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UCWeb launches a refreshed New UC Browser with Colors Partnership & We-Media.

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UCWeb launches a refreshed New UC Browser with Colors Partnership & We-Media.

              About two months ago, Alibaba's UCWeb had debuted their official event in India explaining their next big bet and launching a news segregating platform to the masses. UC News was launched as a platform to help create opportunities for Individual Bloggers & Media to help them expand their work in the hands of the millions. Today after exact two months, UCWeb has few more updates to announce on their recently announced products, So let's dive deep and know everything in detail. To have a basic birds eye view, UCWeb today launched their new UC Browser with the new updated Logo and announced their partnership with Colors entertainment.

The New Updated UC Browser App:

              UC Browser - An app loved by the Users, hated by the Media. Why does Media hate it? Well certainly because it blocks the entire ads/Revenue part, that an influencer earns via the clicks his readers make on his blog. Well, Folks at UCWeb say that's the reason why they made UC News, where Influencers would get a chance to monetize their blogs via UC's content curation platform. But is that any Good regarding an Average Blogger? Probably not, because ads are the primary reason, how a website owner earns. That was also reflected in today's event, As many media people didn't turn up at the event. Since UCWeb has their plans to lock up users under their ecosystem leveraging today's needs, which is getting information on your fingertips, It's working.

UCWeb launches a refreshed New UC Browser

              So the new Updated UC Browser has a new Logo at first glance, Which now has a Deer logo instead of the previous squirrel one. Then we have got the UC news mashed up inside the UC Browser itself, which provides your selected news feeds based on your preferences. So let's say you're using the UC browser app, You don't need to juggle constantly between UC News and Browser, As the relevant info would be displayed on the home screen of the browser. Once you select your preferred niche, Relevant info should be posted to you based on your search results. That again is available in English, Hindi and would soon be available in Tamil & followed by other regional languages over time. Over 80 million people prefer to use this app monthly for their basic surfing needs, More specifically because of the faster internet access capable on lower bandwidth due to UC's superior data compression techniques. Today marks the day where, UC Browser stands as the No. 1 independent browser in India & Indonesia, Whereas it ranks in world’s top 3 mobile browsers, claimed by StatCounter.

               Design wise UCWeb have made it easy to access and make it look simple concerning usability. It features a clean UI with easy to navigate gestures to switch directly from browser to news section. Also, we're already familiar about the Night Mode situated within the new app.

 refreshed New UC Browser

         Commenting on the launch, Jack Huang, President - Overseas Business, Alibaba Mobile Business Group quoted, “Our new milestone of reaching 420 million Monthly active users has placed us on par with Twitter & Instagram. Our vision in the coming years after success in India is to serve half the population of this planet. Our strategy is to focus on "Glocalization" - which is going global by offering localized solutions in each market. We believe this approach will lead us to a new digital era, which is GUF – Google, UCWeb, and Facebook.”

             The folks at UCWeb also announced their content partnership with Colors TV pushing the boundaries of Digital Media. According to a detailed survey of focused keywords, they have jumped on to this conclusion to partner with Colors TV. Due to this partnership, Any user is eligible to watch four specific shows of Colors, i.e.; Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Big Boss, 24,  & Comedy Nights Live. Expect some high pop-ups regarding the reminders for these shows. Manish Paul who hosted today's event will also helped UCWeb spread their word via his own exclusive UC blog. Here you have got the privilege to get behind the scenes info from Manish Paul, and the 24 TV series game would soon be launched on 9Apps.

UCWeb launches a  Colors Partnership & We-Media.

        Raj Nayak, CEO of Colors TV also shared his thoughts on the event as, “Alliances are not just for visibility. Sometimes it is about ensuring the best user experience for consumers & enhanced the viewer experience. At COLORS, we have always believed in conducting business that meets our customer’s needs. Today, our viewers are mostly mobile owing to which we can draw synergies with a modern mobile browser like UC Browser, thereby making our content appealing to audiences regardless of the type of screen they’re using. With content on-the-go becoming a lucrative option for today’s viewers, associating with a brand like UC Browser, for shows including Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Comedy Nights Live, Bigg Boss 10 & 24: Season 2, allows us to explore different promotional strategies that make it a beneficial proposition for us.”

UCWeb's new We-Media program:

UCWeb launches a refreshed New UC Browser with Colors Partnership & We-Media.

              It is yet another content curation platform but this time, you can contribute your articles here, It doesn't mean that, to be a part of this you need to be an influencer or some celebrity. UCWeb themselves have hired Manish Paul, Chetan Bhagat, Lauren Gottlieb & many more people. More details on how to apply would soon be shared here, so stay tuned.

So what are your thoughts about this? Are the services launched/refreshed any Good? Are you an active user of UC Web? Let us know in the comments below.

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Huawei P9 Initial Impressions - Understanding The Leica Lens System.

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Huawei P9 Initial Impressions - Understanding The Leica Lens System.

               About three days back, Huawei triggered their mission to revamp the smartphone photography game here in India taking everything to the next level. The company launched their latest flagship device, the Huawei P9 - Formerly and Currently marketed as a Camera-centric device. The most seemingly defined attraction about this device is the arrangement of the two camera sensors placed side by side on the rear mount; the 1st lens takes care of the RGB lighting whereas the 2nd Lens focuses on the monochrome conditions. Then via their photo stitching technique, Huawei P9 manages to get one of the best shots that I've seen in person, period. I got a chance to play with this device before a day at the event while watching a few subtle shots produced in low lighting conditions left me in awe. The Dual Cameras are powered by the Leica Camera AG, One of the most known brands when it comes to photography. So with this setup and all of its software tweaks, Huawei has bundled a lot for a price of about Rs. 39,999. Would such a pricing hold up to an Indian Consumer's or an Avid Photographer's thoughts to replace or mimic the task of a Digital SLR? Let's find that out in my initial impressions of the Huawei P9

Huawei P9 Initial Impressions:

