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FiiO X1 2nd Gen Review - An Old School Audio Gadget.

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            Remember the good old days, when the first ever iPod got announced, and everyone went crazy on it. The fact that it was portable, tiny & could slide easily into your pocket made it famous. Ever since it got launched back in 2001, we've evolved our music listening habits by time, while now mostly everything has been replaced by a small gadget called a "Smartphone." Well, Smartphones can do everything these days, but it cannot replace the essence of being straightforward or make you less worried about them in places such as the gym. Are you comfortable using a portable music player while you head for your workout? Why am I exaggerating on this subject rather than just diluting the thought of using a smartphone for enjoying music? Well, a company called FiiO sent me one of their products called "FiiO X1 2nd Gen". Yes, it's a portable music player that imitates the click wheel function of an iPod, while providing flexibility of using a Bluetooth headset. It supports FLAC files for audio and has Hi-Res audio support, speaking of which only a few smartphones can do such a thing. Just so you know, FiiO is a well-known chinese brand when it comes to Amplifiers, DACs and Hi-Res audio support. So I thought to give it a try, so here is my in-depth Fiio X1 2nd Gen Review after using it for nearly two months. 

Fiio X1 2nd Gen Review - An Old School Audio Gadget. 

Design & Build:

 FiiO X1 2nd Gen Review - An Old School Audio Gadget.

             The FiiO X1(2nd Gen) looks like any other retro music player which provides a positive transition of being compact, sleek and pocket-friendly. Starting from the front you can see that, it has a distinctive look which is quite reminiscent of the classic iPod design, more so likely due to that capacitive click wheel. The front has a stealthy black look which covers the physical buttons while surrounds the display. Besides that, the outline has been made out of aluminum metal, which ends up making the FiiO X1(2nd Gen) thick. We had received the silver color model; however, the black color variant looks a lot better according to our research out of the three original colors. It has a 2 inch TFT LCD screen which sports a 320x240 resolution. The screen is covered by a pre-applied screen guard, while you can also find two extra provided inside the box.

FiiO X1 2nd Gen Review

              Below the display lies the touch hub of the FiiO X1, primarily it starts with a huge click wheel, which supports both round motion and capacitive clicks. There are no physical buttons on the click wheel, rather that tag is given so that you could understand it better. Touch dial sounds accurate since it has been based upon capacitive touch technology. However, you can find a single button in the center which can be called as a switch to every other function to trigger. On the extreme corners of the touch dial, you can find four physical buttons, which have been located on four ends. These four buttons perform the function of Playback, Navigation and displaying Menu options. All in all the circular dial mechanism is quite easy to navigate, and one can get easily comfortable within few mins of usage. On a side note, the front screen guard makes you feel that the 2.0-inch glass display has an outer covering halfway through the front, but that's not the case. It just means that the screen guard layer is thick. Just below the touch dial, you can find a LED indicator, which has three colors - Red, blue and green. It changes depending on the occasion of varying battery levels.

FiiO X1 2nd Gen Review

               Flipping to the back, the entire back has been made out of aluminum. It has round edges on the sides which get plain towards bottom and top to maintain uniformity. There's also a Hi-Res audio sticker on the backside, which I feel represents the various driver support present on this audio player. The FiiO X1 2nd Gen weighs around 102g and has the following dimensions - 97mm×55.5 mm. The weight gets mostly accompanied due to the aluminum built and 1800 mAh Li-Poly battery. However the overall built shoves that down, though mastering the art to turn up/down the volume might be a challenging task when you're using it single handed. Rest assured that the buttons provide a sufficient tactile feedback and don't feel mushy. Whereas all the input/output(Headphone Jack, Line out jack, Micro-USB port & MicroSD card slot) ports can get found on the bottom of the FiiO X1 2nd Gen audio player.

