently announced Coolpad Note 5 from Coolpad. Let me know what your thoughts are considering this device.

Honor Holly 3 Impressions Video: 

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Brother From Another Mother - This isn't a Catchphrase, It Exists.

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               "Brother from Another Mother," I always believed that this gets considered as a fancy tagline used in front of girls to achieve that sudden wave of attraction. Well quite often we share some posts on social media revolving around the same fact, but truly speaking none of them are true. That tag is always considered Real when one requires let's say Assignments, Money or something related to your work. Because let's face it, The world is utterly selfish these days. But that tag got a permanent bent in my mind when I met a Guy, a person who has been a strong support for me from about past Five years. I won't reveal his name just yet, wait for it until the end. He and I have been through the tough times together and found our ways to be standing up front in the league. So here's a little of bit of thing that I want to share with my audience, So if you're a regular reader this topic might not seem relevant, But trust me I won't take much of your time.

                If you're a Student, Business Personnel or an Entrepreneur, You might've heard at least a well known saying, "Yaar, Paisa Hai, Toh Dost Hai." Am I correct? That is a common tendency of every other teenage kid in our country, While that's how groups and status levels are created in schools and colleges, to be honest. That being said either you need to be famous or have a lot of money to surround yourselves with a good amount of fake people. If you've any of that, you're a Chick magnet/Playboy in your Friend circles. While finding a person out of them who can be trusted blindfolded is tough, But those who find such people are lucky, that they might have done some deeds in the past. So today I'm sharing few of my life moments revolving around a friend of mine & what I've observed over the course of time.

                So it was 11th Standard where it all began, I met this guy in my tuition classes. This Guy - Dude among ladies, Classy among friends. It was always fun to be with him back in the day, We alongside my other group members used to focus more on time pass rather than studies in classes. Back Benchers, As always. Talking about Smartphones, Cars, Bikes, etc. Eventually, we all cleared our junior college and started looking for Engineering Colleges, While Luckily enough everyone got into their desired colleges. After getting into an Engineering college, we all were through our 1st Semester and boy did we felt that wrath of the time, most of us wasted back in the day. Everyone was safe in numbers, But I was the one who had a right amount of KT's(backlogs) in 1st Semester itself. That was eventually the time when life taught me who are the real ones and who used to fake being real.

Brother From Another Mother - Yaaron ki baraat

          Apart from classes I used to study a lot, But isn't it said that sometimes friends are the ones who can explain you things better and in fact in less time. So I asked a lot of friends, but everyone was either busy, or the fact was many of them mostly ignored me due to the number of KT's I had on my forefront. That was a crucial part when this same guy enters the battlefield. This Guy and a Scholar friend of ours used to study together, More often I used to join them both, and it used to help me a lot. But after 1st Semester, I noticed quite a change in the behavior of that scholar friend of mine. His Facial expressions used to shout targeting me, saying why is Pratik here? He(Pratik) doesn't deserve to be here having so many KT's & frankly speaking I felt left out at that moment of my life. Which is when this Guy(Best Friend) stood me up, constantly motivated me, helped me study & focus on the same. He purposely used to ask doubts to that same scholar friend of ours and then used to make me understand that same concept. Ever since that I overcame those KT's in the coming year and everything was back to normal. At the end of the day, I practiced hard to overcome my backlogs. Frankly speaking, I'm a Studious person, But I lack focus. After that, I've had several issues in my personal life and this guy, my best friend has always stood by me.

Fun Fact: While it was tough to swallow that the scholar friend of ours gave me that look four yrs back, But today though he works as a part time editor on my blog. That being said, I don't have any personal grudges on him in any manner & I can't deny that he's a talented guy. Tu tha isiliye, Pass hua bhai.