Huawei P9 Specs -
  • It comes with the new Kirin 955 chipset, which composes of 4 Cortex A72 cores clocked at 2.5GHz & 4 Cortex A53 cores clocked at 1.8GHz all under a 16 nm chipset, Possibly the most noticing factor of Kirin chipsets.
  • It houses the new Mali T880 GPU to fulfill your constant gaming desire coupled with 3GB RAM.
  • It has a 5.2 inch HD(1920x1080) IPS LCD display which gives a pixel density of 423ppi with 72.9% screen to body ratio.
  • It comes with 32GB of Internal storage in India; As the 64GB variant has been ditched. Whereas the external expansion is available up to 256GB via a microSD Memory card slot.
  • It's comprised of Dual 12 MP rear camera setup both of which have Leica lens, which we will talk below. Whereas the front camera is an 8MP shooter, which is capable of 1080p videos at 30fps.
  • It has a 3000mAh non-removable battery, One of the most disappointing factors of this device.
  • It weighs about 144gms and dimensions wise it goes like 145 x 70.9 x 7 mm.
  • It supports Dual Sim Connectivity, Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac & dual-band WiFi, A-GPS & NFC connection.
  • The Huawei P9 also comes with a USB type-C connector & the usual Fingerprint, which have been termed as the new standard here in late 2016.
  • It runs on Emotion 4.1 UI built on top of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and Soon it might be upgraded to Android Nougat, but there's no official word on that. Since its Huawei's, the most flagship device, Expect the update soon enough.
  • Lastly, the device is available in Prestige Gold, Titanium Grey, Mystic Silver color variations.
Huawei P9 Initial Impressions

Huawei P9 - Understanding The Leica Lens System.

             So initially talking about the specs we have a dual 12MP Leica lens setup at the rear side of the Huawei P9. Both Camera sensors have been equipped with PDAF & Dual tone LED Flash, whereas we have F/2.2 aperture available on both the lenses which helps in producing a picture with 1.25 µm pixel size. The Rear Camera is capable of 1080p HD video at both 60FPS & 30FPS, accompanying it is the 720p HD footage shot at 120FPS creating the so-called Slo-Mo video. Considering the camera specs itself, One will jump onto the conclusion of asking why 4K video recording is not possible? Well, I'm not a technical person to answer that, But the thing that strikes my mind is, Is there a need for 4K recording in India? Most probably you're going to record the video and playback it on your phone itself Since most PC's at your home won't be able to play back that format. Am I correct? Then to my guess 4K is just streamlined to spec sheet. Well, we're here to talk about the Photos, so let's begin.

Huawei P9 Initial Impressions The Leica Lens System.

            Luckily enough I got a chance to play with the device a day before at the event via a friend of mine. Looking at the shots clicked from the Huawei P9 immediately had me scrolling through his entire photo gallery. The photos snapped by him in the dark were crisp with absolute no noise, to be honest. Saturation levels were impressive, and the camera lens was doing a job when it came to exposure tweaking in low lighting conditions. I remember snapping a photo with Huawei P9 and Oneplus 3; Results were amazing Huawei P9 managed to beat the Oneplus 3 easily, Possibly the reason I was most impressed was the less noise production in the photos taken out of the Huawei P9. Huawei has done a major job in smartphone photography partnering with Leica, and This could be the next distinguishing factor in smartphones coming up in late 2016 as we've seen with the leaks of iPhone 7, recently announced Cool 1 (LeEco + Coolpad) where the dual rear camera setup has been implemented.

So why the Dual Lens setup at the Rear end?
             The two rear cameras perform the job of producing two different photos which are immediately stitched as soon as you take a picture. The 1st Lens takes care of the RGB Lights, whereas the 2nd Lens takes care of the Monochrome lighting, which is the reason why we can observe deeper blacks and considerably less noise. Then via software stitching, Huawei P9 manages to get a detailed, vivid shot and it feels as if the photo was refined in post production possibly via Photoshop since RAW format is available here. Just imagine the kind of pictures that could be created with a .raw format. The camera even supports three modes viz. Standard, Vivid Colors and Smooth Colors modes.

Huawei P9 Leica Lens System.

             The heart and soul of the Dual Lens setup is the hybrid autofocus technology which has been thoughtfully implemented. The Hybrid Autofocus system consists of three things: Laser assistance, Depth calculation & Contrast. The contrast part falls in the second sensor I suppose since the 2nd Leica lens focuses on monochrome shots. So this is how the technique to take much better shots has been thoughtfully engineered and its implementation is reflected via the mainstream media. Whereas there is a manual mode added in the default camera app to get the most needed shot to match your photography skills. Remember the dual camera setup on HTC One M8 that had a bokeh mode, the varying depth of field? Yes, that too has been added here.

The Leica Lens System.

Huawei P9 - Apart from the Camera.

              It has a 2.5D Glass display which is followed by the Aerospace class aluminum built. Design wise the phone feels pretty much like any other device out in the wild according to today's standards. The only concerning factor is the 3000mAh battery, which I can't say about yet. But I'm pretty sure it's not going to last long enough with the 2 Camera Len's consistently used, So it's skeptical. Rest everything seems fine, I can't say that much since I haven't played with the device more. Though it's highly likely that this device could flat out stand in first place when compared with camera centric devices such as Zenfone Zoom or even the Nokia Lumia 1020, & it would've had a tough time beating Nokia Mclaren if that thing was ever released. Mr. Peter Zhai, President of Huawei India, commented that they're bringing the VIP services in India which includes 1-year warranty, three months accidental damage warranty (Only Screen), free Pick up and Drop facility to know more click here


            He added, “Huawei is known for many firsts, We introduced the first ever Android smartphone of the world in India in 2011 & the launch of P9 is another feather in our cap. We are excited to give our valued customers the best smartphone photography experience by leveraging the unique capabilities of Leica, the leader in the world of imaging for more than 100 years. We feel photography is a critical element in user experience in a smartphone & Huawei P9 users can now capture images with unmatched clarity, richness, & authenticity, with a masterfully designed & powerful smartphone that looks, feels & performs exceptionally.”