Audio Quality, Usability & Ergonomics: 

               The output from the FiiO X1 2nd Gen is quite satisfying, and it's well up to the mark. I tested it with FLAC files, and the output I received from the same was quite good; however, some level of distortion got observed when I plugged in my wired earphones. I have a plethora of earphones on which I tried the same, as I thought that it might be particular headset issue. However, this distortion is on a low level and only gets observed when you increase the volume. The same can change if you use a proper Hi-Res Supported earphone. Though when wireless headsets get utilized, the plot takes a twist. The output on my BLU-200 earphones was top notch, and I enjoyed listening to music on the same. The FiiO X1 2nd Gen comes with Texas Instruments CM5242 DAC chip which has a Texas Instruments OPA2322 low noise amplifier, & an Intersil ISL28291 amplifier. Both of these amplifiers help in providing a balanced output and end up in providing a prolonged battery usage. It also supports something called "Deep Sleep Mode," where the X1 stays in sleep mode for up to 15 days without usage. Yes, the company's statement stands valid, since I did get that exact backup when I kept it inside my bag for nearly two weeks, while it was up and ready to give me roughly about 2 hrs of audio backup which was impressive. On an average, it gave me about a full day of battery backup, when used regularly.

FiiO X1 2nd Gen India

                 Progressively I like the balanced output, and well soundstage I heard from the FiiO X1 2nd Gen player. But all of that experience was observed via my Bluetooth Earphones, and sadly the output gets compressed since it doesn't support AptX codec. I wasn't going to put this here since I was not sure about the AptX audio output, but after testing it via my OnePlus 5, Boy I'm a fan of this AptX codec platform. On the flipside, it comes with Bluetooth 4.0 onboard, but I experienced range issues on the same. The audio starts to stutter even from the head to pocket distant, whereas I'm not any 7ft tall. So that can be a disappointment as the upgrade from FiiO X1 Gen 1 to Gen 2 provides original portable features, however with significant shortcomings. Still, I'm glad that the audio works fine in proper range conditions, just make sure you have got a pocket in your T-shirt. Though due to the lack of the amp cable, I didn't try the amplifier Line-out port. However, I suppose that would be good according to few videos on YouTube. Another thing which I forgot to mention is that the MicroSD card slot supports up to 256GB of expansion, as it only comes with 8GB onboard. The audio player supports ExFAT32 and FAT32 cards. Speaking of which subscribe to our channel, we'll soon upload an unboxing of the same.

FiiO X1 2nd Gen Review India

Software & Added Box Accessories: 

                The 2nd Gen FiiO X1 runs on Linux based OS which is quite faster than the UCOS used on 1st Gen platform. The new interface has three inbuilt themes which just changes the color of the display and few icons. Everything feels old school, probably how a retro music player should feel. Everything is simple - touch, scroll and select. However, it would've been great if any software updates could be provided for the same to enhance overtime, practically speaking it's impossible therefore I won't emphasize on that. Talking about the box accessories, you get - a Micro-USB cable, two different carbon fiber skins which fit across the body, two screen guards, a hard shell silicone body case, Quick Start guide & a warranty card.

FiiO X1 2nd Gen Review - should you buy it?

FiiO X1 2nd Gen Review

                 The FiiO X1 2nd Gen is an interesting gadget which will grab the attention of any audiophile as it offers a lot in a small package. The capacitive touch dial, Bluetooth 4.0 & a high quality dedicated DAC chip could complete few phrases to describe it. Supporting almost five lossless formats such as APE/FLAC/WAV/WMA/ALAC files. On top of that, a 2.0 inch TFT color display with Linux based OS is quite some experience. However you can notice pixels even from the far end, but do you need such kind of precision inside a music player? But another thing which one might worry is why does one require such kind of device in 2017? Well, you might be afraid of using your expensive phone at your GYM, who's to the rescue with decent sound quality? Heading to travel somewhere? Don't want to indulge into any social media notifications immediately? Well, the FiiO X1 is here. This audio gadget can undoubtedly increase the hassle of charging it separately but look at the flipside. You can enjoy music without thinking or be indulging in your social/virtual world. Think about it. But did I concluded that you should buy FiiO X1 2nd Gen? Certainly not. This gadget is essential to a certain point, audio is decent via wireless earphones but again loses in this dept due to range issues. Wired earphone output is good only if you use Hi-Res Audio Supported Headset/Earphones. Not everyone is fond of carrying such things, besides the fact that they're expensive. But again if your day includes even 10% of workout, while you consider keeping your phone at home, then FiiO X1 2nd Gen might certainly be a good choice. 

