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JIO Happy New Year Offer: Free Services Extended Up to 31st March 2017[It's Official].

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                For the past few months, JIO Complimentary Offer and the JIO Welcome Offer has been in quite a speculation, of it been extended up to March 2017. Up until today, There's wasn't any official word on the same but rather the media creating nuances. But merely about an hour ago, Mr. Mukesh Ambani made it official that the JIO's Digital Services would be extended to the current users under the name - JIO Happy New Year Offer up to 31st March 2017. This decision might have to be taken as recently Reliance JIO hit a 50 million users mark under just 83 days. So this Happy New Year offer might be a perfect resonance of the same. Though a lot of things have been implemented here & a lot has changed, So let's dive deep to understand more about the same.

JIO Happy New Year Offer: Free Services Extended Up to 31st March 2017[It's Official].

               So if you currently own a JIO SIM, you don't need to worry as your number would be automatically rolled into the JIO Happy New Year Offer after 1st Jan, 2017. But if you're considering to buy a new JIO SIM, Mr. Mukesh Ambani said that, from 4th Dec, 2016 the Happy New Year scheme would be activated on the New JIO Applicants/Customers(Only for New SIMs).

PS: Both the New and Existing Customers will enjoy all the JIO Services for free until 31st March, 2017.

                 In the Company's recent live video, Mr. Mukesh Ambani addressed that, The JIO Happy New Year Offer will provide users all the Unlimited calls, data, and Services free of cost until 31st March 2017 with T&C. Customers won't be charged for anything at all, Whereas One can avail the Free JIO SIM home delivery to get their SIM Card activated at your doorstep without paying a penny. He also addressed upon the JioMoney Wallet app and showed support to our PM Narendra Modi's recent demonetization actions on Rs.500 & Rs.1000 notes ban.

So are the Existing Customers going to get anything extra from the new JIO applicants? Should you throw your old JIO sim?

Current JIO Customers:
               Yes, The existing JIO customers will get a Data Cap of 4GB Unlimited for a day, which will be reduced to 128kbps once you overcome the cap limit for the day until 1st Jan 2017, After that it'll 1GB Data Cap limit. As it comes under the JIO Welcome Offer, Where one gets 4GB Unlimited Data with all the rest of JIO's services until 31st December 2016.

New Applicants/Customers planning for a JIO SIM after 4th Dec, 2016:
             Well, all of you will get 1GB of Data Cap limit per day, and once you overcome that limit, Speeds would get reduced to 128kbps Unlimited. So apart from the Data Cap Limit, everything is the same. So there's no reason to worry about other than that.

But Hey, I want to use the 4GB Cap Limit, What should I do?
              Well, Buy a SIM before 4th Dec, 2016 because all the existing JIO Welcome Offer Customers would be transferred to JIO Happy New Year Offer after 1st Jan, 2017. So basically you can use 4GB Cap Data limit for basically a month, rather than using the 1GB Data Cap from 4th Dec, 2016 itself.

JIO Happy New Year Offer: Extended to 31st March 2017.

                  1GB Data CAP limit action was taken by the company to resolve the network issues and congestions faced to due to few existing customers using an excessive amount of Data. According to a survey from JIO, Nearly 80% users hardly use 1GB mobile data per day, while the rest 20% is observed using an excessive amount of data. So this 1GB Data Cap limit was an urgent action to resolve their network issues. Hey, it can get your social media needs done for the day, What else do you want? I'm pretty sure many won't like the 1GB Data Cap limit, So better hurry folks and buy a SIM before 4th Dec 2016.

Brainwavz Alpha Review: Thin Profile, Good Output.

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         Recently Brianwavz announced their Brainwavz Alpha earphones in India with which the company claims it'll be sufficient to soothe the needs of any audiophile. An audiophile who is mainly looking for a decent budget friendly pair of Earphones. First of all, if you're new to the Brianwavz name, don't let the word Alpha trigger a thought in your mind that these Earphones are their first product. As I've been using these earphones for almost a week, and I have a couple of interesting things to point down. So here's my in-depth Brainwavz Alpha Earphones Review.

Brainwavz Alpha Review: Thin Profile, Good Output.

Brainwavz Alpha Specifications:
  • It has 8mm Dynamic Drivers having a 20ohms Rated Impedance.
  • Frequency Response lies between 15Hz & 28kHz. Whereas the Sensitivity ranges from 110dB at one mW.
  • It has a Rated input power of 10 mW.
  • The Cable is 1.3m long, consisted of a Y-cord extension and made of copper. While it has a 3.5 mm gold plated audio jack having a 45° angle.

Design & Build:

Brainwavz Alpha Review

         The first thing you would notice as soon as you pick them up is that how thin they are. The cable up until the Y-Cord seems sturdy, But after that extension of Y-cord, it felt very fragile to me. But the main unit is a woven mesh of plastic and rubber built. However, if you have a look over my Brainwavz M1 Earphones review, It seems as if they removed the plain silver rings and incorporated a rubber joint on end to help strengthen the grip. So is Brainwavz Alpha, an upgraded version of Brainwavz M1, offered at an affordable price? Interesting. The overall general appeal of the Alpha Earphones is pretty comfy. The wire cable is long enough, but there's no in-line microphone, and there's an ugly  3.5mm audio jack with 45° hook. Seriously, Who uses that now? The only reason to hate it, Is because due to the aesthetics. Try listening to music with these earphones on, then place your smartphone in your pocket, As that action will speak for itself.

Sound and Acoustics:

Brainwavz Alpha iem Review
                Pulling off the sound quality is one the key tasks where most companies suffer when they're dealing with affordable offerings. Well upon my usage of Alpha Earphones for roughly a week, I must say that Brainwavz has pulled it off. The sound quality could be described as Crisp, loud and having a decent bass effect. The highs were observed on the high side, Can't say about the lows as I saw mixed results. A superb amount of feedback was also noted when I listened to treble-heavy music tossing some hip-hop on the go. Noise cancellation was on the average side, though. What more could you ask for an earphone priced at Rs.1,799? I wish it had a Mic or at least a play pause button, though.

Box Contents and Warranty Info:
             So here's where the typical Brianwavz unboxing experience differs as the Brianwavz Alpha Earphones do not come with a hard shell box, But to overcome that the company has provided a compact and a similar but less sturdy box which won't tear easily, since it has been made with hard plastic. So opening that box you get the Alpha Earphones itself, three sets of silicone ear tips, 1 set or comply ear tips S-400, a Velcro tie, a shirt clip, and a 12 Months of warranty card along with an instruction documentation.

Brainwavz Alpha Review: Final Verdict.