             Although a thing that always bugs me about several Chinese brands is direct comparison with Apple Products, One Word - Why?. Chinese Brands - You're here to provide products at a pocket-friendly tag, Then why to compare Apple's older devices with your upcoming devices? Does that make any sense? Do you guys ever mention that you copy their design, Every move Apple makes is replicated in some way or the other? Just for your reference, Apple puts only 2GB of RAM on a Dual core/Quad core processor, and still their devices beat every other "4GB or 6GB" RAM Android Phone running an Octacore or a Decacore processor. The World doesn't run on Specifications, It runs on Optimizations. I'm not any Apple Fanboy, and Neither am I paid for posting any of this. But watching this Apple comparison in every other launch event bugs me big time, Don't you guys have confidence in your devices? This is possibly the same thing with every other Chinese Brand out there.

Huawei P9 Initial Impressions: Final Thoughts

Huawei P9 Initial Impressions

             The Huawei P9 seems like a solid device for the photo fanatic audience which prefers to carry a pocket size DSLR, In my opinion of two days of usage which is roughly 5-6 hours with the device. Road warriors won't prefer this device due to the 3000mAh battery. But for an average buyer, it would be a tough choice considering the price. Huawei P9 is priced at Rs. 39,999. It may sound obscure but Yes, the pricing seems fine according to me watching the performance of the camera. These guys are implementing instead of stating like other brands when it comes to Camera performance. I wouldn't hesitate a bit to recommend this device to an Avid Smartphone Photographer or a professional photographer. They would inevitably create heaven out of it with the RAW format available. The Huawei P9 is available exclusively on Flipkart and would be available offline as well in all retails stores soon enough. What are your thoughts about the new Huawei P9, Do you think the pricing is appropriate? Let me know in the comments below.

Intex FitRist Pulzz fitness band - Specs, Price & Availability

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         So four days ago, Intex launched the newest member to their fitness trackers family fitting under the term "FitRist Pulzz". This new fitness smartband is initially geared towards fitness activities, while we can consider this an upgrade to their existing Fitrist Band that we're familiar with from about few months. So the FitRist Pulzz has lot's of decent updates concerning the actual hardware and the design, So today let's find out more about the new Fitrist Pulzz band.

Intex FitRist Pulzz fitness band - Specs, Price & Availability

FitRist Pulzz Band - Specifications & Price:

  • It features a 0.66 inch OLED display having a 64*48 resolution.
  • It also houses a Heart rate & Tri-Axis sensor.
  • It has Bluetooth 4.0, which is the primary factor for connecting the FitRist Pulzz with your smartphone.
  • It is Water resistant & Splash-proof, just like the earlier FitRist band.
  • Intex guarantees up to 7 Days of battery life with the new FitRist Pulzz.
  • It will be compatible with Android 4.4 or Above & iOS 7 or above.
  • The FitRist Pulzz weighs about 28.6 gms.
  • It will show you notifications based upon incoming calls, texts from WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, etc.
  • It would be available in four different color options: Black, Blue, Green & Violet.

Intex FitRist Pulzz fitness band - Specs, Price              So the new FitRist Pulzz band has a newer, broad and a sleek design when compared to the earlier FitRist Band. The new FitRist Pulzz comes with some compelling features such as hydration reminder alarm, a personal burn meter, a heart monitor and also helps in guiding users to plan their fitness schedule. Apart from that, it has the usual steps count, distance measurement, calories burnt Stats, Etc. You can also control the music track via the band itself which would be synced via your phone. Whereas the Remote shutter option also makes its way to the newer FitRist Pulzz. The Band is also capable of tracking down your phone with just a few taps, and this also works Vice-Versa. Just like the earlier FitRist Band, the new FitRist Pulzz fitness band has a single-point-touch display.

         During the launch, Mr. Keshav Bansal, Director, Intex Technologies commented, With a growing awareness of fitness as a part of youths lifestyle, we have expanded our wearable smart band offering with the new FitRist Pulzz for the fitness conscious & tech savvy youth. We are happy to partner with Flipkart for bringing this new fitness device exclusively to consumers & We are confident that the platform will ensure quality reach."

Few months ago we got a chance to play with the Intex Fitrist Band:

            This was their first smartband, since then up until now, A lot has changed concerning user experience & it's actual usability. So FitRist Pulzz brings some additional changes as an upgrade, whereas the new design feels appealing to the eyes. On top of that with the purchase of FitRist Pulzz, Customers are eligible to avail a free one strap which comes inside the box. It is priced for around Rs. 1,799, and it's available exclusively via Flipkart. It has been wisely priced when it comes to competitors offering SmartBands with a similar set of specifications. Will it win the battle with Mi Band 2, Samsung Gear Fit 2 or the recently announced GoQii 2.0 band? Let us know in the comments below. Whereas Yes, I do wonder what's with the whole ZZ.. thing.

LeEco's Super3 EcoTVs grab the No.1 Spot in TV Industry on its 1st pre-sale itself.

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LeEco's Super3 EcoTVs grab the No.1 Spot in TV Industry

               Recently LeEco bought VIZIO; It's a company well known when it comes to TV's globally. So that's how initially LeEco planned to enter the TV or the entertainment industry on a much broader level across India. LeEco has had quite a remarkable success when it comes to expansion as a Chinese Brand in India considering the time factor. After the successful launch of Le 1S, the company's been on a mission of organizing various events across India and launching several devices. Whereas LeEco Le 2 & Le Max 2 are currently their latest devices. So after having such a significant impact and after building an active community, LeEco planned to enter the entertainment industry in the form of Television sets by introducing Super 3 smart series EcoTVs powered by Android. According to LeEco, they have managed to get the top spot in India's television industry within a day. They retain the 1st place when it comes to a 55inch TV category, So initially within a single day of pre-registrations they've managed to stand on this spot. This also stands as a high point in stating that there's a huge opportunity for Manufacturers planning to enter the smart TV market rather than heading towards the saturated Smartphone market.