Fiio X1 2nd Gen Unboxing Video: 

Link to Buy - 
              It is priced at Rs.7499 and is available official only via FiiO India store. However, you can find it listed on Amazon India. I feel that for such a price it seems like a steal! However, you might not require such a gadget after a particular span of time.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 launched In India for Rs.5999 - Instant Camera!

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 launched In India for Rs.5999

               Isn't it said that "A photo is worth a thousand words"? Quite frankly without a photo, words are probably useless, as an ideal visual representation is always necessary to predict a precise moment. Photos have become an integral part of our lives, as everyone these days has a gadget called a smartphone. But most of the times, a crucial moment we snap stays hidden under the layer of photos clipped inside our photo library. It's relatively rare that we visit the gallery to see a moment that has occurred about two or three months back. Therefore thinking of a target audience, Fujifilm stepped in to create instant memories into a reality. By the way, Fujifilm is a word well known to the world, where nerds recite the tag - "Photo Fanatics." Continuing that trend, today Fujifilm launched the all new "Instax Mini 9" in India which follows the footprint of its predecessors. The design might seem similar from its elders, but a quite lot that has been changed to make it the best possible instant camera out in the market for the price. The Instax Mini 9 also reminds me of my childhood, one of those toys that I always wanted to have. It's a perfect toast of memories clamped into a camera, which almost brings back those good old days of camera films and rolls, provided you had to print those separately. But here on the new Instax Mini 9, it all happens under oddly 90 seconds. So let's find out more on the same in detail, starting as follows.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 launched In India for Rs.5999 - Instant Camera!

Design & Build:

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 launched In India for Rs.5999

           When it comes to the design & build, the Instax Mini 9 looks entirely the same as of its predecessor, which is the Instax Mini 8. Fujifilm India said that they went ahead with this design, due to the feedback they had received via the old Instax Mini 8. Put forth; the Audience loved the design of the old Mini 8, which is why it recites itself in the new Instax Mini 9. It has a plastic build having a smooth finish and almost looks as if it has been made of out matte finish, but it's not. The smooth appeal doesn't let it slip, but in fact adds an excellent grip, when held. It's almost like a Retro toy from the 90's that has capabilities to print a photo. To add more icing on the cake, Fujifilm has added quite some materialistic colors to its flare. The Instax Mini 9 is available in total five eye-popping colors - "Flamingo Pink,” “Lime Green,” “Cobalt Blue,” “Smoky White” and “Ice Blue.” The colors mostly become more iconic, when it matches your attire. To find a suitable resemblance, just search for the hashtag - Instaxmini on Instagram.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 launch

            Whereas looking at the changes from its predecessor, Instax Mini 9 comes with a small selfie mirror which sits right beside the camera lens. So that the user gets a small field of view, phrasing what might get snapped. It felt like a nifty feature and worked almost as expected upon my initial usage at the launch event. If you need close up shots, Fujifilm has got you covered. The Instax Mini 9 also comes with a small close-up lens(provided you keep it 30-50cm away from the subject), a wrist strap and some documentations. The close-up lens works great, but I won't deliver a verdict on that without using it for a prolonged period.

Different Modes & Settings:

  • The Instax Mini 9 has several other features starting from automatic exposure management, automatic aperture & high key mode. The High Key mode is the reason why sometimes photos are over exposed, like the during this mode more light gets into the sensor. But this mode is proprietary for low lighting conditions. You can set the matching tone according to the environment may that be Indoors(F 12.7), Cloudy(F 1.6), Sunny(F22) or Bright(F 32). However, the camera automatically detects the environmental conditions and sets up the mode upon the same. If you find that the brightness gets high, consider rotating the brightness dial, which can get often misinterpreted as a Zoom Dial.
  • The shutter speed is fixed at 1/60 sec, whereas the flash has been turned on permanently. That can get annoying quickly, as sometimes photos come out better in natural light. But it's ON by default, that's the deal.
  • Another thing noticeable is that if you frame the shot by looking into the viewfinder, the printed shots get naturally shifted to the right. So make sure your subject stays more likely on the left.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 launched In India

How to click a photo using Instax Mini 9?