Brother From Another Mother - Yaaron ki baraat

                  After the initial two years of my engineering college life, I got into blogging. It was a place which defined me and helped me express my thoughts to thousands of people. So it started affecting my grades as I was more into blogs rather than submitting my assignments. At that time, This Guy(Best Friend) jumped again into the picture and helped me get back on the track not by asking me to study or giving any lectures. But by asking me to study together, I believe that when 2-3 people study together, it's a great place to learn a lot & We can learn at a faster pace. This incident backed me up on my track & helped to stay motivated. He's always a great person to discuss and share things with including getting feedback on the same. I've had a YouTube channel in the past, but I lacked any physical types of equipment, This Guy used to arrange that for a particular time being and helped me shoot videos without even asking for credits. Eventually, I started another blog and forced him to join it. While ever since he is on board and I like to take him to all the tech events that happen both in my city and outside Mumbai, He deserves that & On the other hand, he's creating a real piece of content adding value to the internet. He has stood beside me in my tough times and has always been a good sport. Isn't it funny? You only realize who are your real friends, when life hits you with tough moments. He has been through major problems in his personal life & I've tried my best to stand beside him for the same. I hope nobody goes through what he has gone through, and I won't share this here. Needless to say, I know all his girlfriends, Haha. Anyways when Zee TV gave me an opportunity to share a story revolving around friendships, The First name that came to my mind was - Rohit Koli(This Guy: Best Friend). My parents blindly let me go anywhere when Rohit is with me, As they trust him more than me.

Rohit - Brother, I can't do much of what you've done in the past. You've stood beside me in my tough times, and I don't think I've done the same in yours. So this is my opportunity to highlight you here on my blog stating that you define the term: "Brother from another Mother." Thank you for always standing beside me.

Brother From Another Mother - Yaaron ki baraat
Via Zee TV

               So Similarly, Zee TV is going to air, Yaaron Ki Baraat - A television show which would showcase celebrity friendships challenged with a host of tasks. This show will be presented by Vivo Smartphones, Whereas powered by Amazon and Brook Bond Red Label. So make sure to tune in at 8 PM IST tomorrow which is 8th October to witness some great Bollywood Friendships. Don't miss the thrill filled with heartwarming anecdotes by Bollywood legends: Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha. As Riteish Deshmukh and Sajid Khan would host the show to create that much-needed cheesiness.

Amazon Great Indian Festival Deals (2016-17)

Amazon Great Indian Festival Deals (2016-17)

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Electronics Deals:

Moto G Plus, 4th Gen Flat ₹1,500 off Starting at ₹11,999

Samsung On7 Pro Flat ₹1,200 off At ₹9,990

OnePlus 3 (Soft Gold, 64 GB)

Iphone 7 & 7 Plus: 

Moto Turbo(64GB for Rs.14,000)

Mi 5 available for INR 19,999

Mi Max (Available for INR 13,999)

Redmi 3S (Available for INR 6,499)

Redmi 3S Prime (Available INR 8,499 respectively.)

RedMi Note 3 (2GB +16GB) [Available for INR 9,499]

RedMi Note 3 (3GB +32GB) [Available for INR 10,999.]
Mi 4 16GB available for Rs.9,999

10,000mAh Mi power bank available for INR 899

20,000mAh Mi power bank available for INR 1,899

Mi Band 2 available for just Rs.2000.

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Coolpad Note 5: Is It Better Than Redmi Note 3 Or LeEco LE 2?

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             So today, Coolpad skipped a number while announcing their new affordable mid-ranger device - The Coolpad Note 5. A device aimed at the mid-range market which boasts a lot of quirky Specifications when it comes to numbers. Coolpad did manage to generate a decent amount of sales with their Coolpad Note 3, and after that, it's not catching up that so-called heat in the Indian market, Sure they did announce a couple of Smartphones, but very few grabbed hold of the Indian Consumer's mind. So with Coolpad Note 5, They aim to target the sub Rs 12,000 range market and with those kinds of Specifications it's quite certain that they would hit the jackpot. But with the competition from LeEco and Xiaomi, Is it possible? Well, that's quite early to judge without ever holding the device, Today let's find out more about the specifics of Coolpad Note 5 in-depth.

Coolpad Note 5: Is it better than Redmi Note 3 or LeEco Le 2?