LeEco's Super3 EcoTVs grab the No.1 Spot in TV Industry:

               Coupled with Android at its core, LeEco provides several services geared towards their ecosystem. If you've used a LeEco smartphone, you will feel at home here. So the new LeEco Super3 set of EcoTV's consists of Super3 Max65 which has an integrated 3D panel, then there is the SuperX65 & Super3 X55. All of these three series were launched last week. While the pre-registration sales process has already begun from 10th August. The sales will be up until 12th August available both on Flipkart as well as LeMall. If you buy any of these TV Sets during the pre-sale offer, you're entitled to get several prizes, such as Rs.5000 Cashback on HDFC credit cards & EMI options.

LeEco's Super3 EcoTVs grab the No.1 Spot in TV Industry on its 1st pre-sale itself.

                This new Super3 EcoTV series by LeEco offers a sturdy full metal built, 4K Ultra HD display & It comes with LeEco's eUI 5.5 built on top of Android. It comes preloaded with LeEco's content curation platform which includes Levidi, LIVE app, LeView & Panosearch. Just like the LeEco Smartphones(1 year), the Super TV's also come equipped with two years of LeEco membership worth Rs. 9,800(which is included in the TV cost, initially free). LeEco says that the pricing that they have finalized for these Super3 EcoTVs will disrupt the Indian Market regarding the competition. The Super3 X55 which is 55-inch TV is priced at Rs.59,790, while Super3 X65 the 65-inch variant has been priced at Rs.99,790 and lastly the Super3 Max65 has been priced at Rs.149,790. So if you're considering buying a new TV set, make sure you have got a look at these TV sets by LeEco. They come with the latest processors needed to decode digital signals currently, and they're future ready.

Links to buy:
LeMall: Super3 X55, Super3 X65, Super3 Max65   
Flipkart: Super3 EcoTV

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YES BANK launches their revamped ‘Mobile First’ website in India.

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              When it comes to Banking services in India, There are 100's of services offered by various banks here, But the quality assurance is guaranteed only by the top notch banks. Yes Bank is considered as one of the best banks in India, Partly is the reason why we can witness that by their massive 1 Million following on Twitter. Their team is quite active resolving issues and helping customers with the best suitable suggestions. Yes Bank has retained its place in Banking sector among the top investors and customer relationships for a quite some time now. It is also known as the bank with the highest following on Twitter, which in turn plays a great role in boosting the Online services in India. They're also first in launching 2 step verification when it comes to digital banking in India. So stepping into that direction last week they launched a complete revamped version of their website which is cross platform compatible. Which means that the site now offers essential plugins which resize automatically upon the device you use to access the online banking services, which fits under the term "Responsive Websites." So today let's discuss the Yes Bank's upgraded mobile-first website.

YES BANK launches a revamped ‘Mobile First’ Website:

            So the term Mobile First indicates today's world about how we are constantly shifting from larger screens to pocket-friendly devices. Partly because of the reason called "Mobility," we need everything at our fingertips to get our work done at the very next moment. So Yes Bank wants to leverage this power of mobility and convert their services so that it could be accessible to almost every smartphone user here in our country. India is reported to be in the Top 3 world's biggest smartphone users country. So Yes Bank has taken this opportunity to convert their existing website and offering lots of different services by just tweaking their User Interface. Now their website is compatible to run on all latest browsers, tablets, and mobile phones & you're suggested with the necessary tools upon the device you use, automatically. They are also the first Bank of India to launch their revamped site on a (.bank) domain. So to access their new website, head over to Yes.Bank, What a clever way to name it! You can also access their website at; it'll automatically redirect you to their .bank domain.

YES BANK launches their revamped ‘Mobile First’ website in India.
The new Revamped Website

             The new .bank domain is claimed to provide them an additional layer of security over the conventional domains that we usually witness every day. This dot bank extension domain serves as a great keyword for them, which will help them rank higher in search results and connecting that with their enormous following online, We're talking about some big things people. This could potentially help Yes Bank to have a massive reach in India regarding more customers, being on the forefront. The launch of this revamped website would work as a catalyst in establishing significant engagements in Online Banking, in turn, offering more security & a hassle free experience from customers end.

Quick Note: Yes Bank is also the First Indian Bank to launch Facebook at Work.

          During the launch Mr. Rana Kapoor, MD&CEO - YES BANK also shared his thoughts, With increasing proliferation of Digitized Banking, The YES BANK’s website would play a critical role in providing a world class cutting edge experience for all our customers which is customized based on the user’s product interests & geography. Thus leveraging the pillars of new age Technology & Innovation, our new website will offer segmented user interactions which are fulfilling as visiting one of YES BANK’s state-of-art branches.        

Technical Details implemented in the new domain:
  • Unique tabs are featuring interactive buttons that would help you simply your banking choices such as Product Finder Tool, Fixed Deposit calculators, Product Comparator tool, etc.
  • You will be suggested new products based upon your last visit by calculating the geography and visited time. It happens via the cached data, thereby resulting in personal product discovery.
  • The search engine now has deeper search results and provides accurate information from the requested input.
  • Various tools are present to serve as a platform perspective choice depending upon the device access for product application & services.
  • There's always navigation tool present on the website so that the User won't get confused.

YES BANK launches their revamped ‘Mobile First’ website in India. YES BANK launches their revamped ‘Mobile First’ website in India.

               Apart from Digital Banking, Recently they had also launched the "Star Star Service". It was primarily meant to provide a good customer experience, which connects a user directly to the bank over a call. Just dial (**2265) from any Smartphone keypad. These services are quite popular globally in countries like USA, Austrailia, etc. This service is created to work as a call to action function which triggers a universal call to Star Star Bank. It'll be interesting to see how such services perform and expand here in India.