Brainwavz Alpha in ear earphones review

             It wouldn't be wrong to say that the company has progressed a lot, While I'm saying this as I've used a couple of earphones from Brainwavz. While taking the Brainwavz Alpha in mind, it won't be an exception to that thought. It is a decent pair of earphone available at Rs.1799, As what the company claims(Great Bass, Crisp Output) is observed seemingly in an upward direction. However, these earphones would've been great, if it had an in-line mic and the infamous hardshell case, in my opinion. But what could you ask more for Rs.1799? The Brianwavz Alpha is available both on Amazon and Flipkart. Links to buy are as follows:

1.Amazon (US).
2.Amazon (India).

  •  Satisfactory Bass Output.
  • Comfortable Design.

  • No Inline Microphone.
  • Fewer Eartips compared to usual Brianwavz Earphones, Even though I hardly use more than one.

            So what are your thoughts on the Brainwavz Alpha, Do you like what you read? How about telling us in the comments section below?

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Is JioMoney The Next Digital Wallet of India?

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jiomoney india digital wallet

           “Demonetization,” a word which has shaken our nation for the past few days. Our entire country went from cash based to cashing less within a fraction of days. There was no rich, or poor; Everyone was standing in the same queue. As you know that our government has permanently banned Rs.500 & Rs.1000 notes, after PM Narendra Modi's speech. Our nation was scared by this sudden decision as nobody had an in-hand exchange available at their houses on that day itself. In place of the old Rs.500 & Rs.1000 notes, New 2000 rupee notes got announced and released in batches across India. Even though this sudden move was targeted to eradicate black money from India, There isn't a shadow of a doubt that it had affected the common man on the superior side. Even though if you get a Rs.2000 note after standing in a queue for a longer period, Getting a change in Rs.100's hard. But if we take the positive side of this move, It was well defined that this move was aimed at digitizing our economy and ourselves. Just like our phones receive software updates, We should update our transactions systems too. Here the word, E-Wallet gets introduced. But as we all know, Only a few take advantage of these solutions, due to the unawareness of the benefits of such services. E-Wallet can save your day by doing a significant transaction in perfect time, So after comparing few E-Wallets in the market, I discovered that JioMoney Wallet is currently performing quite well, just like JIO's other communication services. So I've noted down few points below, whether why one should try their services:

  • If you have a valid mobile number on any telecom operator, You're all set to sign-up for JIO Money. Head over to Playstore/Apple App store and Install the JioMoney App. Open it and create your account to initiate the registration process.
  • So let's say accidentally you lost your phone, There's no reason to worry about it. Your Money is 100% Safe claimed by JIO. Since your account needs your password and 4-Digit mPIN, which only you remember. Whereas if the confiscatory enters three consecutive incorrect mPIN's, your account gets locked temporarily. If any unauthorized activity gets suspected by you, Simply suspend your JioMoney account by blocking payments. This can be done by calling customer care service at 1800-891-9999 (toll-free) or just write an email to

 Is JioMoney The Next Digital Wallet of India?

                After you're through understanding the basics of JIO Money, Here's a little more on the two different types of accounts offered by the comp:
  1. Basic Account: Your transaction limit is Rs.10,000 INR per month. Whereas you don't require any documents, which is a great thing to know. As we are aware of the hassle to submit documents in several banks.
  2. Advanced Account: Here you're given a tag of a Premium Customer, which allows you to store Rs.100,000 INR in your JioMoney account for any particular month. Whereas there's no limit cap on any transactions, which means you can do unlimited transactions in a calendar month.

jiomoney india digital e wallet

       If you're getting convinced, Do you know that Reliance JIO doesn't charge any amount for using JIO Money, whereas there is no expiry period and no strings attached?

Heard about the Jio 10% CashBack offer? Want to apply for it?
           JioMoney currently offers flat 10% cashback for all the transactions performed through their JioMoney wallet. On the bright side, Customers can avail the 10% Cashback on their total invoice by collecting cash loading points. These points get added automatically in your wallet by using JioMoney while shopping. No need for any coupon codes, everything happens automatically. This has to be one of the best features of JioMoney which I liked a lot. Whereas the Cashback that you earn gets credited to your account within 2 Working Days. This might create a sense of belief in the customers who are currently struggling with the fact of getting a change of Rs.2000 note. Shopping with JioMoney allows one to pay for their respective items, in turn, offering a Cashback, how cool is that? You can even utilize the cash loading points on any Reliance Fresh & Reliance Smart stores across India.

e wallet india

JioMoney: India's next digital wallet?

Do you require cash? Simply head over to nearest Reliance store.          
           This is the best and one of the unique features of having a JioMoney account. You can swipe your wallet and get a change in return, Yes you heard it correctly. No need to stand in that long line for hours in front of an ATM, Simply head over to your nearest Reliance Store and have some cash in hand for local market transactions. In fact, JioMoney has been the first to come up with such kind of a scheme, which was followed by the other commercial chains. Besides this, JioMoney keeps track of your entire transactions, bookmarks your various merchants and receives personalized offers on the same. So it provides an ample amount of diversity, in turn, solving the major issue currently affecting our nation. So, Yes, People should opt for JioMoney as it's our time to get digital with the upcoming generation.

jiomoney india digital wallet
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India's First Real Estate Experience Centre Launched In Mumbai.

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              If you're a common man who's looking for a suitable property, You know the hassle which comes along with it. The so-called home buying experience is good at first, But the ability to consistently visit places just to convince yourselves can be a bit frustrating later on. So tackling this problem, came up with an impressive idea by leveraging today's cutting edge technology to visit real estate properties from a single location or in fact any place for that matter. If you just guessed it, Yes I'm speaking about Virtual Reality technology & Augmented Reality combined with the real estate property viewing experience. So by introducing this in Western Express Highway, Magicbricks has launched India's First real estate experience centre at Metro station. So today let's find out more about the same.

India's First Real Estate Experience Centre Launched In Mumbai(Virtual & Augmented Reality).

            So on 16th November 2016, Magicbricks inaugurated the first ever real estate experiential centre in Mumbai. It was their attempt to eliminate the struggles one needs to do while hunting for an excellent property, They've combined Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to provide never before seen property viewing experience across India. Whereas they're the first to do it & by actually using it live on the inauguration day itself, I felt that not only are they first to implement it, But they're also the first to do it correctly. Both buyers and sellers are going to be hugely benefited due to the experience centre as it bridges the gap between that conventional method of viewing any property. They've incorporated VR Headsets, On-Demand video call, a dedicated AR panel and large touchscreens to find the right resources or deals with in-depth information on everything. Everything feels well implemented and even if you've any questions, You can get them answered by asking them via a video call at the experience centre itself.