Coolpad Note 5: Is It Better Than Redmi Note 3 Or LeEco LE 2? 
  • So it has a 1.5Ghz Snapdragon 617 MSM8952 Octacore Processor coupled with Adreno 405 GPU & a whopping 4GB RAM.
  • It has a 5.5 Inch IPS LCD HD(1920*1080) Display giving it a pixel density of 401 PPI with 78% of the screen to body ratio.
  • It houses a 13MP rear camera having a F/2.2 aperture with 6P element Lens & a usual LED Flash. On the front, there's an 8MP Fixed Focus camera again with F/2.2 aperture and a physical LED Flash.
  • It comes with a 32GB Internal memory and expansion is available up to 64GB via a MicroSD Memory Card Slot. Also just for kicks, OTG support is available.
  • It has a massive 4010mAh Removable battery, which is interesting at this price point given that fact that it comes with a 4GB RAM. While you swallow that, Yes Quick Charge 2.0 technology is also available since it houses a Qualcomm processor.
  • Apart from the general proximity and light sensors, The Coolpad Note 5 also comes with a Fingerprint Scanner which gets situated on the back below the rear camera sensor.
  • It also supports WLAN 802.11 B/G/N & Bluetooth 4.0.
  • It is a Dual SIM device, and it's VoLTE ready, just insert the 4G SIM in the first SIM slot & it weighs about 173g.
  • It is available in two color variants - Royal Gold and Space Gray.

Coolpad Note 5 Specific - 


Coolpad Note 5: Is It Better Than Redmi Note 3 Or LeEco LE 2?
              At first glance, the Coolpad Note 5 looks gorgeous although you would need large hands to judge that. It has an aluminum unibody metal design, with two plastics strips at the top and bottom of the rear side which mimic the metal feel, but frankly speaking, those are located there for a continuous antenna reception. Don't worry that doesn't make it look cheap in any sense, Due to the material that has been used to cover and it sort off blends with the metal design. On the front, The same combination of unibody design gets reflected as there's a 2.5D curved display incorporated right above the edges. My only concern regarding this device is that it's quite large. But again that is due to the massive 4010mAh battery implementation.


              Judging the fact that this device has a 13MP rear camera, the photos would be decent. But don't expect Noise Free pictures, As Company has been marketing that fact with Coolpad Note 5. Sure the Selfies would have less noise in them due to the new LED flash, and it would perform at its best to suit your social media requirements. The F/2.2 aperture is a good thing to have on Coolpad Note 5, As the sensor gets more light, and your photos get reproduced in the crisp version of the actual scene.

Additional Facts:

Coolpad Note 5: Is It Better Than Redmi Note 3 Or LeEco LE 2?

                It runs on Cool UI 8.0 which is built on top of Android Marshmallow 6.0 & for good reasons has unnecessary bloatware pre-installed. Also, there's also a feature called App Freezer where you can select the Apps you don't want to run in the background and keep them in a steady state preserving the performance & both battery life. Interesting to see that this feature isn't automated as it should be since there's 4GB of RAM on this device, Why don't you optimize RAM Management properly Coolpad? It's hard to see Brands running behind the specifications rather than optimizing the tools available. Heard of Android One devices? Those things have such a low-end hardware, But they still manage to run efficiently on the latest version of Android. Why? Optimization. It's big time brands leverage this power instead of running behind the specifications or numbers.

                 It also comes with a feature called Snap transfer, a quick and straightforward solution to transfer all the data from your existing Android device to Coolpad Note 5 without the need of Internet connection or a cloud account. Also considering that it comes with 32GB of onboard storage, you would be good to go with it anytime.

Coolpad Note 5 Price:

                All of those numbers might give you an essence that this might be a mid-range device priced approximately around LeMax 2's pricing right? But wait, that isn't the case, wait for it. The Coolpad Note 5 gets a price tag of Rs.10,999. Yes that beefy battery that too removable, a whopping 4GB RAM, a Fingerprint scanner, 13MP Rear camera, an 8MP front camera with LED flash all of that priced at Rs.10,999. If someone would've said this to me a year before, I would be the first person laughing at him. So the struggle to stand among the very best under Rs.12,000 price range concerning competition is fierce. I can't wait to see the sales of this device, and I'm pretty excited about it.

Coolpad Note 5 - Is it better than Redmi Note 3 or LeEco LE 2?