  1. Turn on the camera by clicking the button beside the camera lens.
  2. Insert a cartridge & close the cap.
  3. Add the provided batteries.
  4. Tap on the shutter button, this removes the top cover from the cartridge, and it's dispatched automatically out of the top opening.
  5. Then, frame the shot.
  6. Align the subject to the left.
  7. Tap on the shutter button.
  8. You will soon witness the film processing.
  9. Wait for about 90 secs or more, for the film to develop entirely.
  10. Between every 6 seconds, the flash charges itself, this helps it in the execution of the next shot.

Targeted Audience for Instax Cameras?

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Price

             This topic gets more likely confusing for the users who grab it for the first time. The officials at the event stated that the Instax cameras are more apt favored in parties, festivals & events, touching the thought of a retro look. The officials added that the Instax cameras are popular with youth, parents, kids, designers and photo enthusiasts. I can relate to this since as soon as I posted about this on my social media channels, everyone in my list went nuts. It's more like a collector's item, bringing back the nostalgia. One could relate to this only if the person were born in 90's.

Instax Mini 9 Specifications:

  • Two different lenses having F=60mm at 1:12.7 aspect ratio.
  • Real image finder 0.37× with 0.6m and beyond shooting range.
  • Shutter speed has been fixed up to 1/60 sec.
  • Manual exposure switching (LED indicator in different modes).
  • Flash recharge time - 0.2 sec to 6 sec.
  • Flash range - 0.6 m to 2.7 m.
  • Two AA size alkaline batteries have about 100 shots capacity.
  • Picture size is 62mm x 46 mm.
  • The camera turns off automatically within five mins.
  • The dimensions of the Instax Mini 9 is as follows: 116 mm × 118.3 mm × 68.2 mm.
  • while it weighs around 307gms without the accessories (Battery, film cartridge, etc.).

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 launched In India for Rs.5999 - Instant Camera!

Instax Mini 9 launched In India for Rs.5999

            The Instax Mini 9 separates the layer of the digital edits bringing back the retro style in the form of physical photos. But not everyone is fond of such gimmicks, many times I messed up due to accidentally pressing the shutter button, in turn triggering the photo. But it'll take some time getting used to, since it was my first time using the Instax mini 9. Speaking of which the Instax Mini 9 would be sold besides the Mini 70, Mini 25, Mini 90, Wide 300, Mini Hello Kitty and even the Instax Mini 8(Some markets). Whereas by the title you already know that it's priced at Rs. 5,999. Though you need to buy the cartridge films separately, for Rs.1000, you get up to 20 Films. Most of them would get lost while practicing, so make sure to purchase a bunch of extras. I'll be using the new Instax Mini 9 for the course of next few weeks, so if you have any thoughts/Doubts/Queries on the same, kindly connect with me on social media. Also, make sure you follow us there to be the first to know when the full review of the new Instax Mini 9 is out.

Link To Buy:
Soon available on both online & offline retail stores.

Evidson Audiowear Z4 Review - Interesting Earphones.

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Evidson Audiowear Z4 Review

               A while back Evidson announced the new Audiowear Z4, a set of mid-range earphones landing under sub Rs.2000 price bracket. We've already made an unboxing video about the same, and you can find the link to that embedded here. Well, my initial impressions about these earphones were pretty solid, as the bass was quite punchy and overall it performed quite right. So after using these earphones for well over two months here is my Evidson Audiowear Z4 Review. Have my initial thoughts remained the same after thoroughly using it for a while? Let's break it down into the usual review supplement tags.

Evidson Audiowear Z4 Review - Interesting Earphones.

Design and Built:

Evidson Audiowear Z4 Review

                 Right off the bat, as you pick them up you will immediately realize that these earphones have been produced pretty well. It is not any conventional plastic material, but rather a metal finish, which helps in making them more durable and sturdy. On the other hand, there is a metal ribbit like structure which again helps in a better grip. The Audiowear Z4 also perform a decent job of staying in your ears, it's not perfect but gets the job done. Heading down from the main earpiece units, you would find an in-line microphone, which houses a single button. Whereas I kind of miss the volume buttons, as even the Audiowear R5 has it, while it's a cheaper variant. Another thing you would notice is that the single button is quite mushy in giving feedback. Speaking about the cable, it has got a matte rubberized appeal and is about 1.2 meters long. While just like the oxygen free coating found on the brainwavz earphones, Evidson has Incorporated thermoplastic elastomer coating which keeps the cable free from wrinkles. While heading all the way to the end, you will find the usual 3.5mm gold plated audio jack. The best part is that the Jack is not having any weird 45°-90° angles. It's pretty straight, which is what I appreciate. Whereas did I mention that it is completely a "Made In India" product.