               So to wrap it up, Yes Bank is tinkering with a lot in Digital Space here, and they're going to conquer it all soon, if everything falls in the right direction. The new responsive website and the .bank extension can indeed prove to be beneficial when it comes to today's online standards. Let's see how Yes Bank implements all of these changes on their newest customers and we can wait to test their services soon enough. Do let us know if you've any queries regarding this information so that we can get it resolved from the concerned officials. Make sure you share this news article with your friends and don't forget to leave a comment about your experience with Yes Bank.

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OPPO F1s launched under the term "Selfie Expert" with 16MP front camera.

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OPPO F1s launched under the term "Selfie Expert" with 16MP front camera.
Oppo F1S - Selfie Expert.

            So yesterday we were at Oppo's launch event where they unveiled the new Oppo F1S, tagged under the term 'Selfie Expert'. While that term is quite interestingly held up by the front camera which boasts a 16MP sensor. Apart from that, they touted about their fastest 0.22 Secs fingerprint unlock technology & Beautification features with some demos showcased at the event. The event took place in Mumbai with the presence of various folks from Press and business organizations. Whereas from the "F1S" abbreviation, it is pretty much clear that the S resembles Selfie, which is what the phone is primarily marketed for. So let's find out more the Oppo F1S in our detailed initial impressions.

Oppo F1S: Initial Thoughts -

Oppo F1s Specifications:
  • It comes with a MediaTek MT6750 Octacore Chipset backed by Mali T860 GPU coupled with 3GB RAM.
  • It has a 5.5 inch(1280x720) 2.5D curved TFT IPS Display which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4.
  • It comes with 32GB onboard storage, which supports expansion up to 128GB via a MicroSD card.
  • Then we have a 13MP Rear Camera with a F/2.2 aperture capable of 1080p HD videos at 30fps. Whereas the Front Camera is a 16MP sensor with F/2.0 Aperture.
  • It houses a 3075 mAh Li-Po Non-removable battery.
  • It supports WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n with 2.4 Ghz & 5Ghz bands; It also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 & usual set of sensors such as Distance Sensor, Light Sensor, G-sensor, E-compass, etc. Whereas it has no NFC connectivity.
  • It comes with ColorOS 3.0 build on top of Android 5.1 with no word on marshmallow updates.
  • It comes with 2 Dual SIM Nano slots onboard the Oppo F1S.
  • Dimensions wise, the Oppo F1S has a 154.5 mm height, 76 mm width and 7.38 mm of thickness.
  • It is available in Gold, Rose Gold, Grey colors. Whereas Color variants may differ from your country.
  • You can also use this device while using Gloves, whereas the display can be used with Wet hands.

OPPO F1s launched under the term "Selfie Expert"
YouWeCan Foundation.

             Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sky Li - OPPO Global VP, MD of International Mobile Business & President of OPPO India said, "Being a priority market for OPPO, while we understand Indian consumer’s demand for excellent camera quality & the ongoing selfie craze. OPPO has a rich experience in camera technology & has been the industry leader with several accolades & awards to its credit. Whereas today we are carrying this legacy forward & stepping up the selfie revolution, by launching the new upgraded Selfie Expert – F1s to share advanced photography technology with an even wider range of users in India & also offer them an outstanding photographic experience". The event was also bloomed by the presence of Sonam Kapoor, Yuvraj Singh & Dabboo Ratnani. Oppo placed a cheque with Rs.40 lakhs amount to YouWeCan Foundation, which is managed by Yuvraj Singh. Whereas Dabboo Ratnani took the stage to announce his Nationwide Selfie campaign, which shall commence in August.

What does Oppo F1S have to perform better?

OPPO F1s camera
Oppo F1S Camera

           Now some of us might wonder about that 16MP Front Camera to be superior to the 13MP rear camera. But it's not the numbers game that matters, but the actual camera sensor used, that matters. But again that can be considered as an understatement, As that would theoretically make the front camera(16MP) better than the Rear Camera(13MP). So the Oppo F1S has a 1/3.1 inch sensor which provides a high dynamic range which creates a vivid color reproduction. It stays right, as we did get a chance to play with the device at the event & the pictures look promising with sharp details and little noise present(since we were in indoor lighting conditions). Apart from that the front camera also has the Beautification feature that Oppo did tout about during the event. While to our surprise, it helps in getting bright tones while taking selfies, eliminating all pimples which produces a clear, simplified shot. The current 4.0 version of this app comes with seven different beautify levels, two skins tone modes & has upgraded photo-processing algorithms. This also helps in snapping wider field of view shots taken in the form of Panorama Selfie, which can be triggered by a quick flick of a wrist. It is simple software stitching that goes across, nothing fancy. We also have a Screen Flash which is a prior resemblance of the Apple's Front Flash Technology. We can't speak judge about it in depth, But playing with few photos at the event, the Oppo F1S did seem promising.

Optimized Fingerprint Scanning:

OPPO F1s fingerprint sensor
Fingerprint & App unlocking setup

           The Oppo F1S possibly has one the fastest fingerprint unlock mechanism of what I have personally felt about. It unlocks the Phone within prior 0.22 secs; It's wickedly quick. At the event, we compared the Oppo F1S & Oneplus 3's fingerprint sensor, and Surprisingly enough Oppo was the winner here. We've shot a video of it, and it'll be soon uploaded on our YouTube Channel. Apart from the usually unlock thing, Color OS 3.0 also helps you assign five different fingers for opening different apps and functions, Even when the device is in sleep mode. For, e.g: You can directly place a call to a particular contact just by unlocking your device with that specific finger. Oppo also claims that the fingerprint sensing built inside the new fingerprint scanner evolves with time making it faster, As the operating system observes your fingerprint stats via various unlocking patterns.

OPPO F1s design
Oppo F1S Design

            At first glance, it feels as if the entire phone has a metal built, But that's not the real case. The Backplates situated near cameras are made out of plastic, which also goes for the plates located near the chins. Such kind of design helps in giving it a balanced look. This doesn't mean that the phone feels cheap by any means, In fact, I instantly got used to that design & enjoyed my time with Oppo F1S at the event. It felt like a premium build at that price point, and I'm looking forward to playing more with it If the company sends us a review unit.