                 Considering the specifications, I guess my answer would be, It's on par. But I won't agree on the fact that it would be the very best device under Rs.12,000 price segment. I'm a person who believes in optimizations rather than the numbers/specifics. Both the Redmi Note 3 and LeEco Le 2 have far better processors than Coolpad Note 5. On the same part, Coolpad Note 5 has more RAM, But LeEco & Xiaomi have done an excellent job in RAM Management. So at the end of the day, it would be a tough call. So I did rather put my decision on hold and use this device, If I get it. I would come up with few more posts regarding the same. My initial impressions about this device are pretty good and recommending one to a friend won't be a problem on my side. So the Coolpad Note 5 would be available exclusively on Amazon starting 20th October, So mark your calendar folks.

Here are some recommendations from our side, If you're considering a Coolpad Device as of now.

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Gionee S6 Pro Launched - Specs, Price and Availability.

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            Gionee is currently performing a lot of buzz in Indian market with their Selfie Centric Smartphone lately - The Gionee S6S. Extending that area, today they launched Gionee S6 Pro as a successor to the earlier S6 series. On top of that, Gionee is now introducing their very own VR headset, entering the virtual reality league. The Gionee S6 Pro comes with a proprietary VR app to enjoy the VR experience without any hiccups as the app has been optimized for S6 Pro itself. So let's discuss more on the Specs, Price and Availability of Gionee S6 Pro in detail.
Gionee S6 Pro Launched - Specs, Price and Availability.

Gionee S6 Pro Launched - Specs, Price and Availability.

  • It runs on a 1.8 GHz Mediatek MT6755 Helio P10 Octacore processor coupled with 4GB RAM and Mali-T860MP2 GPU.
  • It has a 5.5 inch IPS LCD 2.5D curved display having a 1920*1080 resolution giving it a pixel density of 401ppi. Also tossed in, is the Gorilla Glass protection.
  • It has a 13MP Rear Camera equipped with a Sony IMX258 sensor with a larger aperture and complimenting that is the 8MP Front Camera with a screen flash which lights up all the pixels during low light conditions.
  • It has a 64GB of Internal storage, and expansion is available up to 128GB.
  • The Gionee S6 Pro comes with a decent battery package of 3130mAh capacity, which should last you 5-6hrs of continuous usage in my opinion.
  • Apart from the usual sensor, It also has a Fingerprint Scanner situated on the front which doubles as a home button.
  • Lastly, the Gionee S6 Pro comes with Amigo 3.2 UI built on top of Android Marshmallow 6.0 (Not 6.0.1).

Gionee S6 Pro Optimizations:

           Apart from the usual Specifications, Gionee has bundled few of their optimizations on this device, So that you get a proper VR experience with the S6 Pro. Gionee also hosts several videos and games on their G- Store(VR) platform, So that you shouldn't miss the content and leverage the actual capabilities of a VR headset. You can also find the split screen feature on Amigo 3.2 UI, which has made it's debut on Android 7.0 nougat officially. So with the splitscreen feature, you can reply back to a pending message or email without interrupting your movie or video playback.

Gionee S6 Pro Launched VR

            Gionee S6s is a smartphone which is currently out in the market now propelled along advertisements as a selfie-centric device. So essentially Gionee S series is a series which resembles the Front Facing Smartphone area. But now with S6 Pro, they've removed the physical flash and implemented the flash screen technology which most of the Smartphone manufacturers are currently experimenting. So mostly when you click a photo with your front camera during low light, the entire screen would flash up and mimic the external flash technique so that the front sensor takes in more light & the image which gets captured comes out sharper. On top of that, the front camera has an F2.2 aperture which naturally fills more light into the sensor due to that large aperture. The Rear Camera has a 13MP Sony IMX258 Sensor with F2.0 aperture, So expect some vast improvements to your smartphone photography, Though I've not tested it out yet. Also judging from the looks, the 2.5 D curved display, and the unibody aluminum design seems like a good testament. Whereas it also has a VoLTE support, So Yes Reliance JIO works. On top of that, Gionee has partnered with Saavn to provide three months of Saavn Pro subscription to all the S6 Pro customers.