Audio Output and Ergonomics:
Evidson Audiowear Z4 Review

                   I tried several tracks throughout my review course, & I must say I'm super impressed by its performance. It gave me maximum output when I tried FLAC files, same was the case with MP3's. I loved its bass output, and it was quite reliable. The high, lows and vocals were also on point, but not up to the mark. Especially; when it comes to vocals. There's a bit mismatch, meaning that the output gets flickered when all these four aspects get observed in any audio file, only during high pitches. All in all, that's pretty good as an all round performer. Audiophiles will enjoy it, especially the bass heavy nerds. So as long as you're not triggering the volume to it's fullest, you won't be disappointed at all. I'd rather suggest the Audiowear Z4 earphones judging the punchy bass I got from it. Speaking about the ear tips, they do a good job of blocking the surrounding noise. You can try these earphones for longer sessions per day; however, I wouldn't suggest doing that as it gets uncomfortable pretty quick. Evidson is marketing these earphones with a tag of "Well balanced output," well, that's almost suitable for that reference.

Added Accessories & Warranty Info:
                 The Audiowear Z4 comes with two extra silicone ear tips and a single foam ear tip. Apart from that, there's no carrying case or pouch provided inside the box. In my opinion, this is feasible because of the cost cutting factors, while at least looking at a young startup like Evidson from both market and brand perspective. These earphones also get the usual 12months of warranty.

Evidson Audiowear Z4 Specifications:
  • It has 16 ohms of rated impedance coupled with 7.0mm driver size.
  • Frequency range lies between 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Sensitivity is 103 dB at 1mW, while the Noise Isolation levels are 24 Db.
  • It weighs about 12 gm and comes in Black color.
  • Supports High Fidelity Audio which delivers a wide soundstage output.

Evidson Audiowear Z4 Review

Evidson Audiowear Z4 Review - Interesting Earphones.

Final Verdict:
                  The Audiowear Z4 are fabulous when it comes to achieving proper output concerning bass, apart from that the Design compliments it's sturdy built. However, there are few shortcomings when you switch gear to different frequencies. Lastly, I wish the in-line microphone remote had a better build. However, if you don't pull out high volumes, the listening experience is quite good. But are you ready to do that? Think for yourselves. But I'll give credit to the company in trying out different things are several price segments, as I've tested their products earlier as well. I saw a lot of progress on their recent products, while I can't wait to see what's next. Though at this moment, it's undercooked. The Audiowear Z4 is available to buy for Rs.1799 from Amazon, PayTm and selected retail outlets. I feel it's a bit overpriced considering the competition. Would you consider buying them? Let us know in the comments below.

Evidson Audiowear Z4 Earphones Unboxing:

Links to buy:
- Amazon.

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Image Source: Evidson.

Vivo V5s Hands-On Impressions: Budget Selfie Expert?

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               Vivo has been on a roll of announcing several camera-centric smartphones from this past quarter, and that hasn't stopped them from announcing few more devices joining their alley, now that the term "Dual Selfie" fits their key tagline. The recently announced Vivo V5 and the V5 Plus have successfully classified those thoughts on their journey when it comes to the "Moonlight Selfie Flash" appeal. Today Vivo Smartphones announced the newest member of that family, the all new "Vivo V5s". Well to put into simple words, the new Vivo V5s could be called as the upgraded Vivo V5 inside the body of Vivo V5 Plus, while falling under a mid-range pricing segment. The device does have handsome looks to it, however, drawn from the top tier competition. But does the Design and Dual front camera are enough to satisfy the thoughts of an avid user, when it comes to 2017?. Also isn't performance; a core aspect of any device? Well, let's find that out in our in-depth Vivo V5s hands on impressions.

Vivo V5s Hands-On Impressions: Budget Selfie Expert?