            Across the Launch event, the thing that was most pampered was the "Selfie Expert" Camera. Apart from that, the F1S has a Mediatek MT6750 Processor which initially isn't the best processor, when it comes to the competitors offering phones at similar price points. Sometimes the word MediaTek disappoints Geeks big time, But it's not to your liking, but the actual significant processing, memory management, dedicated linguistic processing, Heat management is what defines a Hardware Chipset. Which is what I look for any device, there's no point in coming directly on to the conclusion by the brand name. All of this depends on the actual benchmarks and performance judged upon day to day usage, So I'll keep those words for my final review.

OPPO F1s color os 3.0
Color OS 3.0

            Apart from the processor, there's one thing that disappoints me big time, which is the Android Version on this device. It runs on Color OS 3.0 built on top of Android 5.1, Yes that's not a typo. I mean come-on Oppo!, It's like merely a month for the Android Nougat official release, and you're still stuck in old school. At the event, there wasn't any particular time frame given or announced about the updates that would hit this device. The only thing that worries me is the battery life on this device, as Android Lollipop was known for draining battery life to a greater extent. So coming onto Doze Mode would help preserve a prolonged usage, Even though it's equipped with a 3075mAh battery. But Oppo claims that you would get up to 14hours of battery life. But I can't say about that in detail since we don't have a review device yet.

OPPO F1s launched under the term "Selfie Expert" with 16MP front camera.
Oppo F1S - Final Toughts

            So initially it is a decent device considering it from a price point perspective, but to be honest, the device feels great, and one wouldn't hesitate to pay the amount of Rs.17,990. At first, the 720p HD display might be a differentiating factor for some, but that shouldn't be a problem unless & until you're a pixel peeper. The Fingerprint Sensor & The Selfie camera stay as the strongest points regarding attraction for the Oppo F1S. The First sale would be starting from 11th August which will be up until 13th August across various cities in India namely Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Trivandrum, Bhopal, Ludhiana, Gurgaon, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Ghaziabad, and Ahmedabad. The Offline sales are the part which holds up strongly concerning conversion ratio for Oppo. Since competitors are making their sales, Online only. There are still customers here in India who tend to prefer buying a device Offline, because of the general Indian tendency. But don't worry, This device will also be online available exclusively via Amazon starting 11th August 2016. So what are your initial impressions of this device? Would you buy it? If Yes, why? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Boltt to soon introduce Artificial Intelligence in Wearable ecosystem.

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            First came the desktops, then came the laptop & continuing that phase of portability, the term "Smartphone" was born. Then in the year 2014, there was a sudden boom of Wearable technology. These are the gadgets that are now considered as a physical extension of our Smartphones. Wearable Technology is the space that has HMD's, Smartwatches, Smartbands, Earbuds, etc. This is again an area which isn't the final thing yet; Several companies are researching the untapped areas in this department just to get that major mark in the mobile industry. Likewise, Boltt is a sports tech brand which aims to introduce Artificial Intelligence in the Wearable ecosystem. Boltt Team as a company thinks that it would be a total game changer in the global health & wellness industry.


So what is Boltt?

               It is Fitness geared Wearable company managed by a high school dropout and Ex Promoter of Lotto India. It is the brand owned by Arnav Kishore, who has been an international tennis champion at an early age of 18 & he currently stands in the league of one of the youngest CEO in the world. Boltt as a company would he launched soon in October 2016; They're still in the development phase creating products and services geared towards fitness and health care, incorporating wearable technology with a bit of Artificial Intelligence in its unique flare. They claim that they're soon officially going to announce some of the most advanced connected services that no one in our world has witnessed yet.
Boltt to soon introduce Artificial Intelligence in Wearable ecosystem.
Rumored personalized suggestions

               Boltt is working on several unique sensor forms that are capable of capturing all types of body data (mechanical and cardiovascular), in a unique manner. They say that up until now, Almost every fitness tracker or wearable device out in the wild is capable of giving the recorded activity data. But there isn't a way to get a feedback/Decision upon the data collected. So Boltt has worked last 12 months creating a solution for this problem by interfering a mix of data science, behavior change, and cognitive computing, to create a Virtual Coaching Intelligence. This data will help to guide users to receive actionable insights derived from their health activity data. The Boltt company has several teams consisting of leaders across design, research, and development. From rapid prototyping to developing sophisticated algorithms and coding a "hyper-connected future”, their team is working towards eradicating current problems in the Health & Fitness industry. 
Boltt to soon introduce Artificial Intelligence in Wearable ecosystem.
Personal Trainer


Virtual Boltt Coach (CodeName):

              The company has created a virtual assistant that will take care of reminding you about your daily fitness goals and activities. The company says that "It will guide Users as a mentor on their journey to fitness and athleticism." It reads your sleep, fitness, nutrition and activity data stores them in one place, inculcates them & helps in providing meaningful insights and guidance on how to live life healthier. You also get real-time advice depending upon your movement, which is kind of interesting to hear.
Boltt Wearable ecosystem.
Health Stats

The Boltt Team thinks that their technology could be applied for following services: 
  • Sports analysis - A platform that can help players & their coaches to review, plan and analyze field performance. 
  • Corporate wellness - A Platform for increasing employee health and productivity.
  • Smart Physical Education -Tech enabled solutions to enhance fitness levels geared towards youngsters.
  • GroupFitness - Platform for monitoring group activities in environments like Gyms and health centers.

             Boltt is also working on predictive analysis and disease management programs in healthcare. The company has taken experts assistance from a global level which includes Marathoners, Tri-Athletes, Data-Scientists, world renowned Biokineticists, Nutritionists and Sleep Experts making sure every bit of information that you get via their devices would be accurate.
Boltt Artificial Intelligence
It's all about implementing the right stuff.