         The experience centre has six distinct key areas which help a buyer to search his query, all the way ranging from browsing property listings, various financial calculations, property comparisons, virtually speaking with advisors, immersive VR walkthroughs, Augmented Reality Maps and wide touchscreen based map searches with detailed property info compared with nearby localities. I tried every other device present there, and the Virtual Reality experience with Samsung Gear VR headset was my most favorite experience of all. Everything was well implemented, and I was always exploring something new when using a device in its particular section.The Magicbricks Experience Centre has been located in Concourse 3 at the recently inaugurated Magicbricks WEH Metro station at Andheri, Navi Mumbai. It's open for everyone to go and try for free, There are no strings attached.

           Mr. Sudhir Pai, CEO,, commented during the launch, “The experience centre is a coming together of high-quality hardware & software that addresses very specific ‘issues’ in the consumer's property journey. We imagine that centre would enhance the home buying process to a different level. This experience centre celebrates our strengths in applying technology to solve real problems in a meaningful, scalable manner. We’ve been absolutely delighted by the early feedback we’ve received from consumers, & from developers, who have visited our Experience Centre. This is a validation that combining Online, with a tech-driven offline presence would significantly enhance the value that we deliver. We aren’t happy with merely being India’s leading property portal; we want to be India’s most loved property portal as well”.

The primary focus around the Magicbricks Experience Centre is in three key areas: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Match My Needs section.

Virtual Reality Zone:
              Sometimes WhatsApp photos can't convey the message of delivering the replica of how the place looks like as it's in 2D. Well now with the VR-Zone, You can strap a Samsung Gear VR Headset present at the venue and have an actual look at each and every room of the property in all directions. One can also have a look at how his under construction flat might look like with predefined rooms in the headset; Now how cool is that?

Augmented Reality Solutions:
              In this department when you hold the 2D map of any location in front of the Augmented Reality Camera, It'll automatically show up a Bird's-eye view of the map in real-time. It was my first ever Augmented reality experience, and it was giving me chills, I still feel it haha. As long as the program has the location fed in its memory, you can look for that area in the same manner.

Match My Needs Zone:
              In this Zone, One can head over to one of the touchscreen displays present at the venue and search for any property in Mumbai. Whereas the user will have in-depth information about the developer, his project, and other risks. Since Magicbricks is incorporating their database here which is a result of 8 years. So everything regarding the same can be found on the "Match My Needs" application.

India's First Real Estate Experience Centre Launched In Mumbai.

            So the Magicbricks Experience Centre is the first time I've personally witnessed property viewing experience to a whole another level. I never thought this would how one would search for their dream homes in future, but hey it's happening as the technology is evolving. Whereas to gain exposure at it's best, Western Express Highway Metro Station could be the perfect location for its debut as the station receives 3 lakh commuters every day. Since Andheri is the place where the principal corporate offices are situated, that'll be a great opportunity for the Magicbricks Experience Centre to nourish with the audience and someday we all might totally depend on it. If you stay in Mumbai, You should visit the centre to understand how it's shaping our future.

Baleno Wicked Weekends – My Experience.

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             What are the most exciting ways to add zing to those hours between late evenings and early mornings? Well, those who understood what's on my mind, are absolutely right – I am indeed talking about nightlife entertainment. And what's a better place than a club to feel and taste that flavor? This is the world of crazy parties that let you forget the rest while you let your hair down and indulge in everything that uplifts your spirit. Welcome to the world of urban nightlife.

Baleno Wicked Weekends – My Experience.

             Being a true-blue Mumbaikar, I always look for opportunities to let myself go and have a whale of a time, celebrating life as it comes. In a recent event of things, I happened to witness one such crazy night that is sure to remain in my memory for years to come. It was a bold night of Baleno Wicked Weekends that took my breath away with everything it offered to me. I was awe-inspired, really! If you are reading this and exhilaration has already reached your head and heart, well, that's what the sensational night did to me.

             Mumbai's Bonobo was the venue for the snazziest party I'd ever attended. Much to my excitement, Baleno had brought the music sensation Dualist Inquiry (Sahej Bakshi) on board; the talented artiste ensured the place looked cooler than ever before! I've always been a fan of Dualist Inquiry but to see him perform live was a terrific experience altogether! Dominated by a great young crowd, the party gave me a chance to connect with some like-minded people while we grooved to the talented DJ's peppy compositions.

Baleno Wicked Weekends

            Baleno, one of the brands of Maruti Suzuki's Nexa, is currently on a tour to host several splendid Baleno Wicked Weekends parties across India for those who have Baleno spirit in them. In case you are not from the city of dreams, don't fret. Baleno Wicked Weekends isn't restricted to Mumbai only. It's been spread across six cities in India – Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai – to celebrate bold sides of party-goers.

            India's longest party marathon, Baleno Wicked Weekends is a 40-weekend-long celebration. Which means, there are many more crazy nights awaiting hard-core enthusiasts to have a ball. I was overwhelmed to witness spirited Baleno owners and potential customers enjoying together the night that only got bolder by the moment. A little more on Bonobo because, well, why not? The pub indeed turned out to be a spectacular place, clearly designed to match the bold attitude of the crazy crowd. Baleno's boldness and wickedness were in the air and I, like everyone present, too just dived into that energetic spirit. It's great to see brands like Baleno providing such a delightful experience of nightlife.

Baleno Wicked Weekends

Baleno Wicked Weekends:

             I'm sure you are kicked about the next Baleno Wicked Weekends party already; I would have been too had I been in your place. Okay, so here's all the dope I managed to get hold of for you party-lovers – there are several such mind-blowing events planned throughout the upcoming weekends, promising unforgettable experiences with vibrant ambience, great food, and, of course, groundbreaking music by some exceptional artistes like MojoJojo, NDS, Midival Punditz, Karsh Kale, DJ Anish Sood and MaFiaza. Here are some of the upcoming sessions:
  • Pune        – 25 Nov 2016.
  • Chennai   – 03 Dec 2016.
  • Pune        – 17 Dec 2016.

            To help you with even more details, I've mentioned few links below that will lead you to the world of bold Baleno Wicked Weekends. As I conclude, I would like to tell you all that these nights of wickedness must be visited at least once. My experience has been overwhelming. Hope you too have a great one.
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Oppo F1s vs Vivo V5 [Camera Samples]

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Oppo F1s vs Vivo V5 [Camera Samples]

Selfie {Front Camera Samples}:

1. Vivo V5:
                                              1st with Moonlight flash, 2nd without flash.

2. Oppo F1S:

Rear {Back Camera Samples}:

1. Vivo V5:



2. Oppo F1S:

Both Cameras are performing good.

Aegon Life Insurance re-launches their “iTerm” online protection plan.