      Arvind R.Vohra, MD & Country CEO - Gionee India commented “At Gionee we believe in redefining smartphone experience by launching products that are intuitive, future ready, stylish & high on performance. Our promise is to spread smiles by addressing all the evolving needs of the new age smartphone users. The S6 Pro is a perfect amalgamation of style, performance and is crafted for the urbane selfie generation. With the S6 Pro, we are re-emphasizing our commitment towards our consumers to offer feature led innovative devices.”

Gionee S6 Pro Price:

          So the S6 Pro will be priced at Rs. 23,999 and the VR Headset is priced separately for Rs.2,499. So the pricing seems kind of interesting considering 4GB RAM, though the MediaTek processor might back few of us considering the price point. It'll be available in 2 color variants - Gold and Rose Gold.

Gionee S6 Pro Availability:

          So it'll available starting tomorrow, Which is 1st October in all leading stores offline. There's no word on its online availability yet. Once we get an online link, This article would be updated accordingly.

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Brainwavz S0 Review: Nice Little IEM Earphones

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             Recently about a week ago, Brainwavz sent me their S0 IEM earphones to test it out. These earphones aren't new, They've been launched almost a year back, and it was quite strange to get this unit at this point. But that doesn't have any relation with the performance that Brainwavz S0 have been delivering us over the course of this week. Considering the price these earphones fall in an affordable to mid-range budget price range. So here's our full review of the Brainwavz S0 after a usage of One entire week.

Brainwavz S0 Review: Nice Little IEM Earphones.

  • They have 9mm Dynamic Drivers support having 16 ohms rated impedance.
  • The frequency range lies between 18 Hz to 18 kHz keeping sensitivity of 100 dB at one mW.
  • It takes input power rated at 10 mW.
  • The cable accompanying these earphones is 1.2m long and beholds a Y-cord design, Whereas it has a 3.5mm Gold plated audio jack.

Design & Build:

            Just like the Brainwavz S1 we've reviewed earlier the Brainwavz S0 has a similar design going into them when you consider the cable it's in striking resemblance to S1's. Whereas regarding the main metal unit design, It is comfortable to hold in the hand and easy to grip while removing from the ear as previously we had received the Brainwavz M1 which had a tedious design due to which the main cable had to be pulled actually to remove the earphones from your ear. Then apart from the design, the Red and Black color combination looks and feels great as the matte appeal on the flat cable gives an overall decent feedback in hand. Flat cable has an advantage of keeping the cable tangle free when it's cramped and thrown in any of your backpacks. The added mic with a remote to control your music playback is an added advantage, and it works perfectly as mentioned on the box all the double, and triple taps perform the needed function smoothly, and I've no issues with them.

Sound and Acoustics:

Brainwavz S0 Review

             So the Brainwavz S0 perform a decent job when it comes to bass reproduction while listening to bass heavy music. Though the bass listening experience is not quite right, in my opinion, As it falls in the term Average. But when it comes to vocals I highly appreciate the performance delivered by the Brainwavz S0. These earphones get quite loud, and the background noise reduction is a bonus, So the audio production is quite beautiful, and I can surely recommend anyone these earphones based on this fact itself. Bass heavy listeners are going to have a decent experience, Whereas the folks who're more attached to traditional music will prefer these earphones without a shout of a doubt. I've used these earphones for as long as 4-5hrs having continues playback and watched movies along, and I must say the overall usability and performance is impressive. In short, these earphones are made for a set of audience who've gravitated taste towards traditional music.

Box Contents and Warranty Info:

Brainwavz S0 Review: Nice Little IEM Earphones

               Opening the Brainwavz S0 box is a pleasant experience, You get greeted with a lot of description showcasing accurate details about the product and functions are well described on the box itself with a folding compartment rather than tossing it over a warranty booklet, which is great in my opinion. So inside we have a hardshell box made of a high quality material which has two compartments inside, accompanying Six different pairs of Silicon Eartips in all various sizes, One set of bi-flange and tri-flange ear tips each, a shirt hook and a pair of Comply foam ear tips, which for some reason are quite sticky. The Comply S-400 ear tips are something different than what we've received earlier. The Brainwavz S0 have 24months of warranty out of the box, So don't worry if you received damaged piece, by chance.