Vivo V5s vs Vivo V5

               Isn't matte black, the new black; when it comes to the smartphone manufacturers? Let's just stop right there, as we all know and quite solidly appreciate it. Seemingly enough the new Vivo V5s is also available in the new matte black variant, which resembles the recently announced "Vivo V5 Plus IPL Edition" smartphone. Let's just dwell on the changes/upgrades on the new device considering Vivo V5 in mind.

Design and Ergonomics:

Vivo V5s Hands-On Impressions: Budget Selfie Expert?
               If we keep the design resemblance to the iPhone aside, I must say Vivo has done a commendable job. But as we all know from where they've got the design; which for the better sake of the audience is a sad reality. Having said that, in fact, the Design & even the Build keeps the essence of it's elder sibling, the Vivo V5 Plus. Though there is one particular change in the newer model with the V5s, typically on the front. Now the physical home button is not clickable, but as an advantage, the fingerprint sensor is always awake; even when the device is in sleep mode. It also keeps the signature 0.2-second fingerprint unlock feature. Another noticeable difference, when compared to V5 Plus, is that now on the Vivo V5s, you won't notice any camera sensor bump. That, in turn, iterates less wobbling, when kept flat on any surface. Whereas on the other hand, I didn't felt the need to look at the camera sensor, while placing the device in my pocket. Speaking of the colors, the Vivo V5s is available in two accounting the "Matte Black" and "Crown Gold" colors. Lastly, the phone is about 154g in weight which isn't heavy in my opinion.

Display & Software Info:

Vivo V5s Hands-On Impressions: Budget Selfie Expert?

                A 5.5 inch 720p HD IPS LCD panel(267 PPI) cannot oddly satisfy the needs of an everyday user, especially when it's the year 2017. Well, it's sad to see a 720P display(2.5D curved) on the new Vivo V5s considering it's price & an upgrade over the current Vivo V5. However, I felt the color correction was on point, while the software gets densely situated with some modes to tweak the same. Though it was quite funny to witness the launch event, when the officials said that the device had an HD display, rather than being precise. But in their defense, the display isn't truly a headlining feature of the new Vivo V5s, and I might consider accepting that fact. The new Vivo V5s also gets the latest Color OS 3.0 update, but sadly it's built on top of Android Marshmallow 6.0 which isn't a new story; if you're familiar with the company's announcements. It's quite skeptical whether Vivo would release a Nougat Update to this device since their quarterly refresh cycles are always on the roll. While the blue light filter mode gets oddly touted as eye protection mode, which is simply a fancy gimmick.

Camera Specifications:

Vivo V5s Hands-On Impressions: Budget Selfie Expert?

                 It has got a 20MP camera on the Front along with the moonlight selfie flash. Speaking about the Moonlight Flash, I've thoroughly enjoyed this feature with the Vivo V5 Plus in the past. Not sure whether it stays the same on the new Vivo V5s, let's just find that out in its review. Speaking about the rear side, it has got a 13MP sensor, which to the point seemed right. The camera app comes with face beauty 6.0 feature which helps in getting a fair skin tone. Fun fact, when it comes to Vivo smartphones, my coverage notes always have the front camera mentioned ahead as that of the rear. Funny isn't it? Sometimes the world in front of us is beautiful too, Vivo should make a note of this.

Vivo V5s Hands-On Impressions: Budget Selfie Expert?

Other Specifications: 
  • It runs on 1.5 GHz Mediatek MT6750 64-Bit Octacore processor which gets coupled with 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal storage at its default. Whereas the Mali T860 MP2 GPU comes to the rescue.
  • The expansion is available up to 256GB via an external hybrid sim slot.
  • It has AK4376 Hi-Fi Audio Chip, supporting output up to 115 dB.
  • It also comes with 3000mAh Li-on non-removable battery.
  • The phone supports 4G LTE network, while supports VoLTE. It also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 & WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac.
  • Apart from that, you will also find all the usual sensors on the Vivo V5s.

Vivo V5s Hands-On Impressions: Budget Selfie Expert?