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           This week I was present at the Aegon's Life Insurance event in Mumbai where the company discussed their upcoming plans for future. Aegon Life Insurance is one of the top companies in India which provides several Life Insurances. This week they introduced their latest offering which is the 'iTerm' plan, a detailed and comprehensive plan to provide online protection concerning Life Insurance and thereby keeping the cost on the small side without burning your pocket. This program is said to be one of the very few insurance plans which have the lowest premium rates available to the current date. According to the Swiss report, Aegon has relaunched their iTerm plan to focus on the shallow insurance expansion across India along with the households which have insurance but are currently instated as under insurance. The report further claims that India currently has the largest protection margin as the growth in savings & life insurance coverage had lagged the economy and wage growth across the nation. Even though there was an immense growth of insurance penetration, Both the savings & insurance have garnered only 10% of the population. Sometimes consumers neglect such important things as there's a lack of communication in the thought process of how the thing works and how it can benefit one from the same. So with the iTerm Plan, Aegon Life Insurance wants to pioneer and lead the Insurance market in India. So today, let's discuss more regarding the Aegon's iTerm Plan.

Aegon Life Insurance re-launches their “iTerm” online protection plan.

Aegon Life Insurance re-launches their "iTerm online Protection Plan."

             The company believes that their iTerm Insurance Plan could help customers in protecting their insurance plans so that the decisions you take in future shouldn't bother you. The iTerm Plan is exclusively available for Online users with a user-friendly interface providing not only financial security but the optional rider coverages as well. So let's understand more about the re-launched iTerm Plan with its every feature as follows.

  • Cost efficient and detailed online protection plan.
  • Customers are benefitted with added life stages, where you can increase your security cover as per your set milestones in life.
  • Your premiums can be deposited on monthly, yearly or six months basis rather than the previous usual annual payments.
  • The Life Insurance Maturity age has been increased to 80 years, in turn elevating the maximum policy number to 62 years.
  • The iTerm Protection Plan also offers three major points adding flexibility in their platform, when it comes to death benefit pay:
         1. As a lump sum payment.
         2. As a fixed monthly income for 100 months.
         3. Or A combination of above two points.

Aegon Life Insurance iTerm plan.

        Mr. Martijn de Jong, Chief Digital Officer, commenced the meet by sharing his thoughts, “Our idea is to engage every consumer who can be a part of the iTerm plan. With a focus on protection, delighted to introduce iTerm which is best-in-class product suite that will cater to today’s consumer needs. Our primary focus for every consumer is protection. Every family is important for every individual. iTerm which comes will every technological and innovative benefits will be an ideal choice for every household”.

Some of the other features included in the iTerm Plan are noted below:
  • Minimum Entry Age is 18, Whereas the Maximum is 65 years having a minimum policy term of five years. Or you can opt for a maximum of 62 years.
  • It has inbuilt terminal illness benefits with an optional additional coverage for riders against Critical illness, Women specific critical illness, Accidental death, and disability.
  • Females and Non-smokers get lower premium rates.
  • One gets Tax benefits on premium paid & benefits are received as per tax laws get prevailed.
  • One can assure a minimum of Rs.25 lakh, and there's no maximum limit subjected to underwriting.
Aegon Life Insurance iTerm plan.

Another impressive feature of the iTerm plan is that it also includes riders, where consumers can map their plan more constructively. Some of the riders get mentioned below:

  • Aegon Life AD Rider - In the case of any accidental death of the Life Assured, the Sum assured under the rider will be paid.
  • Aegon Life iCI Rider - This Rider covers 4 Critical Illness conditions viz. Cancer, Open Chest CABG, First Heart Attack, & Stroke.
  • Aegon Life WOP Rider on CI - Covers 4 Critical Illness conditions i.e. Cancer, Open Chest CABG, First Heart Attack, & Stroke. When diagnosed with any of the four critical illnesses mentioned above, future premiums payable under the base plan & riders (if any) are waived while the life cover and rider cover (if any) continues on the same.
  • Aegon Life Women CI Rider - Covers the illness about women. The illness gets covered into two groups, Group 1 – Malignant Cancer of the Female Organs, Group 2 – Birth of a child with Congenital Disorders & Pregnancy Complications.
  • Aegon Life Disability Rider - This offers an immediate lump sum payout along with a waiver of future outstanding premiums of the base plan in case of any permanent disability in Life.
All of the riders mentioned above can get attached to a base plan on policy commencement or at any time during the termination of the base scheme.

How to avail into the Aegon Life iTerm Plan?
  1. Head over to iTerm Page on their website & Signup for an account.
  2. Select your required amount of protection.
  3. Choose the Policy Term and Premium payment term.
  4. Then tap on customizing your policy by opting for riders option & Then make your payment online.
  5. Here's where the risk factors commence and a formal policy document is sent to you from their team.
 Link to their website: iTerm  

Aegon Life Insurance relaunches "iTerm Plan": Final thoughts.

Aegon Life iTerm plan.

             Whereas speaking from an overall perspective, the new re-launched iTerm Plan introduces hosts of features helping customers to get benefitted on a larger scale and everything can be started online, which is a major plus point. At last whatever as a person we do, It should be our prior responsibility that our family gets a comfortable life. So Aegon Life iTerm insurance plan can help in ensuring protection for our beloved ones by investing a tad bit from our income. Whereas everything gets completed without signing any tedious documents, As the whole signup process is paperless, everything is available, Online. So it's worth giving a try, Why take a chance in this constantly moving world? Let us know, How was your experience while visiting their website in the comments below.

Brainwavz M2 IEM Review: Gorgeous Build, Decent Output.

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              A couple of weeks ago, We reviewed the Brainwavz M1 - A Solid set of mid-range earphones. While earlier this past week, The company sent us the new Brainwavz M2 - Yet another mid-range earphones which could be rephrased as a successor to the M1 considering the number change. The Brainwavz M2 IEM Earphones have eliminated a lot of the facts that we didn't like in M1, and these new Earphones are solidly built. So we've been using these earphones for the past week and here's the complete Brainwavz M2 IEM Review as it got recently announced in India.

Brainwavz M2 IEM Review: Gorgeous Build, Decent Output.

Brainwavz M2 Specifications:
  • It features 10.7mm Dynamic Drivers having rated impedance of 20 ohms.
  • They have a frequency range between 20 Hz to 20 KHz.
  • These earphones have an input power of 10 mW, and the sensitivity range lies in 115 dB at One mW.
  • It has a 1.3m Y-cord Oxygen free cable with a 45° 3.5mm gold plated audio connector.