Brainwavz S0 Review - Final Verdict

              The Brainwavz S0 IEM earphones perform a decent job of producing some decent output with high mids and decent bass output. The accessories bundled with these earphones is what I appreciate a lot when it comes to brainwavz, These guys know packaging, and they do it well. The Brainwavz S0 cost Rs.2,399 and for that price, it's quite on the higher side, in my opinion, considering the bass output. So if you're the one who's interested in getting a bass heavy experience, Consider upgrading your budget and get yourselves the Brainwavz BLU-200 earphones. Whereas if you're a person who enjoys traditional music to a heavy extent, you might enjoy the S0, but again it's pricey in my opinion.

  1. Great Design with metal housing on the main unit. 
  2. Flat Cables get a plus point for not tangling itself when thrown in a dirty way. 
  3. No of ear tips included in the box.

  1. Mushy feedback on the keys present on the in-line mic.
  2. Not Bass heavy.

Links to buy:
Flipkart, Amazon(India), Amazon(US).

Here's our unboxing experience of the Brainwavz S0 IEM Earphones:

       Do let us know your thoughts, If you own a Brainwavz S0 in the comments section below, Do you think our readers should buy these and why?

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ETMoney Review: Your Personal E-Passbook. [Smartspends 2.0]

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         So in a vastly moving world managing expenses is a tough job. Everything these days has, it's price & mostly due to inflation a common man's expenditure has risen to a whole new level. Frankly speaking its a well known saying that once you take out a note, it goes away in a fluke. Speaking of 2016, We spend a lot on food, clothing, electricity bills, internet packs and potentially everything that you can recall. So keeping track of all the expenses is a must have thing for any person who spends his hard owned money for natural cases. Most of us often consider having a small dairy where we catalog daily expenses, but that thing is passe. So to tackle that, Times Internet went ahead with Smartspends app back in 2015, A Smart solution to go paperless and to keep track of your daily expenses. Just about a year later, Today they've released an updated version of the app with a lot of substantial changes and a rebranded name and an exciting addition of Mutual Fund transactions. Now the Smartspends 2.0 app is officially renamed as ETMoney; I was lucky enough to try this app in its beta phase and here's my final review of the ETMoney App(Smartspends 2.0 Review).

ETMoney Review: Your Personal E-Passbook.

etmoney reviewetmoney review

     So essentially you're greeted with the same layout as we've seen before with Smartspends app. When you open the app, You need to sign in with your existing mail id, specifically Google id. Then after giving the general app permissions you land into the main frame, which showcases five different options up front starting with Spends, Investments, Bill Calendar, Card Suggest and Offers. Each of these buttons has been assigned to perform various tasks. Let's understand each of these features deeply.

1. Spends:
         Spends is a section which keeps track of all your One time and recurring cash spend amount. Essentially it's like a mini Passbook integrated within the app, The Only thing new is that here you're the clerk entering into it. Let's say you want to enter Rs.100 spent on recharge, Select the One Time cash spend and then enter your Amount, choose the date, enter whether it should be paid to merchant or a person, Then finally select the category(beauty and fitness, Bill, EMI, grocery, etc.) Additionally, you can even add some notes to keep track of it easily. There's also a statistics tab to keep track of your saving within Spends tab which displays weekly savings. It's a nice way to segregate all your daily expenditures and keep track of where exactly you invested and where did that 100 rupee note go.