            Healthcare is the largest growing market in India according to the company's founders; It's estimated to reach 280 billion dollar industry by 2020. We also know that recently Wearable computing has got a substantial boost across the globe. So tossing that in, Arnav thinks that they can offer a better solution allocating fitness and health service solutions in one single place. He states, "We are mastering the capabilities of converting raw health data into a personal coach.” Boltt currently has functional prototypes ready for the consumers, and they're planning to make a global head start in upcoming weeks. They're also planning to start with indulging the machine behavior and expanding the thoughts of providing it a human thinking for a better overall user experience in future. Let's see how the company plans to expand their upcoming products and services battling in the league with the big boys from the competition. Make sure you sign up here, to be first in line to receive the company's updates.

Here's Boltt explaining what's ahead of the curve, coming soon:

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My First Flying Trip To New Delhi with Jet Airways.

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                So it was my first trip to Delhi, It wasn't any usual vacation but being a tech blogger, Various companies sometimes sponsor us to different launch events. So it's like a mini break for us entrepreneurs that corporations offer for our dedication to covering them in our editorials. So that being said, For the first time I got a chance to visit New Delhi to attend Alibaba's product and strategy launch. It was an excellent experience, to begin with; We were first picked up from my place and dropped at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. Since it was first ever flight I didn't know many things, For, e.g., there are various terminals, then we've different check-in stations available to check-in our tickets and confirm our seats on the airplane. I was lucky enough that I got to fly with Jet-Airways at the very beginning of my flight tour. The lady at the counter did helped me and guided me on my way to the terminal and gave me the boarding pass. Initially, at the time I had no clue that we can book our seats via the web check-in system that several airlines already have online. Bad luck with, I requested her to offer me a window seat if possible, since shamefully smiling I said, "Mam it's my first time". But as always my bad luck gave me a middle seat, So getting through with that I headed to the 45-B gate at Mumbai International Airport. I was way excited & had slept only for like 3hours in the night, Partly because of the reason that I was going to fly! And the pickup time scheduled by the Cab(4 am) and my flight was early at 7:30 am. So that's how I finally managed to reach the airport gates, after getting through with the thorough checkup by the officials & Police present at the security checkup. These guys do a lot of hard work even all day-night and We should respect them highly for that.

Inside the Cab early morning.

                So now I'm sitting at the boarding gate, the place where a Bus is scheduled to drive you till the Aeroplane. I was already on time, in fact, 30mins before boarding time. Since my friend and I were given different tickets, he was at another terminal, and both of us were worried because of that, But initially we get passed that, and the officials present at the Airport guided both of us a lot in our respective terminals, So props to them. Then I hooked up my Earphones and played some music when my friend from Domestic Airport pinged me that there's WiFi available at Airport. So that's how I managed to socialize myself virtually everywhere may that be WhatsApp groups, Facebook, Instagram... Shouting.. "Aye guess what, I'm gonna fly now baby!". Now, how about that huh? The first time we try something, it goes inside our nerves. Within a couple of minutes the boarding started, there was an initial checkup of tickets again at the boarding gate, where I hopped on that bus which departed to runway letting each one of us on the bus to our preferred "Jet Airways Aeroplane". So that's how I entered the plane, Managed to get onto to my seat and within few minutes we were off the ground. Man, was that awesome, watching those tiny buildings up from the sky, The Pilot's announcements, Air hostesses guiding safety instructions, Everything was quite an experience. Frankly speaking, I had no clue that these guys offer you food in the plane itself. I was like, Woah? Thank god, you heard it I was starving. So I was through with my meal and within an hour we landed in New Delhi.

Flight to New Delhi

                Now comes the exciting part, As soon as we landed everyone was hooked up on their Smartphones as if the world has gone forever. All I could hear was the beeping of phones. 30 odd people were calling and letting their loved ones know that they've touched down. Frankly speaking, The people in the airplane looked like ordinary people without Smartphones, But that wasn't the case when we touched down. Everyone was constantly dug deep into that 4-5inch screen, even when they were pulling that luggage from the overhead compartment. Anyways I came out of the plane and then headed over to find the Cab guy who was destined to drop me and couple of other guys to the Alibaba's launch event. As soon as I came out of the Terminal 3 at Indira Gandhi International airport, There were 100's of people lined up with several names written on a plate, It was a different feeling that I got when I came out As if I'm some Superstar. I know, You might be thinking I'm over exaggerating it.. but trust me it feels the same. Then I finally managed to find the respected person, and we moved on to the event. On the way, I made a couple of friends, and I had a blast exploring Delhi. At the event, it was awesome to witness Alibaba's next direction in India, and I thank them for sponsoring my trip to Delhi.

                 Then after a couple of hours, it was a wrap-up, and we headed back to the airport. Unfortunately, I had no network there, Poor TaTa Docomo network. Thanks to my friend that I didn't miss my flight since I mistakenly came at another terminal. But that day I figured that people in Delhi present at the Airport weren't helpful at all. I asked few people to make a call asking them to keep almost ten times the money for placing one call to my cab driver but nobody handed their phone & there wasn't a phone booth nearby. Thanks to the call made by my friend Niranjan, The cab guy did spot me out in that wild terminal, and I finally managed to get on to the right terminal and then to my destiny the flight was delayed due to inclement weather. It was that time when I thought, Thank you God you're always behind me. Anyhow so I managed to get onto my flight, and it was GoAir this time. I didn't like the Flying experience at GoAir partly because of the Delay and expensive food. But anyhow I was back finally in Mumbai. It was a mixed experience as I got to witness both the ups and downs on the same day itself.

                  But that Early morning flight is what I would never forget in my life, As it was my first experience with a trip witnessing that plethora of clouds lined up like a soft, comfy bed. It was a soothing experience, and it wouldn't have been possible without the support of you guys, Who read my articles daily/weekly or a monthly basis. I would like to thank each and every one of you for making my dreams possible. Have a nice day everyone, and I hope you enjoyed my first flying experience & I didn't take much of your time. If you liked it, do share it with the first time flyers so that they know some of the common things to carry during their first flight.

Brainwavz S1 IEM Earphones Review: Is it the thing?