Design & Ergonomics:

Brianwavz M2 IEM Review

              Remember the old Brainwavz M1's slippery built which gave us a hard time removing those from our ears? Well with the new Brainwavz M2, the company has solved that issue by completely removing the plastic from the central unit and replacing it with an all metal design. Being said that I previously felt that those metal units might make the audio listening experience on the weak side due to their weight, but that isn't the case as those metal units aren't heavy by any means. Fun fact, You might also think that the Brainwavz M2 have a plastic build by having a look at the pictures online, But those are metal builds. Going below the main units is the Y-Cord which is observed exactly in between the main unit and the 3.5mm audio connector. The thing which strikes me the most here is that there're no in-line microphone or any play pause buttons anywhere. So if you're listening to music or thinking of placing a call, you might have a hard time here. I feel that the play pause button might be old school now since we're 24/7 on our phones, But the microphone is a necessity. As who wants to plug-out the earphones to attend a call and then plug back in, to listen to the music, when done? This directly hinders the audio listening experience. The main units have a nice Right and Left indications imprinted on the sides to help it recognize better.

               Lastly, the oxygen free cables perform the job of untangling themselves from any weird folds that happen when kept in your bags. But that untangling experience isn't as smooth as what we've observed with the earlier Brainwavz M1.

Audio Quality:

               Audio Quality on the new Brainwavz M2 has improved a lot when compared to the previous M1's the high's and low's are perfectly felt and are on the positive side. Vocals are crisp, and instrumental music is also on the prettier side. But when it comes to the bass experience it's on the flatter side. So Bass lovers aren't going to enjoy these earphones, But the traditional listeners and hip-hop, trans-genre listeners are going to have a fun time playing with these earphones. If you're down with equalizers consider turning off the bass to understand the complete potential of the new Brainwavz M2's. If tuned correctly into equalizer presets this might be a delight for non-bass lovers, and you might enjoy the audio listening game. Noise isolation also gets a huge thumbs up while listening to music, As the background distortion or noise goes almost entirely removed.

Brianwavz M2 IEM Review
               The Audiophile loves a good set of Earphones, but it's an absolute treat when the person gets external Accessories with the same. I think Brainwavz does an excellent job in this department providing ample amount of Eartips and the signature "Comply" ear tips which complement the audio experience stepping up the game to an entirely different level. Not only are the comply tips, soft but they also help in producing a quality output which is always a pleasure.

Add-Ons & Warranty Info:

               The Brainwavz M2's get packed inside a great hard shell box which accompanies the earphones itself, six sets of silicone ear tips to fit all ear sizes with double and triple flanges, Alongside the single set of comply ear tips & lastly there's a 24 months warranty card inside that hard shell box.

Brainwavz M2 IEM Review - Final Verdict:

Brainwavz M2 IEM Review

                The Build quality lies as it's the strongest point when you consider it as an upgrade over the earlier Brainwavz M1. Along with that when it comes to the new Brainwavz M2 review, the Audio performance is definitely on the upper side, even though the bass output is flat. But most of us can live with that, whereas the external accessories provided with the earphones are a cherry on the top of the cake. All these factors lie in decent place when it comes to an overall mid-range earphone consideration. The Brainwavz M2 cost Rs.3,499 now this single turn few faces off the road when considering these earphones, But trust me the overall build has to be appreciated with that fact and accessories that you get along with that. There are ample amount of Earphones which sound almost the same, and they cost you fewer bucks. But you might find some design flaws or hefty built earphones, So there's that. At the end of the day, It's a user opinionated choice, whether you need the whole package or just the audio experience.

Links to buy: The Brainwavz M2 is available in Flipkart, Amazon & Gadgets360.

Brainwavz M2 Unboxing Video:

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Are You Aware Of No Blackout Days On Reliance JIO Network?

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            Mr.Mukesh Ambani is the man who is well known for creating a revolution when it comes to telecom industry in India. He was the one who brought free incoming calls in India a few years back and about a month ago during the JIO's commercial release; He announced that the outgoing calls would be free for lifetime. That raised a lot of competition in the telecom industry, and little do we know about the fierce competition, Telecom Operators started blocking JIO's reception on their network. All of this has recently caught a lot of chaos in the telecom industry such that TRAI has issued Crores worth of fine on three companies in particular namely, Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea after releasing lots of warnings. Most of these companies were pissed of due to the reason of losing their stock market by the sudden incarnation of JIO. Not only is the Reliance JIO introducing free calls, but they are also introducing no Blackout days. So today let's understand more about the No blackout days tag by Reliance JIO.

No Blackout Days On Reliance JIO Network:

                   Most of us are aware of those consistent messages beeping onto our devices during festive seasons; Those messages have a high chance to have "Your Calls/Messages Rates Will Be Doubled During Diwali/Holi/etc." We've all been there, right? For sending the same text, calling the same person just for having sent our warm regards nearly costs us two times the actual amount, Whereas If you've any special packs activated on your SIM card get ready to face the wrath of standard charges on that festive occasion. But Reliance JIO has a solution for that; No Extra tariff charges are applicable. Which means you can send Messages, Perform Calls and use the Internet at the same standard cost as every day. While as a bonus you've Unlimited Calling and Messages available on JIO's network. But when it comes to other Telecom Operators, You need to pay separately and almost double the rates during festive occasion that too on different calls, Messaging, the Internet, etc, packs. This is a reason to love JIO, not because of the unlimited calls(though that's a bonus), But because of the No Blackout days tag. Now we can have quality talk with our beloved relatives without ever worrying about our tariff plans.

                   But now some of you might think that Reliance is offering free calling but what about the call drops? Isn't that a major issue? Yes, it's a major problem, but that's again due to these competitors. The Telecom Operators in India are blocking JIO's reception on their network just to get that extra cut into their pocket. This has been happening from the first day of the JIO's commercial launch. The Telecom Operators are not releasing the points for interconnection(POI) between their and JIO's Network for the call to take place. This is currently the primary reason why JIO users are frustrated, But little do they know about the actual issues. Almost 6/10 times the Call doesn't get placed from JIO to other networks, due to these corrupt practices. JIO has created a milestone in India's Telecom history after it's commercial release by crossing 24Million Subscribers. While they might soon create a world record by tossing China into second place within such a short span. That has been haunting the Indian Telecom Operators big time, and this is the reason why they've stopped providing connection to JIO's network. TRAI has issued multiple warnings to several companies such as Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone but these companies are not taking the matter seriously as we can see by placing a call from JIO to their network. But Finally, TRAI has charged these three companies, in particular, a fine of Rs.3050 crore for such false practices. TRAI is charging 50 Crores per service area & Both Airtel and Vodafone have suffered a bigger loss than compared to Idea.

Verdict: POI Issues, Call Drops, No Blackout Days on JIO.