2. Investments.

         Investments in an exciting addition to the newly updated app, Partly because of the reason why we can say the Smartspends app got a new name - ETMoney. This name sort of compliments this section very well and we can see where Times Internet is going here with it. They say that the change of the Brand name is because they want to get Indian users a glimpse of the mobile-first world by solving their current financial needs. This section would primarily serve new investors helping them discover and manage their funds in an easier manner. Let's understand investments catered in ETMoney App in three different ways.

etmoney reviewetmoney review

  •  You can discover the best funds available in the market, which are categorized in easy to comprehend report cards and themes. The themes displayed within the app are showcased by analyzing 5000+ mutual funds which are in existence from previous 5-10 years. The report cards are designed specifically to showcase the right amount of returns and risk factors so that the investor has a clear idea of where his funds are heading.
  • You can perform actual transactions where it takes merely two mins irrelevant to whether you belong to KYC(Know Your Customer) or not. Though according to our Indian regulations, You need to be KYC Verified to invest into mutual funds. This process just simplifies the hassle to carry your documents to get your account verified in any Bank; It's an entirely paperless process which gets a plus from my side. After you've settled up your account you can invest into any fund within 30secs; the process is similar to buying something from any e-commerce website and getting a delivery receipt sent to your mail id. The App provides you with top 10 mutual fund houses accompanying 5000+ funds to get started with investing.
  • The final step is Post Transaction which showcases unique portfolio management and recommends several other things. So here you get actionable insights upon your inserted portfolio in a constructive manner. The app also showcases the funds that you've not invested in and lets you keep track of those, just in case you have a chance of mind. The ETMoney app also provides actionable insights to stock market Movements, User's spend pattern, and investment options. It is sort of like a bot working for you 24/7 helping you get the most out of the stock market.

3. Bill Calendar.

           Another well-designed section which takes care of your bills by keeping them well organized. The app scans your emails and messages to find out the bills that have been paid or are due to be paid and aggregates them in proper labels within Bill Calendar section. For this action to happen, you must turn on in-app permissions on your Android device. Let's say you want to enter your gas bill, just hit the plus button on the lower right-hand side and select gas, then select your gas carrier. After that, you would be greeted with another overlay with few easy steps to fill in the exact information about the gas delivery. This, in fact, is very helpful, and it helps in keeping track of your bills in one place. Here you have the Due Date, Amount, and Bill ID, so it's good to be future proof and that to paperless. Alongside Gas, you have the option to keep track of numerous things ranging from Credit Card, Data Card, DTH, Electricity Bills, Insurance, Mobile, Water, etc. Also once you've entered a particular bill, you're notified four days before the due date.

4. Cards Suggest:

etmoney review

            Well just as the name suggest, Here you're greeted with several offers & discounts depending upon your credit/debit cards. So to set this up, Just tap add card and then select your bank, select your card type, Card Name and finally Affiliation, Where then you're asked for the last four digits of your card, As it's easier for you to keep track of the offers given to that particular card. Once you're done setting up the card, Now there would be several offers and discounts which get showcased which can be availed offline and online via that same particular credit/debit card.

5. Offers:

           The last section in the app which again is in similar resemblance to Cards Suggest feature, Though here instead of it being selective card offer you get notified of online shopping deals. Now the shopping deals could be anything ranging from E-commerce websites, Paytm, Telecom Operators Data Offers to virtually everything. Also if you couldn't find any attractive offers you can search for the one you're looking right within the app itself.

During the launch, Mr. Mukesh Kalra, COO of ET Money, commented, “We believe that the financial journey of retail consumers in India is currently completely broken. We started fixing it by enabling users to understand & manage their money in a way far better than other alternatives. While as a natural extension, we will now help consumers grow their money by investing in mutual funds seamlessly.”

ETMoney Review: Essentially Smartspends 2.0 app. 

              Actually speaking I'm not much into Mutual funds or investments because I'm just a student finding his future path right now, who knows I might be interested into this in future. So to be honest, Apart from the Investments section of this app everything is interesting for me, and it is quite helpful I'm able to keep track of various other things. Since I was lucky enough to try this app in its beta phase, prior a week to the launch itself. The ETMoney app is currently available on Android, and you can download it from here. Also just for kicks, it ranks among the Top person finance apps and currently it has a user base of more than 8 lakh users. So all in all it helps in keeping track of your daily expenses and helps you to be ahead of the curve when it comes to savings. I liked the motto behind the app and with Investment features inbuilt it'll be a treat to several customers who are mostly glued to their TV sets when it comes to stock market.

etmoney review
click to download


   Do let me know what are your thoughts about the new ETMoney App and do you think, it might be helpful for a common man? Let us know in the comments section below.

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