                   The Vivo V5s is priced at Rs.18,990 INR and would be available starting 6th May 2017 in both online and offline retail outlets. However, if you speak about online, it will be exclusively sold via Flipkart(link). So for a such a price; what do you get when compared to Vivo V5? Well, you're getting an upgraded internal storage in the body of Vivo V5 Plus. I can't provide my final verdict as I've used this device for only about a day. So stay tuned for its full review which will be live soon on both our Blog and YouTube channel. The only factor which I feel should've got upgraded would be the processor, probably a Qualcomm Chipset. So what do you guys feel about this new Vivo V5s, will it make the cut? Let me know in the comments below.

Vivo V5s Hands-On Impressions Video:

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Vivo V5 Plus Limited Edition now available on Flipkart exclusively for Rs.25990 [Matte Black Variant].

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Vivo V5 Plus Limited Edition now available on Flipkart

                Vivo has been on a roll of announcing selfie-centric smartphones for a while, and their launches have been no slouch either. The company's latest announcement is a clear resonance of their vision when it comes to improving the selfie camera by announcing a dual camera lens system on the front with the new Vivo V5 Plus. Now that the IPL has been powered by Vivo Smartphones, the company has gone ahead and launched a new all matte black Vivo V5 Plus limited edition smartphone. This phone was launched on 4th April in Hyderabad; The company has also made exclusive tie-ups for the sale of the Vivo V5 Plus limited edition smartphone. So let's find out more on the same. 

Vivo V5 Plus Limited Edition now available on Flipkart exclusively for Rs.25990 [Matte Black Variant].

Vivo V5 Plus Limited Edition now available on Flipkart Vivo V5 Plus Limited Edition now available on Flipkart

So on 4th April, Vivo V5 Plus Limited Edition(Matte Black Variant) was introduced the company which was announced to support the 10th Anniversary of IPL, our country's biggest sport whereas at least everyone is united. Speaking about the differences from an ordinary Vivo V5 Plus, you can find a Vivo IPL logo engraved on the back of Matte Black Aluminium unibody design. Whereas to compliment the phone and it's exclusivity, Vivo has tied up with Flipkart to launch this limited edition device exclusively only on Flipkart. On top of that, you will find the pricing even more attractive, since it gets priced Rs. 2000 less than the usual Vivo V5 Plus.  The limited edition variant is priced at Rs. 25990 while it is currently available on Flipkart & Several other retail stores offline. That been said, you better be quick to buy this matte black variant as the stocks are limited.  The Vivo IPL logo on the back compliments the die hard cricket fans and offers a refreshing look providing a unique experience.

              Commenting on the launch Mr. Vivek Zhang, CMO, Vivo India, shared “We are pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Flipkart to offer limited edition Vivo V5Plus smartphone. With this partnership, we aim to use the exclusive online market. Today, one cannot ignore the power of the online medium, & through this association, we want to give a chance and comfort to consumers across both mediums to own this exclusive product. The idea behind the launch of limited edition phone was to offer our customers with not just the phone but an experience they can cherish for a lifetime. We have given strictest attention to the design & feel of the phone, & our focus is to offer an exclusive experience to the crazy cricket audience. We are hopeful that the limited edition V5Plus phones will draw enormous attention from the audience.”

Vivo V5 Plus Limited Edition now available on Flipkart

Vivo V5 Plus Limited Edition Specifications:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Octa-core processor coupled with 4GB RAM.  
  • 64GB Internal Storage.  
  • 5.5 inch Full HD IPS LCD Panel with Gorilla Glass Protection.  
  • 20MP/8MP Dual Front Camera and 16 MP Rear Camera.   
  • 3055 mAh Non - removable battery.  
  • FunTouch OS 3.0 based on Android 6.0.   
  • 4G LTE Network.  
  • Vivo IPL Logo.  
  • Available only in Matte Black Color.

            Mr. Ajay Yadav, Head – Mobiles, Flipkart also shared his thoughts extending on their exclusive partnership rapport. The original Vivo V5 Plus was launched a while back, and as a matter of fact, I had used this device for more than a month now. I have enjoyed using it while it's review will up shortly on our blog so stay tuned. It is hands down the best device when it comes to taking selfies under Rs. 30000. So are you excited for the launch of the new Vivo V5 Plus limited edition? Would you buy this device? Let me know in the comments below as it is IPL season and what a better to time to amplify that feel with this new smartphone.

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