                  During the JIO's Commercial launch, Mr.Mukesh Ambani also mentioned a note regarding " Fairplay" note during his presentation. But most companies neglected it, Due to which they are facing huge penalties from TRAI. If these Telecom Operators keep blocking their network, People will stop using their services and move on to JIO Network. As when you place a call from JIO to JIO Network, The Call connection is seamless while with VoLTE, HD calling gets enabled, and there's a strong connection which gets established during call conversation. It's quite odd to see competitors not opening their Points of Interconnection even after Reliance is paying them. So that you know there's a little fee which every other telecom company pays each other for the interconnectivity. While due to the JIO Welcome offer, JIO users are experiencing a good amount of data services bundled with ample amount of features which is icing on the top of the cake. So if you join Reliance JIO Network, You get to experience Free Unlimited Lifetime Calls, Messages, No Blackout High Data Rates & Tariff Plans. Why don't you hop on to JIO's Network? Also, it's long rumored that the JIO's Welcome Offer service would get extended up to March 2017. Another great reason to join?

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JIO Happy New Year Offer: Free Services Extended Up to 31st March 2017[It's Official].

LYF Water F1 Launched: Specifications, Price, and Availability.

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          Reliance Retail is a brand which has been highly known in Indian Market for their LYF Brand, Ever so likely due to the JIO SIM that comes bundled along with it. Water, Fire, and Earth are the strong holdings that resemble the LYF Brand in terms accompanying several models. So selecting the Water tag from all those external tags today, Reliance Retail introduced LYF Water F1 under the "Special Edition Device Tag" from LYF Smartphone +. We attended the F1 launch event and here's everything you need to know about the new LYF Water F1 Smartphone+.

LYF Water F1 Launched: Specifications, Price, and Availability.

LYF Water F1 Specifications:
  • It comes with a Qualcomm's Snapdragon 617 MSM8952 Octacore processor which is a 64-bit CPU, coupled with 3GB RAM. Whereas there isn't any official word on the GPU.
  • It comes with a 5.5 inch(Full HD) IPS LCD Display giving it an overall pixel density of 400ppi. Whereas they've incorporated Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for protection.
  • It has a 32GB Internal Storage and expansion is available up to 128GB via a MicroSD Memory Card slot.
  • It has a 16MP rear camera with phase detection autofocus system, EIS, and a multi-focus mode, Whereas it records in 1080p HD at 30fps. When it comes on the front, It has an 8MP Camera with an Autofocus sensor; This has to be the first device I've seen with this feature.
  • Apart from the usual sensors - Gyroscope, Ambient Light. Accelerometer, Proximity, etc. It comes with Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n & Dual SIM 4G LTE  Advanced connectivity.
  • It has a 3200 mAh Non-Removable battery.
  • While it runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 with LYF's suite of apps.

LYF Water F1: Extra features

LYF F1 Launched, Specifications, Price, and Availability.

              So instead of emphasizing on the specs, Reliance Retail mostly focused on the connectivity part on this device. The LYF F1 is more so likely focused on their next big step in the VoLTE journey or the JIO Ecosystem Since most of us got to know about this feature due to them. So the officials present at the event said that with LYF F1, They're introducing 4G LTE Advanced which comes with Carrier Aggregation support. This carrier aggregation supports all 4G Bands and can achieve almost twice the speeds that you were already receiving on JIO 4G Network. Reliance Retail claims it to be the World's Largest all IP supported Network. So expect an increase in the speeds of Data Reception on this LYF F1 Smartphone.

               Another thing where Reliance Retail focuses on is the "Rich Communication Services" introduced on LYF F1. So it is essentially an Add-on which gets introduced in the Jio4GVoice app which enables a lot of nifty features. So if you call someone from your inbuilt dialer, A Small Bubble pop-up will show up in the dialer itself, While when tapped, that same pop-up will provide two different options - Enhanced Messaging Services and Calling Features. 1st Set involves two distinct things - Share Map & Share Sketch, While 2nd Set is comprised of Messaging Services. Here's little bit of it explained,

Share Map - While attending a Call, You can send a request to your Friend with a single tap without leaving the phone dialer and Once your friend accepts this invite, Then you can place a line, an arrow or anything and let your friend know about your location. On the other hand, You can see your friend's location while everything you draw gets received by your friend on his phone in real-time.  This thing is sick, Trust me.

Share Sketch - This might get called as a funny little feature, Ever so likely for the "Couples" out in the wild. Tapping on the Show Sketch option opens up a blank page where you can send any text or Play X & 0's while getting into that aura of a Call conservation. This might also amp up relationships with Sorry and Miss You, Texts.

Evolved Messaging Features - This feature lets you send and receive texts while attending a call, Which is quite useful. Consider participating in a call and getting that much-needed document at the same time, How cool is that?.

LYF F1 Launched, Specifications, Price, and Availability.

              Whereas on the software forefront, Reliance Retail is introducing a split screen like feature which lets you play two videos simultaneously, This gets tagged as Smart Play. Whereas there's also the addition of intelligent display which essentially means that Proximity sensor performs its role in pausing the video, when you look away from the screen. Both these features are nicely implemented and work as they should, Since I tested it at the event. Another sweet little feature is the implementation of the "Smart Ring technology." This is embedded as a standalone App where the company has introduced Lots of features such as tracing your smartphone in silent mode, Amping up the audio game in loud environments whereas damping down the sound in quite situations, Which is surprisingly interesting. You can even set the ringtones and alarms to be on low sounds for specific times So that you won't give up on those beautiful dreams in the night.

LYF Water F1 Price:
               So the LYF Water F1 is priced at Rs.13,399 which is an attractive mid-range pricing, Considering the features such as 4G LTE Advance, RCS(Rich Communication Services), Smart Ring Technology, It seems like a good buy. All of that bundled with JIO's Welcome Offer consisting of all the glory of value added services is a nice touch. Connectivity is it's ultimate selling point.

LYF Water F1 Availability:
               So the LYF Water F1 is available across all the Reliance Digital Stores starting today. You can head over to the nearest Reliance Digital Stores or Xpress Mini stores to get a glance of the services mentioned above on the LYF Water F1. Whereas regarding the Online availability is yet to be confirmed.

 Mr. Sunil Dutt, President of Devices, Reliance Retail, Also shared his thoughts on the Event, “LYF F1 smartphone+ is designed to take full advantage of the future ready Jio network. It is unmatched in speed, quality, & product experience. LYF F1 is available in stores across the country now. With LYF F1, we welcome you to get future ready.

LYF Water F1 Launched: Final Thoughts

              JIO has been an overall selling point for Reliance's devices sold in the past, But now the implementation of their network connectivity with a solid amount of services including the RCS seems like a good step in a helpful direction. It's Always good to see companies innovating something, Rather than blatantly throwing specs regarding numbers and not heading into the way of optimization like most competitors. So let's see how well, the LYF Water F1 performs, I look forward to it. Whereas what are your thoughts about this device? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL Review: If It Wasn't For The Glass Back.