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             Recently I got a chance to review both the Wired and Bluetooth earphones manufactured by Brainwavz. Earlier I had tried the M5 IEM Earphones(Wired), Where I had quoted that Brainwavz as a company is particularly well known for their Bluetooth set of Earphones. So the company was kind enough to send me the BLU-200 earphones, which indeed served all my thoughts which I had presumed and I love those Earphones ever since. This time around, Brainwavz sent me another pair of Wired earphones called the S1 IEM Earphones. So after researching a bit about the newly announced S1 Earphones did make me realize that these pairs were launched way back, like a year ago outside India. So technically speaking Yes, these earphones are way damn old. But does that statement has anything to do with the set of internal housing in these earphones? I'm using these earphones for about three weeks, While I can quote that I've used these earphones more than any reviewer in my country. Partly because of the reason, That I had a Root Canal & Have found endless ways of distracting myself watching almost entire youtube to get rid of that pain. Mr. Robot did serve my thoughts deliberately during my whole course of grief. Alright so before making all things awkward, let's head straight to the point, which is the full in-depth review of the Brainwavz S1 IEM Earphones.

Brainwavz S1 IEM Specifications:
  • It features 10mm Dynamic Drivers rated with an impedance of 16 ohms.
  • It has frequency range varying from 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • Whereas the sensitivity level is observed at 93DB(1mW), according to the details mentioned by the company.
  • It has an input power of 2mW, Whereas it features 1.3m Y-cord copper cable which houses a flat design.
  • It also houses a standard 3.5 mm audio connector featuring a gold plated design.

Brainwavz S1 IEM Earphones Review:

Design & Ergonomics:
Brainwavz S1 IEM Earphones Review

            So the S1 pair of earphones could create a distinguished or let's say a balanced look in the eye of any user. First of all, The metal built makes these earphones sturdy, and it does help in giving the S1 a premium appeal. Though it can be an understatement, as the so-called "All Metal Design" isn't the real deal here. The place nearby connectors the Y Joints are made cheap plastic, which instantly makes a U-turn in the mind of a design punk. Even the in-line mic feels cheap to hold and in fact, I've had some issues with it, which we'll get onto a bit. Then we have the flat cable. Initially, the flat cable on these earphones is great. Let's say the cable is totally entangled and messed up, So with a quick flick of the wrist you can make things easier to put it back to its original shape. But there's always an unexplainable thing about these flat cables that bugs me. It just doesn't seem reasonable, I mean it won't sit or fit in any place and would deform itself into another shape. Which is why flat cables aren't high, but that's just me.

Audio Quality & Connectivity:

Brainwavz S1 IEM Review

             Initially, the S1 performed a decent job providing quite a significant amount of Bass. But the audio quality was on the mushier side, but later on, I observed that was due to the Dolby Atmos option turned ON on my LeEco LE 2. When I turned that down, the audio produced in the earphones was quite appealing with a decent amount of Bass, ample enough to suit the mind of an audiophile. The sound quality was crisp and the tones produced were accurate. Though when I connected the CDLA connector to the 3.5mm audio and connected the Earphones to Le 2, The Audio quality suddenly received a drastic change & there wasn't any bass produced at all. But this isn't a fault of Brainwavz as the S1 isn't compatible yet with the CDLA connection standard. These earphones worked fine on rest of my Smartphones, but the in-line mic remote didn't trigger the functions tapped by the volume up and down button, it just didn't function at all. Another interesting thing observed was that, the S1 earphones were not able to play back music or any Audio produced from my computer, which was certainly strange.

Brainwavz S1 IEM Earphones Review CDLA

             But these S1 IEM earphones did stick by me providing excellent experience and serving me through the entire Mr. Robot series in my journey of Root Canal treatment. But still, I did prefer the word - Clean described the Bass produced by the Brainwavz BLU 200 earphones, Visually everything from that pair of earphones is soothing. However, the Brainwavz S1 didn't quite fit that term neither did its pricing. The Soundflow throughout my testing period was consistent concerning audio production with nice tones lacking base. Another thing that bugs me about these pair of earphones is the cheap quality plastic used, but if you can pass that, you would be more likely satisfied. I would more likely suggest the Brainwavz M5 IEM earphones than the S1 IEM earphones, Partly because of the reason that they don't feel cheap considering that ugly plastics molds used on the S1's and secondly the Brainwavz M5 IEM earphones are priced significantly low as compared to S1 Earphones.

External Accessories & Warranty:

Brainwavz S1 IEM Earphones Accessories

              They come along with the signature hard shell case which is the most favorite part of the unboxing experience. Inside that box resides seven different set of ear tips ranging from Silicone Tips to Double, Triple flange options; There's also the Comply Tips that are bundled separately to make it look to stand apart. The comply ear tips do a great job at Audio production and it without a shout of doubt gets grade A+ in the audiophile community. The S1 IEM earphones come bundled with two years of warranty when bought from Flipkart, Amazon or their Official Website.

Brianwavz S1 IEM Earphones: Final Thoughts

Brainwavz S1 IEM Earphones Review
              So are these pair of earphones worth your bucks? My answer to that would be would be mixed. It would be nope for heavy bass users, Whereas I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these to a person who's bound to soft or traditional music. But is that price tag fitting? Yes, it is, Only if It didn't have those plasticky misfits on the joints. Everything rest from design point perspective is decent. It is priced at Rs.3,199 only which frankly speaking is quite high in my opinion. There are several other great alternatives like the Delta headphones or even the BLU-200 Earphones made by Brainwavz themselves, but since it is a Bluetooth Earphone make sure you're okay with the constant charging thing. So I guess that pretty much answers the rhetorical question, whether to go for those or not. According to me, It is a decent pair of earphone only if there was a way to modify those plastic molds.

  • It Comes with loads of Extra Eartips with a hard shell box.
  • Tangle-free cable.
  • Crispy output with optimum performance.

  • Cheap plastic molds attached the joints and the In-line mic buttons.
  • Bit Costly.

Links to buy Brainwavz S1 IEM Earphones:
Flipkart, Amazon(India), Amazon US  &  Official Website.

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