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               For the past few years, Asus has been ruling the mid-range market in India with their Zenfone Series. Affordability and Solid Performance could be the perfect expression for the sentence that I mentioned above. The consumers have widely accepted the Company in India & I've personally seen people buying their Smartphones on top of few Chinese brands. So to step up their game, This year Asus completely refreshed their design language after almost two years. The new polished design has got premium looks & So does it add a premium price tag. You guessed it correctly; I'm talking about the new Zenfone 3 series. Probably the most impressive set of devices Asus has ever launched, The devices that received a lot of hatred comments from the internet just because of the hefty price tag. Yes, I felt the same when it got launched considering the price. But after using the Zenfone 3(Base Model) for more than two weeks, I might have a change of thoughts on that perception. So I would like to ask you, viewers, Does Quality matters or the Price Tag? Let's find that out in my in-depth Asus Zenfone 3 review.

Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL Review: If It Wasn't For The Glass Back.

Asus Zenfone 3 Review

Processing & Memory Management:

               So the new Zenfone 3(ZE520KL Variant) comes with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 625 Octacore Chipset which comprises of a 64-bit CPU architecture clocked at 2Ghz. Blooming that is the Adreno 506 GPU coupled with 3GB RAM. It has a 32GB Internal Storage & Expansion is available up to a whopping 256GB via a MicroSD memory card. But those are the numbers, Numbers that most of us live by judging immediately the fact that another competitor is offering a better processor at the similar pricing. I get it; It's correct but only for certain areas. Regarding performance, The Zenfone 3 unit is received for review purposes was performing like a breeze. App load times, Switching between the apps, Keeping the minimized app in memory and resuming it from where you left, Everything was just absolutely perfect. The processor didn't give me a hard time while playing heavy/intensive games and I got decent if not smooth gameplay considering frame rates in mind. The best part of all was that the Zenfone 3 didn't heat up while playing games, Which is kind of interesting for a device having a Snapdragon 625 chipset. Also when it comes to the Audio Performance, Zenfone 3 performs like a champ here. The single bottom firing speakers are quite loud, and there's also an option to trigger outdoor mode while you're out in the wild, but get ready for some distortion. Though that distortion wouldn't be noticed in an outdoor environment.

Design & Physical Appeal:

                 This has to be probably the most important change that Asus has implemented in their newer devices. Frankly speaking, The Design resonates a premium appeal, when held in hand. Both the front and the back panel are glass coated, Whereas the center part consists of aluminum metal. The 2.5D Curved Glass blends in the edges providing an overall smooth grip with no sharp corners. Whereas remember the ugly antenna lines on most of the competitor devices? Asus has smartly incorporated these on to the top and bottom of the Zenfone 3, Good Job Asus. The 5.2 inch device feels great in hand, but the glass back will give you a hard time holding it firmly. Almost 6/10 it slipped from my hand, and When kept on any solid surface which isn't flat that number increases. The Glass back along with slipperiness also introduces a significant of fingerprint smudges all over the back panel of the device. No matter how much you clean it with a proper cloth, It'll grab smudges the moment you hold it in your hand. So make sure to grab a Skin or a Sandstone Case for having a proper grip over this device.

Asus Zenfone 3 Review

Tip: Don't go for the Shimmer Gold/Black color variant opt for Moonlight White or Aqua Blue color.

                Moving on to the next topic that I don't like is the massive Camera Sensor bump. I totally understand that a lot is going inside that sensor, which has Quality optics and OIS Capabilities, I don't have any problems with that. The thing which I hate the most is that the Brands are willingly heading on the path for creating Thinnest & Lightest devices considering the competition, Gently Coughs. This is primarily the reason why Small size chassis inhibits a small capacity battery. But Asus has managed to cramp in a 2650 mAh battery, and it doesn't provide a great backup in my opinion. It would've been great to see that the company might have filled that bump with an overall flat design housing a larger battery, Though Asus claims that the Camera sensor won't get any scratches due to the Sapphire lens onboard. Whereas just below the Camera Sensor lies the Fingerprint Scanner. This is a perfect placement for the fingerprint sensor in my opinion, but I would've Loved if it was present in a circular shape rather than the rectangular shape. Being said that There aren't any issues with the scanning; The Fingerprint Scanner works as it should almost 90-95% of the times concerning accuracy.

Fun Fact: Good to see the Asus Logo imprinted inside the glass panel on the back, As previously on my Zenfone Max, the Official logo got wiped out within a month of Usage. So Yes, they do listen to your feedback.

Display & Visual Enhancements:

Zenfone 3 Review

             Considering the first element in this department would be the beautiful 5.2 inch IPS LCD(1080p) Full HD Screen which provides ample amount of brightness and keeps the same fact accurate when used in direct sunlight. Everything from the viewing angles, Color saturation or reproduction was quite beautiful, and I enjoyed this part. I feel 5.2 inch is a perfect display size for any Smartphone, But that's just me. If you're not satisfied with the color accuracy on the Zenfone 3, You can tweak that in the display settings. Also if you're a night reader, the Bluelight filter might come in handy. I thought with the new Design; Asus might change their faults in the front part too. But that didn't happen, If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm speaking about the Front Capacitive buttons. Yes, Zenfone 3 doesn't have backlit keys again just like every other Zenfone. The only way to ignore incorrect inputs during the night is to turn on One-Handed Mode because that's how On-Screen buttons pop up.

Zenfone 3 Camera Review:

              Well, I won't concentrate the fact that it has a bump Because the Camera is just flawless. I'm totally in love with its performance in outdoor conditions. OIS(Optical Image Stabilization) together with EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization) help in creating a great stable shot. On the Rear, it has got a 16MP Camera(Sony's IMX298 Sensor) having F/2.0 Aperture, 6P Element Lens accompanied by TriTech Autofocus mechanism made of 2nd Gen Laser Autofocus system. Keeping the numbers aside, Focusing is wickedly quick, and Asus claims that the subject gets focused under 0.03 secs. TriTech mechanism helps in snapping quick photos, But the photos that you click in 16:9 Aspect ratio are limited to 12MP shots. But you can always take the full potential of the sensor by tweaking that into settings, But do keep a note that the 16MP shots would be snapped in 4:3 Ratio. Though there are a plethora of modes available within the camera app. It's good to see that Asus has updated their Stock Camera App and made it cleaner. The Rear Camera takes excellent shots having the right amount of details concerning saturation and colors seem on the natural side.

Asus Zenfone 3 Review

               But that sentence gets a little bent in low lighting conditions, Sure the OIS steps in, to take a decent amount of details in low light but it isn't the best that I've seen so far. But Night mode can help you in getting a good shot without tweaking much. One of the great things that I've observed with the Manual Mode is that You can play with the settings to obtain a delightful shot in possibly any lighting conditions. Knowing the right tricks in the Manual Mode(So called DSLR controls) for tuning the Shutter speed, ISO, White Balance and Manual Focus can be pretty handy in many situations, But I'm pretty sure you won't use it Unless you're a Geek. Most of us would be satisfied by the Auto mode itself and won't even bother to head into camera modes. Most of the Modes are just gimmicks rather than being of actual use. Also, the Super Resolution mode manages to take a better picture, Due to the photo stitching technique.As some of you might know that several shots get clicked in this mode and these shots are then stitched automatically to get a 60MP shot. I'll add some images below so that you can have a gradual idea about the same.

              The Rear Camera is also capable of recording 4K at 30 FPS which is great in my opinion as the footage looks very Crispy, But make sure you're steady while shooting one. As the OIS does not have support for 4K Video, It's available only from 1080P Videos & Downwards. But don't worry EIS takes part while recording 4K and This helps the camera sensor in staying calm. Just so you know, Since OIS doesn't play a part while recording 4K, The Sensor doesn't heat up much. As we've seen many flagships facing that issue recently. A quick point to mention would be that 4K isn't yet the standard resolution at least in India, So most of us won't be bothered by it, Unless and until you're a content creator.

Asus Zenfone 3

Awesome Fact: When the Dual LED Flash is turned on, It lights up the entire 2.5D curved edge on the backside giving it a ring flash type appeal. That looks wickedly awesome.

              When it comes to selfies, The Front Camera being an 8MP shooter which performs a decent job. It's not terrible or great; It's subtle enough when it comes to sharpness. When the lights get dim, An enormous amount of grain gets observed from the front camera. Whereas If you get this device make sure you turn OFF the beauty mode, As it's turned ON by default. Beauty filter just softens the image, and the photos look artificial rather than being natural in my opinion. The Front Camera also gets plenty of modes, But again most of you won't bother about those. When it comes to videos, It shoots in 1080p Full HD resolution.

User Interface & Software:

               So the User Interface on the Zenfone 3 looks clean than the previous skins of the Zen UI. The Zen UI 3.0 is built on top of Android Marshmallow 6.0.1, Whereas there's no word on updates yet. The UI looked clean and polished having the same amount of bloatware, So don't get me wrong. There are plenty of customizations available within the stock launcher all the way up to Themes, Icon Packs, Wallpapers, Animations, etc. A solid swipe down from the Home screen gets you into the search mode which helps in searching everything from the device. Then there's ZenMotion, which helps in setting up different gestures for your device for launching specific apps, Same as what we've seen with previous zenfones. But Fingerprint Scanner as an addition can be mapped to click photos in the camera app with just a tap. Also while setting up the Zenfone 3, Asus gifts you a 100GB of Google Drive storage for two years straight. While when you first set up the device, You can find the parallax effect going on the home screen with the default wallpaper, Just try to slant your device gently back and forth.

Asus Zenfone 3 Review software

               Then there's the Mobile Manager app, A nifty little feature which can be annoying at times. This app has been integrated with the Core UI, and it helps in keeping the RAM free, Providing specific apps permissions to manage certain tasks. So it is always running in the background, and it helps in keeping your device in a smooth manner, Not sure how much it affects the battery, though. At times I felt this annoying because, When I clear each and every notification from the notification shade, The toggle of Mobile Manager always stays in the same place. There's no way to disable it individually, The only way you can disable it is by turning the entire app down, Which, in my opinion, won't be a good idea. Similar to Mobile Manager, there's Game Genie. Game genie could be described as a plugin which gets inserted in every app, and it helps you connect with the gamers and find game tutorials in a popup without even leaving a gameplay.

               When it comes to Battery Life, The 2650 mAh battery lasted me for approximately 4-5 hrs on heavy usage which included Youtubing, Enjoying Audio Tracks, Gaming, Writing, Decent amount of 4G Usage and been connected to WiFi most of the time. Whereas on my regular usage, it lasted me for about 9-10 hrs max. But unless and until you have the Asus's Quick charger you don't need to worry about losing enough juice. It initially takes less than an hour to charge completely without being used. All of this is possible due to the USB Type-C and Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 technology. I wished that it had a better battery regarding numbers.

Network Reception & Connectivity:

               So speaking about that Hybrid SIM Slot, You get a choice to either insert 2 Nano SIM Cards OR a Single Nano SIM card with Memory Card. So you're bounded by choice, Choice that has created sacrifices regarding storage wars. Haha, Just kidding. The 32GB Internal Storage works for me, and I've no issues using 2 SIM's neglecting the external storage as long as I have got an active internet connection. Speaking about the connection, Both SIM Slots are 4G enabled and support VoLTE. The speeds observed were quite satisfying and network connection was reliable on my end. Call quality was also good, Especially when I followed it on fewer signals.

Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL Review: Final Conclusion.

Asus Zenfone 3 Review final

                Zenfone 3 is a series created by Asus which got the much-awaited design overhaul, Since the origin of Zenfone series. Initially, this Zenfone Tag was termed to stand out in the affordable mid-range segment space in Indian Market. But like every other brand, Asus jumped on the bandwagon to provide "Premium" Tagged Smartphones that cost some extra bucks. If you consider the upgrade made from earlier Zenfone series to the current Zenfone 3, I'll say the pricing is quite worth it considering the Design, Performance & Build. But it isn't worth when it comes to battery backup and slipperiness as the chance of damaging your device is high. Then again, Many of us would also point out about the slightly less powered processor. Don't get me wrong; It has excellent optics at the current price, A Good Design and it stands out from the chinese competition revolving around the word "Quality." Remember, Actually using the device is one thing, While Judging the device upon its price without even using it is another thing. I feel that Asus has done a commendable job upgrading their Zenfone Series and at least the unit I received shouts that out loudly. Though if you think this device is overpriced, Your Preferred choice would be Oneplus 3 depending upon the Internet's Recommendation. That being said, It's high time we understand, Chinese brands are entering India with their Affordable thoughts and Then thinking of competing with the top tier brands. Now, What do you say? Is the Quality or the Price Tag that matters you, while considering to buy any Gadget? Let me know in the comments below. I feel that if Asus had incorporated a bigger battery & a Matte back panel, this would've been my next phone.

Links To Buy:
Asus Zenfone 3 (ZE520KL) : Rs. 21,999 / Rs.20,375. (Flipkart / Amazon)
Asus Zenfone 3 (ZE552KL) : Rs. 27,999 / Rs.26,010. (Flipkart / Amazon)

  • Great Design & Build.
  • Gorgeous Display.
  • Fabulous Camera performance.
  • Slippery Back

Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL Video Review & Unboxing:

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